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How To Easily Meet Thai Women With Thai Friendly

How To Easily Meet Thai Women With Thai Friendly



Rocco is an avid traveler that love to date local girls wherever he goes. Rocco has helped thousands of men on their journey to meet Asian women for the last 9 years.

Meeting attractive local Thai women is critical for a successful holiday. I mean, no women, no fun, right?

One thing that we travelers struggle with is to get laid with quality local girls. It takes time, effort and persuasive skills to convince a girl just met to spend the night with you.

Thai girls dating online in Thailand

Before the internet and smartphone boom, I used to do the usual tourist things like visiting red light districts to get an easy but very expensive laid… Or staying out till late in clubs, blow money in drinks while getting rejected by HOT women and settling for average one.

It wasn’t unusual for me to get laid with a 5/6 girl because the 8/9 girls were already hooked up with other dudes. That wasn’t fun. I felt like a looser.

So, I decided to take a different approach; meet girls before leaving for Thailand. And I came across Thai Friendly, one of the top 3 Thai dating sites.

After using it for a while, it has become an indispensable tool to pick up and date Thai girls.

Thai friendly girls

Here’s a little snippet of how Thai Friendly has helped me to enjoy local women and Thailand by…

  • making easy to socialize.
  • connecting me more deeply to Thai women.
  • meeting local girls from different Thai regions (girls in the North don’t look and please as the girls from the South).
  • having multiple relationships at one time.

It’s also the place that I’ve met the nicest and horniest woman in my life. Simply put: I think men — no matter which age or nationalities — should meet girls online.

I also believe that If you really want to have an unforgettable holiday with the girl of your dream, and indulge in nights of intense sex, it’s imperative to build a bond. No woman is going to please you if she doesn’t feel an intense attraction for you.

Online dating is the perfect tool to accomplish that. I’m not the only one finding ThaiFriendly valuable, check this out:

Hey Rocco,

I have read a lot of your postings.

I joined ThaiFriendly a few weeks ago. I got hundreds of girls contacting me, spoke to a few and I’m going to meet one.

I will probably go to Bangkok in the next couple months and see her!

Many thanks

And fun fact; men who use online dating sites meet to 3x girls more than travels that don’t.

So, in this post, I’ll show you how to use ThaiFriendly to date quality Thai girls even if you’re on the another side of the planet. And specifically, how to excel at it so that you get all the attention from the hottest girls.

But first, a question that I get asked often:

There Are Enough Girls Online?
Thai Friendly has around 300.000 active members, basically is like a medium size city all well organized in one platform. Not only there are plenty of fish in the sea, but it’s easy with a simple click of a mouse to search and filter by age, location, education, weight… You got the point.


How cool is that?

Here a little secret; search by newest member first because it’ll be much easier to get their attention. Older members, especially the attractive one, might be overwhelmed by messages.

I know you’re smart and going to get terrific results!


Come Up With Your Dream Girl Profile

You need first to clear your mind about what you want. Let’s take me as an example.

When I visit Bangkok, I look for cute girls who I can take out for dinner, a talk and warm night of sex.

So, my typical girl usually is between 23 to 30 years old, speak good English and have a vast experience in dating foreign men. She’ll be used to dine in high-class places, know how to carry a conversation (so I don’t fall to asleep) and please me once in the room with some sexy lingerie and wild sex.

My Tyipical Thai girl on Thai-Friendly

What is your perfect match?

Hey, let’s take my friend Tom for example:

Tom is in his late fifties, financially secure and looking for a young companion to spend his remaining lifetime together. Tom want to be looked after, feel young again and meet a girl on her twenties still innocent but able to please.

She’ll be able to speak some English, curious and looking for a good man to support her and the family. This is a perfect match.

The girl for Tom will be someone similar to the profile below. She is cute, traditional and knows how to carry herself.

First conversation online

So, You’ve Got A Girl. What About The Conversation?

You can start a conversation by simply write a message. When dating Thai girls, I just ask what is going on in the city so to keep the conversation as much as open and on an easy topic. Any girl can talk about their city.

Keep your conversation simple and smart, at least in the first messages till you get an understanding of her language skill. Many Thai girls are shy and not so confident writing in English, and they need to be praised and encourage.

I prefer to keep the messages short, to the point and build trust as fast as possible so I can move the conversation on Skype.

You don’t need to send a message to every girl you like. You can “show interest” by clicking a simple button below the profile picture.

show interest on Thai Friendly

You can organize your favorite girls by clicking “add favorite” button. A good rule of thumbs is to select only ten girls as the favorite, which let you focus and achieve your goal.

Don’t let the situation go out of hands. I understand you’ll be tempted to meet all the beautiful girls on Thai Friendly, but they are too many, and one life will not be enough.

When you start to get attention from the girls and the messages will flow your way, it is better to upgrade your membership to remove the 10 minutes/one message rule.

You want to engage the girls at once, so you save yourself time while getting to know them deeply.

There are four different options;

~ 1 month for $24.95; Equal to $0.83 per day

~ 3 months for $49.95; Equal to $0.55 per day

~ 6 months for $69.95; Equal to $0.38 per day

~ 1 year for $99.95; Equal to $0.27 per day

thai friendly upgrade to premium

You don’t need to be a rock science to opt for the one-year membership which cost a mere 27 cents per day.

Pro girl on Thai Friendly


How to Create A Rock Solid Profile To get Noticed

Let’s step back, and get into creating your personal profile to get noticed by hundreds of attractive Thai girls. I repeat myself here, preparation is key to your success, and to succeed on dating Thai girls online, creating an excellent profile will carry 50% of your success.

When you sign up for Thai Friendly, you might have written a quick profile without much of thinking just because you wanted to meet girls as fast as possible.

Personal profile on Thai Friendly

Now that your blood pressure is down to normal levels let’s have a look how you can improve your personal profile to attract the best girls.

Log in your Thai Friendly account, on top and right, click the arrow and select “edit profile”



The most important part of your profile is the photos. Pictures have an enormous impact on attracting the top girls on Thai Friendly, and don’t worry; you don’t need to be tall, handsome or fit.

So, what Thai women consider cute and attractive? This might surprise you.

1 – White Skin

2 – Big Noise

3 – Clean and Shaved

4 – Well Dressed

5 – Friendly and Social

The five points are key in succeeding to attract your next Thai woman.

Upload 5 pictures that clearly showcase each of the five points.

The first picture will be your face taken with a certain light to increase the whiteness of your skin. Take few snapshots till you get the whitest tone.

This will be your main profile picture. Why?

Because Thai people are obsess with white skin, actually all Asia is into this trend. Just watch any Thai TV program or ads and you’ll notice the actors be white as snow. This video is being criticized internationally to take on the white skin so extremely offering a “magic” pill which can turn black people into white people, a kind of Michel Jackson trick.

The second picture will be taken at a 45 angle to show the size of your noise indirectly, the bigger, the better. Don’t be shy about it.

The third picture isn’t mandatory because the main profile picture can show the same, just make sure to be shaved and polished, Thai women are immaculate and want to hang out with clean men.

The fourth picture will have you dressed “smart”, like when you are going to work or out for dinner. Avoid to show yourself in home attire; that look too sleazy. Remember, the background is important too, maybe take a picture in the main street of your town with shops in the background.

The fifth picture will be taken in a social environment such a dinner with friends, a night out or a social gathering. For Thais, company and friendship are the vital part of a complex social structure. Who you hung out with determine who you are.


Profile Description

Thai friendly update personal profile to meet thai women

Most men write too much about them-self and is considered shellfish, not highly appreciate in Thai society. Instead, talk about yourself briefly and write more about what you are looking for and what your plans are.

In my case I wrote that I’m moving to Thailand, clearly stating that I’m looking for friends and knowing people. Indirectly I’m indicating that I’m not the usual sex tourist coming to town.

Unfortunately in Thailand, foreigners are seen as hooker hunter at first, so you will need to fight your way in and remove this stigma from the eye of your Thai girlfriend.

If you speak some basic Thai language is a plus, so make sure to mention it, Thai women will love it.

Next, you will be learning how to send messages and start communicating with the girls so you can plan to have video conversation on Cam and meet each other in real life.


Wrapping It Up

Thai Friendly is an excellent tool to get warm up with Thai girls. I’ve used it for years in planning my dates for my holidays in Thailand.

For men looking for a serious relationship or marriage, there are plenty of girls looking for the right man. And for the singles looking for FUN, don’t worry, you’ve got the possibility to hook up Thai girls for a night stand.

It saves you a bunch of time. You can make the dating process much quicker and filter the women to match with your interests.


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