Thai freelancer

Thai Freelancers: Cheapest Company In Thailand?

You can find Thai freelancers in any popular tourist destination in Thailand like Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Pattaya.

Freelancers are Thai girls that offer companionship to tourists for a fee. Unlike other forms of regulated prostitution, freelancers are their own bosses and whatever they get goes into their pocket.

Many tourists perceived freelancers in Thailand as risky business only because they aren’t employed by a bar or work in a massage shop.

Yet, freelancers work on their own only because they don’t like to share their profits with a brothel’s owner.

Take this as an example: a freelancer in Pattaya charges about 1.000 baht. If she would work in an agogo bar, she would ask for at least 2.000 baht – she gets 1.000 and the remaining 1.000 baht goes to the owner of the bar.

It’s pretty obvious that convincing a customer to pay 2.000 baht instead of 1.000 baht for the same service takes a lot more work.

That’s the reason why a freelancer prefers to look for customers on her own. As a result, she has more freedom and with less effort, she earns similar money as a bar girl.

The interesting thing is the smartest and hottest Thai girls happen always to be freelancers. The less in-demand ladies usually work in beer bars and the agogo girls don’t work there for too long before becoming freelancers.

In this article, I talk about the types of freelancers in Thailand, where to meet them, and how to negotiate rates.

Let’s start with the easiest way to contact freelancers in Thailand…


1. Thai Freelancers Online

Thai freelancer online

Thai freelancers need to promote themself if they want to get customers.

And one way to do so is to hang out on popular hook up sites in Thailand and try to disguise themself among the genuinely horny girls and couples looking for a good fuck.

Some even sign up with popular Thai dating sites to look for customers. But it’s obvious by their profile’s photo and description they aren’t your ordinary Thai girl looking for love.

First, they don’t dress up that much. They usually wear bikinis, skirts or revealing clothes. Second, they use hot poses to attract more interest.

Sometimes they also express interest in generous men. The hardcore freelancers even put their Line Id in the profile so the guys can contact them immediately.

The advantage of getting in contact with freelancers online is you don’t have necessarily to be in Thailand to do so.

For example, you can ask a girl to meet you at the airport or directly in your hotel room on the date you plan to arrive.

Yet, if you’re looking for a Thai holiday girlfriend I don’t recommend hiring a freelancer.


2. Thai Freelancers On The Street

Street Freelancers in Thailand

Nearby any red light area in Thailand, you can find street freelancers.

For example, in Pattaya, you can find freelancers in Walking Street and Beach Road while in Bangkok just walk around Nana area.

It’s pretty easy to recognize them as they stand in the street waiting for customers…

When a freelancer approach or try to stop you, you can bet she is a transgender. Real Thai girls would never initiate a conversation, even working girls.

So, unless you are into ladyboys (transgenders), you’ve to initiate the conversation. Simply smile, say “Hello”, and take the conversation from there.

Don’t worry, it won’t last long. When there isn’t much to add to the conversation, the girl will ask you if you want her.

In conclusion, picking up a freelancer from the street in Thailand is only a matter to approach her, have some small talks, and make a deal.

One more thing, don’t expect to find street freelancers during the day. They usually come out after 7 pm when it’s dark. And after 10 pm hardly you’ll find any hotties out there.

For late punters, it’s better to visit a nightclub to pick up Thai freelancers.


3. Night Club Freelancers In Thailand

Wherever you happen to be in Thailand, there are certain nightclubs where you’ll find 90% of the girls being freelancers.

And they are always those nightclubs where foreign guys hang out and taxi drivers insist to take you at night (they get a commission from the club when they bring foreigners).

Unlike the Thai freelancers that you find online and in the streets, nightclub freelancers are all-night deals. Meaning you pay them to spend the night with you until midday.

This type of freelancer is only worth the effort if you are a party animal, otherwise, it’s a waste of time and money.

Don’t think to walk into a nightclub and walk out one hour later with her for some bedroom activity. That isn’t how works with nightclub freelancers in Thailand.

They hang out with friends and want to have fun drinking, dancing, and chatting as you can see in this video…

Who is going to pay for all the drinks on the table? You, my friend.

But there is more… By the time you get back to your room at 6 am when the club closes, there is little energy left for some bedroom activity. And if your girl happens to be too drunk, it’s your bad luck.

In conclusion, nightlife freelancers met in a nightclub are only worth the effort if you enjoy that lifestyle.

Otherwise, you better off save some money and hire a Thai girlfriend who isn’t a party animal.


How To Negotiate Lower Prices With Freelancers In Thailand

By now you should have an idea about the cost of freelancers in Thailand. If not, these are the standard rates across Thailand:

As you can see, prices for Thai freelancers are very similar across different destinations.

The thing is freelancers’ rates are negotiable. Those girls don’t work for a business, so they can decide on their own how much to ask you.

And it’s definitely better to pay a girl 1.000 baht instead of 2.000 baht. What about having her almost for free?

The secret to a better price is rather simple: treat a Thai freelancer like an everyday girl, not a prostitute. By that, I mean to have a pleasant and respectful conversation that makes her feel like a woman.

When you make her feel like a woman, she’ll treat you like a boyfriend rather than a customer. She’ll charge you the minimum rate and sometimes she won’t even ask for money.

How to do that?

Start a conversation by introducing yourself, let her know how beautiful she is and that you would love to take her to eat some food together. Now you’re making her feel like a woman.

Instead, the 100s of tourists before you start a conversation by saying “how much?”

That is the easiest way to make her feel like a prostitute and as such, she’ll charge you the highest rate in the market.

So, the secret is to never talk about money, have a natural conversation like you would with a girlfriend, treat her to a good meal, and go with the flow.

And if in the morning she’ll ask for money, you can bet it’ll be the lowest rate she has ever asked.

Yet, you’ll be surprised to find out that often you’ll not get asked anything more than to meet up again sometime.