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This website is here to inspire and guide you, step-by-step, on how to meet attractive Asian women while traveling the region safely.

From destination-specific articles, suggested itineraries, general advice, and dating tips… To the best tools to meet Asian girls, I will lay bare fifteen years of experience dating and enjoying ladies in Asia!

It’s time to stop dreaming about meeting Asian women, it’s time to start experiencing the charm of the orient firsthand. 

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Traveling to a new country and dating/hooking up with exotic women is always an adventure.
And because the journey is individual, every man has his own inspirational story to share…

Success Stories From My Readers

Rocco, I just came back from Indonesia. Stayed with a Muslim woman whom I met online.

She was specifically looking for a man from the United States. I fit the bill.

She grew tired of dealing with Muslim men and their attitudes toward women. We had been conversing online for about three months prior to my visit. She is an educated woman with a good job.

We had a great time. She wants me to come back again soon to meet her family.  Needless to say that I am planning my next trip to see her.

Thank you for your advice – Tony, USA

I am a 71-year-old white guy married to a 30-year-old Filipina. I met her online when she was 19 years old and I went to the Philippines to meet and eventually live with her.

I petitioned her out on a fiancé visa and we got married 10 years ago and are now expecting our first child. She is a nurse and I am a retired contractor.

It was the best thing I ever did. We have had a great life together over these past 11 years. I tried as a single guy after my 30 year marriage, dating women here in the United States.

Lots and lots of baggage, ex-husbands adult children that are still dependent on mommy etc.

I would highly recommend going to the Philippines if you want a young marriage minded woman. We have made friends here in Southern California with like couples.

Don’t sit in a bar and fantasize over some young hottie that you will never take home and if you did she will probably want to be paid. Go to the “land of smiles”, you won’t regret it JOE, USA

Thanks for the tips, and I and my wife are going back home after 10 incredible days in Pattaya. This city is just crazy.

We have been everywhere from Walking Street to Boys-Boys-Boys town. Everyone was so friendly and sex was just great.

Thanks Rocco for all the great tips and help to plan our trip to Pattaya. – Charlotte and Ken

Hi Rocco,
Thank you so much for your well-guided tips. In fact, I have utilized your guides to travel to Manila and Makati in February and then to Bacolod in October.

In both these travels, I found your tips to be more valuable and rewarding.

I don’t wanna mention how many girls I banged but the experience is unbelievable. All achieved through tips I learned from your guides.

I can’t thank you enough Rocco, you are doing a marvelous job and for those intending travelers looking for pleasure, I highly recommend Rocco’s guides.

Thank you. – James, Papua New Guinea

Thanks Rocco, now I see the starting point!

Launch my profile…I’ve created enough of them on the more popular dating sites.

It’s like you read my mind…this is how the journey begins. Not hanging out in some bar or club where everyone is much younger and better looking. For me Rocco, it’s just as you said building a relationship overtime.

Step 1 contact the girl, Step 2 plan the trip. I’m not one to make it complicated.


Hi Rocco,

First of all, I want to thank you for the amazing work you’re doing – you save men’s lives in the shitty times of feminized Western world!

I’ve recently been to Thailand and thanks to your advice, I’ve found a hot Thai girl on ThaiFriendly who went with me to Koh Phangan where I’ve had the wildest sex of my life.

I’ll probably become addicted to Asian girls, I’ve already booked another holiday in Bangkok at the end of March.

Again, thanks for the amazing job you’re doing!

All the best,
Andrew – Dublin

Hi Rocco,

I am single, 66 yrs old and have been to Thailand (Pattaya) twice in 2017, firstly for a month in September and as I enjoyed it so much I went again for December (the whole of the month, excluding Xmas)

I am off to the Philippines in June and in my research is when I discovered Rocco.

It had never entered my head about Dating sites – I have several girls already lined up, and one who wants to meet so badly she emails me every day up to 5 a day. I don’t mind this.

I like the GFE and do not need to bang everything in sight all the time. Experience has taught me what I like, and age has earned me the right to do it.

I am pleased to hear about Filipinas liking for being chatted up at work, I do this in the UK with no plan for success and failure, but will try harder in the Philippines!

Best Regards
Paul – UK

Dear Rocco…

Thank you a lot. You helped me a lot for touring South Asia and enjoyed the sexy holidays. I visited BANGKOK & PATTAYA as per your guides and had great fun and enjoyed the vacation FULLY.


Hello Rocco,
Thanks for your help, tips, and above all your concern.

Since I have worked many years abroad with many different nationalities (I was a peacekeeper). I found out that Filipinas are great persons. And they act kinda same like African girls.

I am on Pina Love and have many girls interested in me.

I followed your tips and I am in touch with girls from Makati, Cebu and Angeles.

The problem is that I did it too early. Actually I plan to visit (and maybe settle) Philippines by April or May only…. if the job allows.

So, the time being, I chat with some good looking girls from the above mentionned cities, but it starts to be tiring… hehehe.

What will I do, is that will connect on Pina Love, 2 weeks before my departure.

It’s what all other guys should do, and I think you could mention that in your mails.

I’m impatient to go there.
Take care Rocco

Hi Rocco,
I am finding your tips extremely useful.

I’ve just returned from that trip and had the time of my life. The trip was a 69th birthday present to myself, and in 28 days I scored with 26 different partners, which is not bad considering there were 5 no-score days.

Whilst I’ve had several trips abroad that involved a few sexual encounters, this was the first one primarily aimed at mongering.

I just want to say a big thanks to you – Peter

Wanted to know how to meet girls and get laid in Indonesia. I will be going on holiday there in June. It is my first time in the country.

Your articles on where to go meets girls and where to stay have been very helpful. I have three women online who want to meet me.

One had offered to stay with me my entire time in the country. She has even offered to pick me up at the airport.

Thank you for your articles – Jeff, UK

It’s been awesome reading! Your articles and I must confess I have already been in serious daily contact with over 20 girls from the Philippines even though I am yet to go there.

I actually recently separated from my girlfriend and I thought it’s a great idea to travel to Asia especially the Philippines and Thailand for some explosive sexual experiences just to format my mind off the past with my ex. That’s my main agenda for this trip.

I have planned to stay in the Philippines for 42 days and Thailand for 7 days. Besides all these, I might possess to be open to a real relationship with the potential right person, but on the primary, it’s about all the sex I can get (3 somes, 4 somes, etc).

I will keep you posted regarding my experiences. So far your tips have proven wonderfully amazing. – Dickson

Dude! All the info on Thailand helped me. It was really comprehensive. Hints and tips on transport, hotels, prices, things to do.

Reading up on your info I booked via a travel company for my first time to Bangkok and stayed near Nana plaza. Then to Chaing Mai finishing in Koh Samui.

Cut a long story short, with the info you laid out so well I was able to arrange another 10 or so multi-destination trips over the last three years using travel websites to book a flight, hotel and transport.

I have been to Krabi twice, Koh tao. Udon Thani 4 times. Pattaya 4 times, Chiang Mai twice and Koh Samui 3 times. I have recommended your site to several people.

With your initial info and guides, I didn’t get ripped off, scammed or any kinda trouble. But I did meet some great ladies who added to your info.

Any first-timer going out there needs to read your stuff!!

It gave me the confidence to go on to the subsequent trips I did, based on your foundation. – Pradip

Hey Rocco,

My first adventure mongering to Asia was Pattaya. I followed all your advice and had 2 great trips to Pattaya partying of a night with very sexy Thai girls and enjoying the tourist things. Your info was spot on.

But on trip no.3, I did the one thing you kept saying over and over again not to do… I FEEL IN LOVE (i now understand) with a bar girl, got her a visa to visit me. When she was in Australia, we married (DUMB,BUMD,BUMB).

You did warn me. We visited her parents in NE Thailand that was an amazing experience but you might know where it went from then… a lot of money trips to and from and I never felt happy again. So I have put an end to it, you live and learn.

NOW, it is time to get back on the horse so to speak and I am seeking your advice for the best places to go.

Neil – Australia

Hey Rocco,

I have read a lot of your postings.

I joined Thai Friendly a few weeks ago. I have messaged hundreds of girls. Spoke to a few, and am talking a lot to one.

I will probably go to Bangkok in the next couple of months and see her!

Many thanks

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