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4 Best Sites & Apps In Thailand To Get Laid

If you plan on getting laid in Thailand by using Thai dating apps, you might know already that they are the easiest and quickest way to hook up with Thai women for sex.

The days when the only option to meet girls for sex was in the red light districts, it’s long gone.

In fact, in 2019 is no longer the red light areas the top venue to get laid – it’s the internet.

Thanks to the spread of smartphones and dating apps, there is a whole new world online – from the shy “everyday girl” to nymphomaniac three holer that wants you to f..k her all day and night.

But which apps are the best to get laid in Thailand?

Today, I’m reviewing the 3 best apps for hookups that give me the best return for my money and time when it comes to getting laid with sexy Thai girls.

That way you can hook up right now with a woman hot for action.

Let’s start with…

Thai Cupid

thai dating apps to get laid sex

It’s part of a network of over 35 dating sites across many countries owned by Cupid Media in Australia.

In Thailand, it is a household name among people looking for dates and hookups with almost 2 million subscribers.

In fact, you can find girls online to chat at any time of the day and night.

Most girls want desperately marry a foreign man, as a result, they are ready to do anything to get your attention.

They know out there, there are many other Thai women looking for the same thing, so the competition is high.

In other words, you are the price, not them.

This put you on a favorable advantage because the offer of Thai girls on this app outstrip the demand.

About 90% of times I get laid at the first “date”. That’s why is my favorite app for hookups and sex.

The best part is you don’t need to be in Thailand to start using this app. That allows you to pipeline girls before you make the trip.

This doesn’t mean it’s not also a great site to use if you are an expat or resident in Thailand.

Best Features

  • This app doesn’t use the location from your phone, meaning you can use it anywhere in the world.
  • You can search for girls by city, age and other criteria.
  • A huge pool of girls in most Thai cities ready to do anything to get your attention.
  • Most girls on this app are down to get laid at the first date.


  • The profile pictures of the girls are of low quality. In real life, they look better.


You can sign up for free, see the girls but you need to become a member to message them.

There are two packages: gold and platinum.

The gold membership allows you full access and flexibility to message any girls.

Platinium offers full access to contact girls but also get you on the higher search ranking. So, the most popular girls can see your profile above other non-platinum members.

That way you have a better chance to score the hottest Thai girls on Thai Cupid that are in high demand.

Platinum for US$39.99 per month or US$139.99 for one-year membership.


This site is arguably the best site to find hot Thai girls for sex.

The amount you pay on a subscription per month is well worth it considering you can get about 6 laid per month.

How To Use It

Visit Thai Cupid’s home page, fill in your general info like name, age, email or password or just use your Facebook account to register.

When asked where you live, make sure to select Thailand, it makes easier for you to get attention on your profile and better matching criteria.

Write about yourself and what you are searching for. Upload 3 of your best photos and you are ready to go.

Scroll the members online or search girls in specific cities.

Begin your conversation with a polite: “Hello. How are you? And Where are you now?” Plus a compliment… And keep the ball rolling.

With short conversations and some convincing, you are going to meet Thai girls and get laid.

Thai Friendly

dating apps in thailand with sexy girls

Thai Friendly is another popular Thai site with over 1 million subscribers and over 3.000 girls online at any time.

Like Thai Cupid, it also has its own unique membership packages which dictate the level of access you will have depending on your membership status.

As a free member, you have free access to see all the girls available on the platform. With the filter tool, you can choose the exact age and location of girls you are looking for.

But the issue is, you can only message one girl every 15 minutes from almost 3.000 girls online at a moment!

It’s quite inconvenient and frustrating. More or less a bait to lead you to subscribe to the site.

The girls here are a bit more conservative than on Thai Cupid, I get laid 80% of the time at the first meeting.

They seem more focus on finding guys for adventure, traveling and fun, rather than just hookups.

On this app, I’ve found a wonderful holiday girlfriend that travels with me when I’m in Thailand…

Best Features

  • This app doesn’t use the location from your phone, meaning you can use it anywhere in the world.
  • You can search for girls by city, age and other criteria.
  • Many girls are looking for adventure and holiday.
  • Great profile pictures quality.
  • Cheaper than Thai Cupid.


  • Not very useful if you are planning to visit small Thai cities as the pool base of girls is small.


A premium membership is a must to eliminate the 10 minute wait time between messages and you will have access to the most popular girls that get too many messages.

If the girl is popular, you can’t send her a message at all without a premium membership.

Ironically one girl told me she gets very few messages because Thai Friendly put her in that category because she received a huge influx of messages after she’s first signed up.

Now she gets about 50% fewer messages and has the time to read them all and reply to most.

If you can’t afford the 20-25 bucks for a month membership, then you maybe can’t afford a trip to Thailand either.

Premium subscription for a month costs US$24.95 p/m. There is also a deal of US$49.95 for 3 months and US$99.95 for a year.


It’s a great site to find girls and is very easy to use even though there are fewer members than Thai Cupid.

But if you plan to visit the popular tourist destinations, you have plenty of babes hot for action.

How To Use It

Visit Thai Friendly’s home and sign up. Add your headline and description stating clearly what you are looking for.

Then add the location where you would like to meet girls. If you don’t yet, select Manila.

Add 3 of your best pictures and you are ready to roll.

Asian Match Mates


Asian Match Mates is a hook up dating site popular with swingers and those looking for one-night stands. Forget about romantic dating or anything like that, people on this platform are horny and they want sex without strings attached.

This site is for finding quick sexual encounters, regular hookups, and literally anything else even remotely related to sex.

Most are couples with the men being a foreigner and the girls Thais, searching for other couples, single men and women. Their girlfriends are in great shape as most don’t have kids because the relationship is based on intimacy and company, not to make a family.

Over time, their relationship based on sex become boring so they go search for other people to spice up their intimate life.

There are also a few cougars women searching for men to please them. Those women are mostly divorcee or career women who need a good fuck. It’s quite surprising to find many of them still to be young and attractive being in their 30s.

The thing is in Thailand when a woman passes the 30 years of age, men aren’t interested in her anymore because they prefer younger girls, even though they still look sexy. It’s a cultural thing.

That open up many opportunities for you if you don’t mind getting laid with women in great shape, still attractive and horny but their age is 30+.

There are also girls in their 20s on this platform but they are freelancers looking for paying customers, even though they don’t mention it openly.

So, stick to “older” women or couples if you want to have good sex for free.

Asian Match Mates is popular in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya where most foreigners live or go for holidays. That doesn’t mean you can’t find women in less touristic places, once I met a girl from Maha Sarakham which is located in Issan, an area where foreigners are a rare sight.

The woman used to work in Bangkok and accustom dating foreign men, but since moving back to her family house, she craves having sex with foreigners.

When I chatted with her she was very open about it, and I should not mention that she was very welcoming and great in bed.

In conclusion, If you’re 100% over being grilled with relationship questions on traditional dating sites like Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly, AdultFriendFinder is your golden ticket to instant hookups.

Best Features

  • You can list your sexual fantasies and interest so you can find the right match.
  • People don’t need to talk to you for days before hooking up, things move fast.
  • You can watch videos and live broadcasts people have posted, so you know what to expect when meeting them. It’s better than porn 🙂


  • Juicier hidden content can only be unlocked with a paid membership (called the Gold membership) or by earning points
  • Only popular in a few cities in Thailand.
  • The entire website looks like it’s one of those “Meet hot singles in your area” ads that pop up when you’re illegally streaming a movie. Is scream “scam”, but it is not.


If you’re a guy looking for girls, consider getting a Gold membership as the standard. Gold membership can unlock everything that the site has to offer, including unlimited messaging, profiles with private photo albums, and video profiles that are only available for Gold members as well.

But most importantly, your profile will appear way higher in searches and puts a little bit more credibility on your profile.

Like every other dating site, prices for a Gold memberships get cheaper the longer your subscription is: Get one month for $40/month, three months for $27/month, or one year for $20/month.


It’s the best site if you are passionate about sex and you want to experience something different from other dating sites.

People are very open-minded on this platform which is a sign of intelligence. Everyone is pretty much there for the same reason, so you don’t have to worry about feelings getting involved or a couple not being on the same page.

I’ve never seen a website with quite so many different ways to get busy and meet people who happen to be into the same niche thing as you. And honestly, it’s such a plus that nobody should feel bad for being a sexual god.

Keep in mind that it shouldn’t be all about sex, but you can meet interesting people and have dinner together.

How To Use It

Visit AsianMatchDate’s homepage and create your profile.

Fill out your profile info like name, age and other information. You don’t need to upload any of your pictures at first, consider doing it as a second step if you feel comfortable with the site.

Upgrade your membership to Gold to send out messages to other members so you can set up hookups.

Take a few minutes to read properly the profiles of the person you are writing to so you can write a personalized message. It’s important don’t send to everyone a standard message because it isn’t going to cut through it.

Yes, people want to hook up and have sex but that doesn’t mean they don’t have standards because they do. It’s surprising how an adult dating site has decent people who genuinely just want to have a conversation, meet up for dinner, and have sex with you without being gross.


sexy girls on thailand dating apps

If you think this app is only popular in western countries, then you are wrong,

It’s also quite popular in Thailand but mostly in tourist cities like Bangkok. Pattaya and Phuket.

Most girls are in their 20s and are looking for something casual. Though, you might find a few ladyboys, hookers and freelance girls who would ask for money to have sex with you.

This app works well if you are in your 20s, handsome and with good physic. It’s well known that their algorithmic match the 20% top men with 80% of the women.

So, if you aren’t attractive or over 30 years old, you might end up in the big pool of men competing for only 20% of the girls.

In my experience, that 20% of the girls are the leftover who besides not being attractive, most have personality issues.

Best Features

  • Easy to scroll the girl’s profile.
  • Free for 100 profiles per day or $9.99 p/m.
  • If you are young, handsome and with a six-pack, you are going to get laid almost every day.


  • This app use location from your phone. So you can use it only if you are in Thailand.
  • If you aren’t young and good looking, you aren’t going to get quality girls and it’s hard to get laid.


With Tinder Plus, you get extra features that makes your profile more visible to people and also hidden from people you don’t want to see it.

Your profile is made the most popular in your area for 30 minutes every month.

The monthly subscription costs $9.99 p/m but $19.99 if you are older than 31.

The reason is more expensive for older people is because Tinder is used by people in their 20s, they don’t want to hook up with daddies.


It’s a great site to find girls if you are good looking and in your 20s but only if you are planning to use it in the major Thai cities.

How To Use It

On your phone, download the Tinder app and register by using your mobile phone number or log in with Facebook.

Fill out your profile info like name, age and post a cool phrase “I’m hot like the sun” sort of thing.

Start swiping, left if you don’t like the girl and right if you like her.

Within 30 minutes, you should have a few matches.


Thai Dating Apps Are a Game Changer

No doubt, you will meet attractive Thai women that are willing to have sex with you for free on those apps. But it’s also certain that you will meet hookers that want money.

Anyway, they are the best way to get you laid in Thailand saving you time and money. You are going to meet Thai girls that are genuinely interested in you and crave for intimate moments.

Imagine the feeling to have sex with a girl wet for you instead of a prostitute dry p…y met in the red light districts. Surprisingly, those apps aren’t only great to get laid, but also an excellent way to find a sweet and open-minded Thai girlfriend.

Most of the game is found online nowadays as you can see when walking in the street of Thailand, most chicks are glued to their smartphone.

You need to pop up in front of their screen if you want to have the best chance of getting laid… And it’s exactly what those dating apps do.

Well, my friend, I hope this Thailand dating app review is been helpful, I’m confident you are going to get laid in no time.

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