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Japan sex apps sites

Best Site & App In Japan To Get Laid

The time you had to spend big money to have sex in Japan is behind us. No longer the best place to get laid is the soapland that serves foreigners, but it’s the internet.

Thanks to the rise of smartphones and the popularity of sex apps in Japan, you can easily get in contact with horny girls and couples. Sexual activities abound if you can get around the language barrier.

So, what are the best apps and sites in Japan for foreign men?

  • Asian Match Mate – Best site to meet horny mature women and couples for sex.
  • Tinder – Most popular hookup apps in Japan for guys in their 20s.

Below the full review of the 3 best sex apps in Japan that give me the best return for my money and time.


Asian Match Mate

It’s an adult dating site for people interested in hookups and sex. No more, no less.

You can find couples as well as single girls interested to explore sexual fantasies. Most users are located in the big Japanese cities.

There are several Japanese and mixed-race couples looking for single men and other couples for sex. It seems people in Japan love orgies.

Then there are mature women in their 30s and 40s looking only for sex with no strings attached. Some are career women that need a good fuck while others are married women in a sexless marriage.

It’s incredible how Japanese women age gratefully. You’ll find several mature women really hot. Some even are happy to have you as their guest for a few days. A great way to fuck more, experience Japanese hospitality and sleep for free.

The community on Asian Match Mate is friendly, outgoing and respectful. They really enjoy having fun and sex.

Don’t be too pushy about the sex when you meet up, and you’ll do great. Seem the girls and couples in Japan are in need.



Tinder is probably the most well-known hookup app in the West. Yet, in Japan Tinder is seen as a dating app.

You can get good results as far as meeting girls and getting dates if you are in your 20s. Two-three dates per week are the norm in Tokyo… And 20% of the time you have sex on the first date. The standard procedure is a few drinks and then visit a love hotel.

The majority of girls will tell you they want to learn English, but it’s only an attempt to seem less slutty. Take it light and flirty, and you should do well.

So, ignore the no sense “No hookups” and “English partners” in their profile. They are there because they feel lonely and want sex.

The only thing to watch out which happens to me often in Japan but rarely in other Asian countries is the girls who want to go out for a free date without any intention to have sex.


Sex Sites and Apps in Japan Are a Game Changer

Using sites and apps is the most convenient and economical way to have sex in Japan. It might happen to have a few sessions with foreign women, but most will be Japanese women.

Of course, if you want to have more than just sex like a relationship, you better by using a popular dating site.

Easy girls from hookup apps and sex sites are rarely good girlfriend material.

The golden age for Japanese girls on those sites and apps is 35 years old. They are horny as hell, great fun, and love to fuck. Be gentle and not too pushy about sex, then the girls will follow your lead.

Keep in mind that Japan is a high context country, and the girls need a reason to meet a guy. Obviously, it’s embarrassing to admit to meet a man for sex, so “language exchange” is a common reason.

But the reality is girls on those sites and apps want a quick and dirty fuck.