dating apps in the philippines

3 Best Sites & Apps In Philippines To Get Laid

In the old days when the only option to meet girls for sex was in the red light districts, it’s long gone.

Nowadays the red light areas are no longer the top venue to get laid… It’s the internet.

Thanks to the spread of cheap smartphones and the rise of sex apps in the Philippines, there is a whole new world online… From the shy “everyday girl” to the nymphomaniac three holes lady who wants to be f..ked no stop.

But which apps and sites are the best to get laid in the Philippines?

  • Asian Match Mate – Best site to meet and fuck horny women and couples.
  • Pina Love – Popular dating site in the Philippines. There are plenty of Filipinas and ladyboys eager to sex date.
  • Tinder – Popular hookup apps in the Philippines for guys in their 20s.

Below is the full review of the 5 best hookups sites and apps in the Philippines that give me the best return for my money and time.


Asian Match Mate

It’s an adult dating site for people interested in hookups and sex. No more, no less.

You can find girls and couples interested to explore their sexual fantasies.

For example, there are many horny Filipinas that need a good fuck while their husband is oversea.

Then you have couples looking for a bull for a threesome or swapping couples. And by networking on this site, it won’t take long before someone invites you to a sex party.

You’ll find also several mature Filipinas looking for a fuck buddy, especially in Manila. They are usually career women that need a good fuck after a long day in the office.

Asian Match Mate isn’t just a tool to find sex partners but also a community of people passionate about sex. They meet and fuck because it’s fun.

It’s a bit like getting a membership to the gulf club so you can network with like-minded people. The difference is here you’ll play with two holes often.

People on Asian Match Mate is friendly, outgoing, and respectful. You’ll feel part of a community.


Pina Love

Pina Love is a popular dating site in the Philippines with over 1 million subscribers and over 3.000 girls online at any time.

If you’re thinking: “How am I gonna find a hookup on a relationship site?” Yes, Pina Love might not be the juiciest place, but thanks to the massive user base and competitiveness of the girls on the platform, you can easily get laid.

In fact, about 80% of the time I get laid at the first “date”. That’s why Pina Love is a reliable tool to hook up with girls in the Philippines.

The best part is you don’t need to be in the Philippines to start using this app/site. That allows you to pipeline girls before you make the trip.

And if you are an expat or resident in the Philippines, you should know about it already.

On this app, I’ve found a wonderful holiday girlfriend that travels with me when I’m in the Philippines…

As a free member, you have free access to see all the girls available on the platform. With the filter tool, you can choose the exact age and location of the girls.

Most girls want desperately to marry a foreign man, and they are ready to do anything to get your attention.

They know out there, many other Filipinas are looking for the same thing, so the competition is high. Meaning, you are the price, not them.

This puts you on a favorable advantage because the number of Filipina girls on this app outstrip the men.



If you think this app is only popular in western countries, then you are wrong. It’s also quite popular in the Philippines but mostly among girls in big cities like Makati and Manila.

Most girls are in their 20s and are looking for something casual or a relationship. Though, you might find also hookers asking for money to have sex with you.

That said, you can set up your profile and start swiping through girls that match your profile. Girls on Tinder in the Philippines are a bit prudish and want to meet up for a coffee before having sex.

So, you’ve to play along with their dating game if you want to get laid.

This app works well if you are in your 20s, handsome, and have good physic. It’s well known that their algorithmic match the 20% top men with 80% of the women.

So, if you aren’t attractive, you might end up in the big pool of men competing for only 20% of the girls.


Sex Apps And Hookup Sites in the Philippines Are A Game Changer

The hookup culture and casual dating is always been strong in the Philippines. But now thanks to new technologies, singles and couples can connect really fast.

Adult sites like Asian Match Mate operate on the philosophy that meeting someone special doesn’t need to be a complicated thing. And most times it doesn’t have to be more than a fling.

Yet, not everyone feels comfortable with all the nudity on the site so a mainstream casual dating app like Pina Love might feel more comfortable.

Anyway, no matter if you are looking for casual sex or you prefer simply to find a fuck buddy, those sites and apps will help you achieve your goal.

You are going to meet Filipinas that are wet for you, not a dry p…y like in the red light districts.

Well, my friend, I hope the Philippines sex dating apps review has been helpful. I’m confident you are going to get laid in no time.