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picking up girls in hong kong

How To Pick Up Hong Kong Girls And Get Laid

The Best Ways to Pick Up Girls in Hong Kong

East to Get Laid in This City?

If you like sexy, sophisticated and outgoing Chinese girls that can speak proper English, Hong Kong is the best place to pick up in Asia.

I consider it better than hooking up in Singapore because most women in Hong Kong are single working professionals which makes them easy to hook up with…and don’t get me started with the domestic helpers.

Not interested in the Chinese locals?

Hong Kong has an interesting blend of girls like Europeans, Russian, English, Japanese, Korean, Thai girls and Filipina girls.

Going for a hookup and possibly getting laid in Hong Kong may sound scary to most men, that’s why I’m giving you a low down of how you can score.

But first of all, let me answer the one question that’s probably been bagging you since you thought of Hong Kong.

Is It Hard To Hook Up In Hong Kong?

hooking up with girls in Hong Kong

Well, the answer isn’t so straight, so let me try and expound on it just a little bit.

Most girls in Hong Kong will generally go for foreign men because of three things:

  1. They believe that foreign men are sophisticated and hardworking.
  2. They see foreigner men as exotic as you see them exotic to you.
  3. Colonial mentality.

Let’s now try and break it down a little bit further,

Hong Kong women have this idea that foreign men’s wallets are generally fat, that is a plus especially in the Chinese culture that gives a lot of importance to status.

That doesn’t mean that you need to be rich to score, it is the impression that matter.

And no, they aren’t hookers – they are just normal girls with ambitions.

So, to answer your question, it’s a yes and no depending on your ability to impress the girls.

Again, you don’t need to dress like a million dollar guy but have the decency to wear a shirt, pants and a pair of shoes.

Only that can put you on top of the 20% of men in Hong Kong.

Here some more tips…

Tips To Score With Hong Kong Girls

Let me give you some helpful tips on how you can score with Hong Kong girls, fast!

  • Patience Is Key

You might have the impression that women in Hong Kong are mature.


Hong Kong girls are generally childish, so it will take patience if you want to get laid.

  • Be Stylish

Dress sharp and be stylish in your speech as well, it will go a long way.

Hong Kongians put a lot of weight on appearance.

  • Be Sure To Show Her That It Isn’t All About Getting Laid

One thing that most girls don’t want is a guy that is very obvious that he wants to get laid.

Hong Kong girls aren’t different in this area as well. Fly under the radar, you are just being friendly.

  • Be Bold About Your Advantage

The moment you are in Hong Kong as a foreigner, always know that you have an added advantage. Be bold in this aspect, you can snatch a girl from any Hong Kong guy just like that.

Be careful about this approach though, Hong Kong men have a reputation for cockblock.

  • Meet Girls Online

Most women here are too busy working and don’t have the time to hang out in bars to meet Mr. Right.

The solution is to meet online.

  • Use Your Spending Power

If you can afford to take her out for a nice meal, do that.

Hong Kong women, especially Chinese, get wet fast when they see shiny things.

This has worked for me on several occasions, and let me tell you this one story when I’ve bedded a sexy Chinese girl in Hong Kong the same day I landed in the city.

I chatted for a few weeks with a Hong Kong girl met online.

dating hong kong girl

She was an office girl who just enjoyed good things in life. She also liked to role-play and wear black lingerie.

That really got me hard on immediately.

When I arrived we hooked up and as she alighted the taxi she was in, I was speechless by her beauty.

She was wearing a shirt and tight “black dress” and high hills shoes. When walking, her ass was moving left and right, I was hypnotized.

We had a tour around the city and had a mad fan just visiting her favorite spots. I was glad to get a tour of a foreign country by the most beautiful tour guide ever seen in my life.

I just had this feeling that I was going to score with her, she was all flirty and mushy, telling me about her black underwear, in details!

So I decided to invite her to my room before we said goodbye. True to the idea, she agreed.

Let me just conclude with, if you haven’t gotten laid in Hong Kong, my friend you are missing out.

Thing is, I hooked up with this girl without giving her any gift or spending on expensive dinners. I just charmed my way to her pussy through what people like to call “traditional means.”

It was well worth to invest $12 for a monthly subscription on this website, easy eh?

Best Nightlife Places To Pick Up Singles

hong kong nightlife for singles

Nightlife in Hong Kong is vibrant and exciting.

The best place to start the night for single guys is to look for girls in Lan Kwai Fong (aka LKF) district.

Between 11 pm – 3 am, there are horny girls all over the place.

I’m going to tell you the best nightclubs and bars to pick girls, starting with…


Night Clubs

If you surely want to meet single girls at night, there are two clubs that you should definitely have a look at:

Volar, this is one of the clubs that have the hottest girls in Hong Kong. Expect to meet models type of girls, but you need to have big money if you want to score here.

The second club you should definitely check out is Ce La Vi which is right in the heart of Hong Kong. This place is huge, having a restaurant, sky bar and a club all under one roof.

Other noteworthy clubs are Dragon I, Déjà vu, Play and Levels, but there are also plenty of other options.


If you love to hook up with up single girls early in the night, you better to visit pick up bars known to have women hot for action.

The best pick up bars are:

  1. Joe Bananas
  2. Carnegie
  3. Bar 109
  4. Bar De Luxe

These are just some of the best pick up bars, but you can scout out Aberdeen Street for other options.

This area is well known between the expat community to visit for happy hours after work.

Where to Meet Girls During The Day?


Malls are quite an interesting place to meet girls in Hong Kong.

Since approaching during the day is a rare thing in Hong Kong, so when you do, you really stand out from the crowd and the girls love it. It shows confidence, and women are attracted to confident men.

The 3 best Malls to meet singles are:

  1. Harbour City
  2. The Landmark
  3. IFC Mall

In these malls, your chances are quite high to hook up with single women.

If you picking up girls either at night or during the day isn’t your thing, you can use an indirect approach without fear of getting rejected…



Online dating in Hong Kong is fast growing and if you send out messages to a good number of girls, most will reply.

Therefore, online dating sites should be considered by anyone looking to hook up with girls and want to get laid. It’s a myth that online dating is only for losers and weirdos.

Actually, it’s a proven system that offers guaranteed results without wasting money and time going out trying to hook up like in the old days.

women in hong kong

In conclusion, it’s your decision to deciding whether you want to visit Hong Kong to meet girls.

There are other things to see beside the beautiful women, like The Peak or Nan Lian Garden, and overall the city is safe and well organized.

This concludes this guide how to pick girls in Hong Kong.

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