Russian girls in Hong Kong nightlife

How To Hook Up With Russian Girls In Hong Kong

There are many Russian girls in Hong Kong. And you shouldn’t miss the chance to hook up with them.

I don’t need to promote their beauty and sexuality; everyone knows how good they are.

Yet, many people living or visiting Hong Kong don’t know where to hook up with Russian women here.

So first, let’s look at some of the most common places to find Russian girls in Hong Kong. After that, I’ll also share a couple of tips to improve your chances to get laid.

Let’s dive straight into it!


Where to Find Russian Girls in Hong Kong

Here are the best places where you can meet Russian women in Hong Kong:


1. Nightclubs

Russian women can often be found partying inside nightclubs in Hong Kong. But some clubs are more popular than others among Russians.

Play Club and Level Club are two strong choices. There are plenty of Russian chicks on weekends here.

The good thing about meeting Russian women in nightclubs is that they love drinking. And if you can spend on expensive cocktails and bottles, once drunk it’s easy to get them back to your place.


2. Arrangement Sites

It isn’t uncommon to find Russian girls looking for a friend with benefits on sites like Seeking Arrangement. There are many students looking for mature men.

You’ll find all sorts of arrangements from a holiday girlfriend to a travel buddy to a long term relationship without the drama.


3. Gyms and Fitness Facilities

Russian girls in Hong Kong love to maintain their hourglass figures, so you’re more likely to find them in the gym. Especially boutique gyms like XYZ.

The best time to visit is between 4-6 pm. I noticed the girls come to exercise mostly at this time except on Sunday.


4. Russian Restaurants

Russian girls are often found visiting Russian restaurants in Hong Kong.

And why wouldn’t they? Of course, they like to enjoy authentic food from their native country.

The best way to break the ice with them is to ask for help in selecting a delicious meal. They are always eager to help out.

Check out your area for nearby Russian restaurants.


5 Tips to Hook Up with Russian Girls in Hong Kong

hooking up with Russian girl in HK

Let’s say you’ve successfully managed to meet a Russian girl in Hong Kong. But how to take things in the direction of a hook up?

Here are 5 tips you should remember:


1. Learn Basic Russian Phrases

If you’re planning to hook up with Russian girls, then it’s worth brushing up your vocabulary a bit.

You don’t have to become a master of the Russian language. But knowing a few common phrases can be a great idea.

Depending on which phrases you learn, they can work not only to break the ice but also while flirting.

It would also show that you’re interested in her culture and are actually making an effort to know her.


2. Shower Her with Compliments

Most Russian women are self-aware of how beautiful they are. Yet, they love being the subject of adoration.

I suspect is because they have high self-esteem with a high ego too.

This is exactly what they’re looking for in a man. They want someone who admires them and showers them with compliments no matter what.

So if sweet talk can help you get inside her pants, then why not try it?


3. Less Talk More Action

Keep in mind that while complimenting Russian girls can help you get closer to them, don’t overdo it.

In general, Russian ladies don’t like talkative men and prefer those who are doers, rather than talkers. Also, they love it when men maintain the aura of mystery around them and don’t open up too fast.

If you present yourself as a talker, then sure, you will be able to become her friend, but it’s someone else who’ll be bedding her.

She already has many friends to talk to, so show her that you’re there for greater things.

So at least for your first few encounters, act confident, but avoid sounding like a chatterbox.


4. Show Open-Mindedness

Most Russian women are well-educated, and this is why they are always looking for someone with a sharp and open mind.

Even if you don’t agree with her point of view, she doesn’t have to know that.

And in some cases, even if you think she’s sounding incredibly dumb, remain hush about it.

If you stay quiet now, you can make her moan later. So it’s worth the price.

And if you’re witty, then that will certainly play in your favor. Russian women love a good sense of humor.


5. Display Chivalry

Chivalry is very well alive in Russia. Small gestures such as holding the door for women can make them melt.

Similarly, pull the chair for her if you’re going out to eat with her.

From a young age, they see their father performing these gestures. So they automatically develop such expectations from men.

In this case, instead of being her father, you can be her sugar daddy, maybe. But in short, Russian girls are always looking for men who can treat them like a goddess.

But you also have to make sure that you’re nice to people in your surroundings.

If you’re treating her well but act like an ass to the people around you, then that can be a turn-off for her.


Is It Easy To Get Laid in Hong Kong With A Russian Lady?

There are many Russian women in Hong Kong. Although hooking up with them requires a bit more effort, the prize is ultimately worth it.

Just keep in mind that even if you intend to hook up, you need to show her that you care. Display of chivalry can go a long way in helping you score some action.

Similarly, listen to her with full attention and care and make sure that you remember the small details.

Lastly, instead of asking for a hook up on your first encounter, wait some time until she feels comfortable. That will help to get better intimacy under the sheets.