Thai Flirting review

ThaiFlirting Review 2024: My Experience Using It

You heard about ThaiFlirting and you’re eager to sign up. But you’re wondering if the site is legit and not just a waste of time.

For sure you won’t spend that much money because the site is free to sign up and use. Although, if you want to get results you have to buy the membership like any other dating site in Thailand.

So, I want to start this Thai Flirting review by saying that this site isn’t free if you want to get results. Other reviews out there swear that Thai Flirting is free but that isn’t honest.

There are several other truths about this dating site that you’ll find out while reading this ThaiFlirting review.


How Does Thai Flirting Compare To Thai Friendly

The best way to review ThaiFlirting is to compare it to the gold standard: Thai Friendly (here is my review).

Right away, these things came to my attention:

  • Thai Flirting has fewer users. There are about 500.000 people using it against the 2 million users on Thai Friendly.
  • Both are “free”. Both sites let you sign up and message for free, but if you want to get results you’ve to pay for the membership.
  • Both sites separate girls from ladyboys. That is a good thing because it’s hard to distinguish a hot ladyboy from a beautiful Thai girl.

So I can say that Thai Flirting is pretty similar to Thai Friendly except for the fact there are fewer users. And this brings us to the next question…


Who Are The Members of Thai Flirting?

Thai flirting members

Most of the members are located in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Phuket, Chonburi, and Pattaya. But you’ll find members from across the country.

You can connect with single, married, divorced, and separated women, men, and ladyboys. The majority are looking for serious commitments, but there are some opportunities to find a holiday girlfriend or a hook up.

However, if you’re looking for a holiday girlfriend I suggest signing up with Seeking. Instead for hookups is best to use Asian Match Mate.


Thai Flirting Pros And Cons

While undertaking this ThaiFlirting website review I noticed a couple of things:

The Pros

  • It’s free to sign up
  • Useful app option
  • Easy to filter your search
  • Fun approach
  • You can upload a video on your profile

The Cons

  • The app is only good for Android phones
  • Most popular girls hardly reply if you aren’t a premium member


How To Use Thai Flirting Effectively

What I noticed is that most people don’t take the time to complete properly their profile. That is a sure way to fail to attract some hot girl or ladyboy.

After all, Thai girls want to know something about you before starting to talk with you online. The reason is they are shy and not always confident.


Create An Interesting Profile

To ensure you have an interesting profile add between 3-7 pictures. Add pictures that show your lifestyle, not only some portrait photos.

The reason is you want to attract only those matches that find your lifestyle attractive. If you love fishing, you want to find a girl that is into nature and sport like you.

When writing your bio, be modest and write by using simple words. Most Thai girls dislike arrogance and only a few can understand English at the university level.

The best practice is to write two paras about yourself and one about what you are looking for and make sure you include your interests.

Most importantly, scan some other profiles and make sure yours has something unique, that will help you stand out.


Advance Search

Once you’ve created your profile, start searching for the right match. ThaiFlirting offers detailed profiles, helping you find someone with similar interests.

There are numerous images but, more importantly, it offers videos. I found this to be the best way of judging what the girls were really like.

As we all know, it’s much easier to edit a photo than it is to edit a video chat. Of course, video chatting is also a lot of fun and you never know where it could lead.

The basic search is what sex you are, which one you are looking for, and the age range. It’s better to use advanced filters and narrow down your choices.

There are approximately 30 filters in total, use them to find your perfect girl.


Communication & Messaging

Don’t waste time sending likes and wings. Every other member to that. Instead, write a thoughtful message after having read the girl’s bio.

Most men don’t take the time to write a personal message, so writing one will make you stand out.

Once the conversation is on, send her a video. Thai girls are extremely visual so a video talks 1.000 words.

And when you’ve found the one, send her virtual gifts to show that you’re committed.


ThaiFlirting App Is Only For Android Phones

ThaiFlirting has an app that can be downloaded through Google Play. It only works on Android phones but is surprisingly easy to use.

In fact, it is the same as the website, making it easy to create an account anywhere.

Naturally, the app means you are always connected and able to message or even set meetings with specific girls whenever you want. Personally, I found it extremely useful and impressively fast.

For iPhone users, you can use the mobile browser on your phone to access the site.

This site is designed as a dating app because is all about dates.


Is The ThaiFlirting App Free?

Thaiflirting app screen

Yes. Surprisingly it is entirely free. Personally, I liked the extras associated with the premium account and paid for it. But, you can download and use the app for free.


Thai Flirting Membership

The benefits to go premium on Thai Flirting are:

  • No ads interrupting your flow.
  • You’ll be listed higher in search results. Basically rank above free members and get attention as result.
  • You get a VIP badge on your profile. Being a VIP you’ll attract more girls.
  • There is no limit to the number of messages and translations you can have.

If you want to get a premium account you’ll need to buy coins. You’ll get 100 coins for $10 USD.

ThaiFlirting offer 3 premium subscriptions :

  • 1 month membership – 100 coins
  • 3 months membership – 250 coins
  • 6 months membership – 400 coins


Virtual Gifts

thaiflirting virtual gifts

The interesting feature that I had to try was the virtual gifts.

The coins are also essential when sending gifts to women you like.


Is Thai Flirting Worth It? My Opinion

In a nutshell, ThaiFlirting is worth using for dating but not for hookups or to rent a Thai girlfriend. There are people looking for a bit of fun but the majority of girls are looking for something serious.

The fact that you can use it for free means you have nothing to lose. But to get dates, you have to upgrade your membership and invest some money in buying virtual gifts.

Also, invest the time to create an appealing profile. A descriptive bio about your hobbies, interests, and values. And don’t forget to add a line about what you’re looking for in a partner.


Best Alternatives To Thai Flirting

Find dates on Thai flirting is possible, but what about hookups, finding a holiday girlfriend, or renting a girlfriend in Thailand? It certainly isn’t the best place to try.

That’s why let’s go over a few alternatives that you can use instead:

  • Asian Match Mate – Great for hookups, threesomes, and swinging.
  • Seeking – Many Thai girls are eager to be your holiday girlfriend on this site.
  • Thai Friendly – The most popular site in Thailand.

Looking for more alternatives? Check out the list of the best sites to contact girls in Thailand.


Thai Flirting FAQs


How to sign up with Thai Flirting?

Visit the website or download the app and click sign up. There are plenty of questions to answer and the more you answer the easier it is to find matches.


Can I upload videos on ThaiFlirting?

Yes! It’s one of the few Thai dating sites in Thailand that allows you to do this. It’s a great perk.


How do I cancel my ThaiFlirting subscription?

You have two options. It’s possible to go into your profile and disable it. This saves your information but your profile will no longer be active.

Alternatively, select ‘membership termination’ and your account will be deleted forever.


Is ThaiFlirting free?

Yes, it’s completely free. You can do plenty and meet potential partners without paying a cent. Although the premium option is worth checking out, it offers great advantages.


Is Thai Friendly better than ThaiFlirting?

ThaiFriendly has a significantly larger number of members.


Is ThaiFlirting safe?

Yes, the site has all the standard protections in place. However, because it is free you will find a large number of fake profiles. These are used to try and get money from you. As with any dating site, proceed with caution.


Is ThaiFlirting legit?

ThaiFlirting is completely legit as it offers the opportunity to connect with your perfect partner. I have heard many success stories of people finding love on ThaiFlirting.