Russian sugar baby in Dubai

Find Sugar Babies In Dubai: Options, Costs And Tips

There are a lot of assumptions when it comes to finding a sugar baby in Dubai, mostly due to the cultural and religious background of the country.

In fact, the majority of people feel that there are no sugar babies in Dubai due to the rigidity of the country’s laws when it comes to relationships.

Contrary to these assumptions, sugar dating in Dubai is the norm rather than the exception.

You can find sugar babies from Latin America, Russia, Africa, the Middle East, and South East Asia.

But you should be aware of a few things before starting your search. Things like where to look for sugar babies, standard rates, and how to be a successful sugar daddy in Dubai.


Where Can I Find Sugar Babies in Dubai

Sugar dating is not a new concept here. There are even sugar baby apps in Dubai, but you’ll need to use a VPN to access them.

Below we’ve listed only the best ways to find a sugar baby in Dubai.


1. Sugar Sites

There is a popular sugar website in Dubai called Whats Your Price.

However, because the UAE blocks dating and hookups sites, you need to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) software if you want to get access to a sugar site.

But be aware that internet providers such as DU Home and Virgin Mobile allow the use of VPN, meanwhile, Etisalat doesn’t.

Once you’ve gained access to Whats Your Price, you would meet a lot of beautiful model-like sugar babies on the site.


2. Networking

Dubai is an expatriate city. So networking is essential to make new friends, establish business connections, and also help to find a suitable sugar baby.

If you get to know an experienced sugar daddy in Dubai, it’ll open doors to connect with sugar babies in the city.

It’s also worth connecting with model girls working in Dubai because usually this social circle is filled with sugar babies. Just attend social events and you’ll meet many of them.


3. Upscale Bars

Dubai sugar babies in sky bar

Another way to find a sugar baby in Dubai is by attending popular upscale night spots.

Places like Buddha Bar, Ginter, and Pure Sky Lounge are known to attract the rich and famous. And where this type of clientele hangs out, it attracts also many sugar babies.

But be ready to spend big on a VIP table and bottle service if you want to attract hot sugar babies. The competition is high in upscale venues, only money talks here.


4. Malls

Most sugar babies in Dubai don’t have much to do during the day. So they hang out in malls to shopping.

And the best place to walk around is the cosmetic and lingerie shops obviously. Girls love to hang out there.

In this video Francis went for them right away:

Now, you should be an engaging and social person to approach ladies in the malls if you want to succeed. And expect to waste a lot of time doing so.

The good thing is you can learn immediately about the girl’s attitude and charm without having to dine her.


How Much Do You Pay A Sugar Baby In Dubai?

A sugar baby allowance in Dubai would be between 36,700Dhs to 55,000Dhs per month.

While the PPM (Pay-Per-Meet) costs anywhere between 500Dhs to 4,500Dhs, depending on the ethnicity and sophistication of the lady.

Sugar babies in Dubai are usually from a foreign country.

The top-end market has been cornered by Russian sugar babies. A PPM usually ranges between 1,200Dhs to 1,500Dhs. While a monthly allowance will set you back at least 13,000Dhs.

A similar rate applies to other European nationalities.

Don’t confuse Russian-speaking ladies with Russian nationalities, they are two different things. In Dubai, you’ll find several sugar babies from Central Asia countries like Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan that cost half the price of a Russian sugar baby.

Then you have South East Asian sugar babies like Filipina and Indonesian ladies with a PPM between 100Dhs to 300Dhs. A monthly allowance usually is between 1,000Dhs to 3,000Dhs.

Likewise Arab nationalities like Marrocco and Egypt cost similarly.


Tips For Sugar Daddies In Dubai

If you want to be a successful sugar daddy in Dubai, you should:

– Use a VPN to access the sugar sites in Dubai.
– Be open-minded and bold to start a conversation with a sugar baby.
– Be transparent on your profile in order to solidify trust with a potential sugar baby.
– Impress the lady with your words, gift(s), and attitude.
– Give compliments.
– Act like a gentleman.
– Be helpful when necessary.


FAQs About Sugaring In Dubai


– What’s the best sugar website in Dubai?

Whats Your Price is the only website for sugar dating in Dubai.


– Is sugar dating legal in Dubai?

Dubai is a conservative country with many rules about relationships. It is highly advisable that you are discreet when sugar dating in Dubai.


– Is it easy finding a sugar baby in Dubai?

Yes, it is easy finding a sugar baby in Dubai. You’ve got so many different nationalities into the bowl.