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7 Best Places To Have Sex In Singapore – Indoor and Outdoor

If you and your partner are exhibitionists, or if you’re still living with your parents and need a bit more freedom, taking things outside your own house is one of the best ways to spice up your sex life!

And the good news is that Singapore is FULL of opportunities to experience thrilling new sexual adventures that allow you to get down and dirty with your partner.

The interesting thing is there are many Singaporean members on Asian Match Mate eager to join singles and couples for casual sex.

There are swingers who organize private sex parties, exhibitionists looking for like-minded people to have public sex with, and couples who welcome singles for threesomes.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best places to have sex in Singapore, either indoor or outdoor.


1. Cinema

Ever kissed on the back seat of a cinema? Who hasn’t?

But you know what’s even better than making out at a cinema? Blowjobs and full-on sex.

Okay, full-on sex isn’t always easy in a cinema, especially if the room has too many people. But you can totally indulge in things like foreplay – fingering and blowjobs.

It’s very rare for anyone in Singapore to say anything even if they do spot you. And the risk of being spotted is, of course, part of the thrill.

Moreover, in the cinema, you’re under cover of darkness so you can stay anonymous while you fool around.

Your best bet is to avoid popular movies so the room isn’t crowded, and avoid the big cinemas such as the Cathay Cineplex Cineleisure Orchard because these will be very busy.

Instead, you should head to the indie cinemas such as The Projector.

getting laid cinema Singapore sex partner
The poufs in The Projector are great to get loose with your partner

The Projector cinema is always quiet during weekdays, and therefore you will have plenty of privacy to do your things.


2. Parking Lot

As long as you’ve got a car and quite like the idea of strangers peering in through the window, having sex in a parking lot in Singapore is one of the best things you could do!

Perfect for exhibitionists, sex in a parking lot allows you to even get completely naked as long as you do it after dark (or at dusk) when there’ll be fewer people around.

I also recommend that you try multi-story car parks as there’s less risk of you being caught.

That said, banging on the roof of a multi-story car park at night or day is guaranteed to get your engines revving.

There are lots you can check out, and it’s best if you do your own research, but one of my fav’s includes the multi-story car park on Tampines Street and Choa Chu Kang North 7 because it doesn’t belong to a block of apartments.

Meanwhile, Boon Lay carpark hit the headlines recently after a couple was caught having full-on sex there!

It’s also a good idea to start your evening at a beach, such as Tanjong, where you can frolic and get horny.

Then, you can make your way to the car and get down to things in the back seat. ECP car park is also good for some parking lot action.


3. The Beach

Who doesn’t want to have sex on the beach?! Sex on the beach is surely everyone’s fantasy.

The best time to have sex on the beaches in Singapore is in the late evening or early morning when they are mostly deserted.

You could try it during the day if the two of you are super horny and you’re discreet enough, but it’s a pain to cover up each time someone passes by.

I definitely recommend beaches like Sentosa and Tanjong.

get laid beach Singapore casual sex
At the end tip on the right of Tanjong Beach, there is a pine forest where you can do your things unnoticed.

Sentosa beach is best early in the morning at sunrise while Tanjong beach is completely hassle-free after dark.

If you enjoy the thrill of being watched while you fuck your partner, there are always one or two people hanging around in Tanjong beach who like to watch.

Not just that, but banging under the moon is both sexy and romantic.

Sometimes, you might occasionally spot the coast guards slowing down to get a better view. But if you’re an exhibitionist, this will just make things hotter!

Don’t forget your beach towels. One to put under so you won’t get annoyed with the sand, and one to put on top to cover up if someone passes by too close.


4. Karaoke Rooms

The thing with karaoke bars is that, while you can get away with a smooch in the public area, and while you could maybe get away with a blowjob under the table, the best thing to do is to hire a private room.

In a place like Ziggy’s Karaoke and Cocktail bar, for example, you can turn on some sexy music – and really get down and dirty.


5. Hotels & Motels

Renting a room by the hour, or even the whole night, is obviously a great idea if you want to have sex away from your own bedroom.

There are lots of inexpensive hotels and motels, and if it’s just red hot sex you want, the cheaper is often the better!

The cheap motels are usually in the red light districts in Singapore like Geylang. And while the rooms can sometimes be a bit dingy and seedy, there are lots of modern ones too.

For example, the Hotel 81 chain of hotels is known for being budget hotels where you can rent a room for a few hours. This makes them perfect for acting as ‘sex motel’.

On the other hand, there are five stars hotels in Marina Bay Sands where private sex parties in Singapore are often held.

singapore sex party

Singles and couples host simple meetups like a threesome or events where several swinger couples show up to share their partners.


6. Industrial Parks

We’ve all seen porn scenes where a guy and a girl have smoking hot sex in an industrial park. The girl clutches the wired fence while the guy bangs her from behind.

In Singapore, you can make this a reality because industrial parks at night are easy places to have a fuck.

Sure, there are security guards on patrol, but most of the time they’re too busy watching TV to care about someone having a quickie on their premises.

And if you’re hot enough, they’ll just watch (perfect if you’re into voyeurism).


7. Public Parks

What’s sexier than having sex in the bushes?! It’s totally primal and 100% natural!

The Singapore Botanic Gardens offer two things: outdoor fun and lots of foliage.

This is perfect if you’re feeling frisky and want to have outdoor sex. The best time to visit is before 7 am and after 9 pm if you don’t want to risk getting caught.

Another option is Pasir Ris Park, a beach park that’s popular with horny youngsters who want to have public sex after dark.

outdoor fuck Singapore park
Trail in Pasir Ris Park – Singapore

That all said, I highly recommend that you take some mosquito repellent along with you because there are a lot of mozzies out there.

And avoid weekends when kids and families are around.


Where To Go For Indoor And Public Sex In Singapore?

As you’ve red there are several excellent hot spots for getting laid in Singapore outside your own home’s walls.

Hotels and motels are your safest option if you don’t want to get caught, and they’re also great for sex parties.

On the other hand, if you love the thrill of getting caught or watched, sex on the beach and in the cinema is one of the most exciting experiences you could ever have.

And if you want to have outdoor sex just to enjoy the wildness, public parks in the early morning or after dark are a safe bet.


FAQs About Having Sex In Singapore


Where to Find Sex in Singapore?

The easiest way to find casual sex in Singapore is online. There are several hook up apps and sites in Singapore where you can find partners for no string-attached sex.


Where to Fuck in Singapore?

There are several places where you can fuck in the city. The list above offers a comprehensive list of the good places to have sex in Singapore. But I’m sure you can find many more.


Having public sex in Singapore is against the law seeing as an obscene act under the penal code. If convicted, you could be fined or imprisoned for up to three months, or both.