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single sex guide in singapore

Singapore Sex Guide For Single Men

If you want to find girls in Singapore and to know the best places to have sex, this guide as the info you are searching for.

Singapore is known for its clean and green image. But also to be legal for a prostitute to sell her body. The thing is you don’t necessarily need to pay for sex. There are so many horny girls in Singapore ready to hookup.

The first section of this guide is going to focus on P4P scene (Pay for Play/Sex), while the second part focuses on how to find everyday girls for hookups and dates.

This Singapore Sex Guide was last updated on 21 January 2020




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Intro to Sex Tourism in Singapore
General information about sex culture in Singapore

Where to Find Sex in Singapore
An overview of the best places where to have sex in Singapore

Typical Costs + Tips
General prices in Singapore to help you budget your adventure

What About Girls And Sex In Singapore?
Singapore sex life: how to get laid in Singapore

Where To Find Singapore Girls Online
Best sites and apps to meet girls in Singapore

How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In Singapore
How to meet and date Singaporean women during your vacation


Intro To Sex Tourism In Singapore

Singapore is a hub in Asia that attracts multinational companies and businesses from all over the world. But less known is the fact that Singapore sex tourism is huge.

There are thousands of girls that arrive in the city every day from all around to sell sexual services…

singapore prostitute night

The best part is they can do it legally. Prostitution in Singapore is legal as far as there isn’t public solicitation… Or living on the earnings of a prostitute… Or running a brothel.

Meaning any girl, either resident or not, can promote and sell her services without fearing to break the law.

There is more… Singapore has an official red-light district as well as unofficial red light areas where you can get paid sex in massage parlors, spas and private residences around the city…

Geylang pay sex in singapore

Geylang red light district at night where you can find pay sex in Singapore

As prostitution is regulated, the girls undergo periodic health checks and must carry a health card. So, you can ask for it before engaging in sex without worrying about getting STDs.

That is what makes the Singapore sex scene so special for travelers who want to experience the ultimate sex holiday in Asia. If you have money in your pocket, you can get laid in Singapore with the hottest women on the planet.

If that isn’t enough, there are also hundreds of Singaporean escorts advertising their services online directly to customers. No pimps or intermediaries, but a straight business transaction.

Prostitution is legal in Singapore, but pimping is not… Therefore, avoid people that offer girls for sex. Just visit the many legal brothels in the city or hire a call girl offering sexual service independently.

The good thing is you don’t need necessarily to pay for sex in Singapore. There are so many single girls in Singapore for hookups, dates, or a relationship.

The best way to meet girls is to use a popular dating site in Singapore or to get introduced by a friend living in the city.

Going out at night in bars and nightclubs is useless because most girls are prostitutes. Good girls are busy working or studying. They haven’t much time to go out.


Where To Find Sex In Singapore

The best places to meet girls and get laid in Singapore are:

1. Online

sexy singapore prostitute online

Online dating isn’t taboo in Singapore. Actually, it is abused by prostitutes and singles women that want to get laid.

If you have a look at popular dating sites like Seeking Arrangement, you can’t believe how many girls in Singapore are searching for hookups, sugar daddies or just a fuck for cash.

For group sex or threesome with couples, there is a site called Asian Match Mate that focuses on kinky dates.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

pick up hot singaporian girl in nightclub

If you love to go out at night and pick up girls, Singapore has a lot to offer. Being an international hub, you will meet women from all around the world when out partying at night.

However, most of them are hookers. If you want to get laid without paying for sex, going out at night is a bad idea.

The best nightclubs and pick up bars are:

  • Zouk Club at 17 Jiak Kim Street
  • F Club Singapore at 3B River Valley Rd
  • Kilo Lounge at 21 Tanjong Pagar Road
  • 1-Altitude at 1 Raffles Place
  • Orchard Tower in Orchard Street

Those are only a few of the many options in Singapore where you can pick up girls.

The local Singaporean girls are hard to get and you need to have an excellent game if you want to end the night with sex. Instead, foreign women are a better proposition but you should be ready to pay the price.

3. Escorts – Call Girls in Singapore

escort singapore call girl

You will not find escort agencies because it is illegal to organize prostitution in Singapore. So, you have to contact escort girls directly on sites like Massage Republic.

Singaporean call girls offer incall and outcall services at the same rate.

If you prefer to meet in a neutral bedroom, there are many short-time hotels in Geylang, like Hotel 81 Orchid.

The escort rates start at 100 US$ up to the moon. One of the most charming and expensive Singaporean call girls asks for 550 US$ per hour.

As I always say, you get to pay double the price for an escort than a freelancer because of convenience. They go straight to your hotel room at a determined time and hassle-free. Perfect for men with a tight schedule and deep pockets.

4. Red Light District – Brothels

brothels in singapore selling sex

The sure option to have sex in Singapore is by visiting the brothels in the red light district. The prices are low, about 50-80 US$ per pop.

You aren’t going to meet any local Singaporean prostitutes in those places. Most girls come from Malaysia, Thailand, China, and Indonesia.

The most known Singapore red light district areas are:

  • Geylang – A street home of legal brothels and illegal massage parlors where you can have sex with Asian girls. The ongoing rate is 50-80 US$.
  • Orchard Towers – Know as the four floors of whores, by day it’s a shopping mall that transforms itself in the land of freelancers at night. There are pick up bars and nightclubs. All night sex for 50-80 US$.
  • Petain Road – Older hookers in their 30s offering sex for 30-50 US$
  • Desker and Rowell Road – The place to go if ladyboys and transgenders are what you are after. The rate is 30-50 US$


5. Singaporean Hookers in The Streets

street hooker in singapore

Most prostitutes come out at sunset. But they are available 24/7 in front of the Darlene Hotel on Talma Road along Lorong 8.

This area has the most street sex workers in Singapore, where you can find virtually any type of Asian woman.

Another hot spot only at night is Orchid Road, where street prostitutes walk around searching for customers.

You can intercept many freelancers going to the bars and nightclubs in Orchid Tower.

The ongoing rate for a short time is anywhere between 30-50 US$.

6. SPAs – Singapore Sex Massage

sexy girls in erotic spa in singapore

Erotic massages in Singapore are quite common. Many parlors and spas are fronts for unlicensed brothels selling sex rather than therapeutic massages.

They are called “health centers,” but in reality, the only thing they take care of is your manhood and wallet.

Yes, having a happy ending massage in Singapore is are expensive: HJ for 40US$, BJ for 70US$, and full sex service for 130US$.

When you walk in, you get greeted by a receptionist and walked to a room where you can select your masseur.

Next, you take a shower, get a massage for 20-30 minutes, and at this point, the girl asks you for any extras.

You can pick the offer or refuse her sex services. The decision is yours.

The best places that offer erotic massage in Singapore are:


7. Strip Clubs in Singapore

singapore strip club girls

There aren’t any strip clubs in Singapore, at least not any with the girls taking off their clothes.

The best thing you can do if you really want to see a Singaporean striptease is to book an escort girl and ask to do it in private.


Typical Costs + Tips

• Sex: The prices for sexual services in Singapore can be cheap or expensive, it all depends on what is your preferences.

You can have sex for 40-80 US$ in the numerous red light districts in Singapore: Geylang, Orchard Towers, Petain Road, Desker Road, and Rowell Road.

The most expensive form of sex is by engaging with luxury escort girls that ask up to 550 US$ per hour.

Alternatively, going for an erotic massage in the numerous SPAs and massage parlors around Singapore would cost you about 100 US$.

However, the cheapest and easiest option to have sex in Singapore is by using this hookup site to scout out for girls hot for action.

• Accommodation: Singapore isn’t cheap when comes to accommodations, either for short or long rental.

The cheapest hooker friendly hotel’s rooms in Singapore start at 40 US$. Don’t expect much for it, but small and badly furnished rooms that you don’t want to spend any time besides sleeping.

The best option if you are on a budget is the Fragrance Hotel – Ruby conveniently located in Geylang, the central red-light district in Singapore.

If you want a decent room, something to enjoy your erotic experiences, consider spending at least 100 US$ per night.

When I want to party in Singapore, I stay in the Orchard Hotel that is close to Orchard Tower. Orchard Tower is a building known as the “4 floors of whores.”

I’ve written a full review of the best sex hotels in Singapore where to have fun with the girls.

• Food: If you love to eat, you are going to love Singapore… Almost getting an orgasm.

You can eat cheap food anywhere in the many small shops in the streets and malls for 3-5 US$. Mostly you will find Chinese, Malay, and Indian cuisine.

I recommend the many buffets in the five stars hotels where you can have seafood and other delicacies for a mere 30 US$ per person — no better place to take a date and spend the evening together.

There are countless fine dining eateries all around Singapore with prices starting at 50 US$ per meal.

• Transportation: The three main modes of public transport in Singapore are the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), buses and taxis.

Public buses serve almost every corner of Singapore, while the MRT provides speed and efficiency.

Taxi is somewhat a better option when going around Singapore at night because there isn’t any traffic.

Buses cost 50 cents to 1.5 US$ and the train is about the same. Taxi is expensive compared to trains and buses starting at 3 US$.


What About Girls And Sex In Singapore?

Singapore’s population is of mixed ethnics: there are Chinese, Malay and Indians.

You can find a wide selection of girls from the white skin and small body Chinese to the dark skin with a sexy ass Malay.

The majority of Singaporean girls are from Chinese ethnic – I would say 70% of the total and they are the sexiest one…

sexy singapore girls

If that isn’t enough, you have so many foreign women coming from Europe, Asia, Australia making your head spinning while walking in the streets.

Many women enter Singapore as tourist offering sexual services as escorts… Others are guest workers like maids who become whores at night…

prostitutes selling sex in orchid street

Freelancers prostitutes in Orchid Street waiting for customers. Mostly offer sex for all night.

The majority of prostitutes aren’t locals. They work as freelancers in the well-known pick up places in Singapore and the red light districts.

It might seem that there is only paid sex in Singapore, but in reality, there are many single girls craving for your attention.

Women here are similar to the girls in Taipei, they love to get laid with foreign men and unlike most Asian countries, they don’t want any financial compensation. Actually, there are cougar women ready to spend on you for casual sex.

It’s no secret that a large amount of wealthy Singaporean ladies aren’t happy with their sexual life. Yes, Singaporean women are open-minded forward sex and extramarital affairs are a common practice.

Periodically, Singaporean couples set up orgies and swinging parties taking place in the hotel rooms around Singapore. For example, on sites like Asian Match Mates, you can find couples that invite single men and other couples to join them for sex.

Not for everyone but an exciting proposition for bored couples and single men that love adventures.

What about sex and Singaporean women?

Women in Singapore are generally horny and hot for action, so don’t be surprised to get laid the first night with a girl just met online. Singapore’s fast-paced lifestyle is reflected in the way locals approach dating and sex.

Most people meet on dating sites because is convenient. You can get to know many girls, and if you find the right match go for a date and have sex with her.


Where To Find Singaporean Girls Online

How people meet, date and hook up in Singapore has changed in the last decade or so.

The nightclubs are busy mostly with prostitutes and the bars are quiet during weekdays. It’s hard to pick up a girl in the mall or street. It seems women in Singapore have become less social and disinterested in meeting men.

But there’s another reason behind the changes in Singapore dating culture: smartphones. Socializing or hookups or whatever else you want to call them, like nearly everything else, has moved online.

There is a popular and unconventional dating site called Seeking Arrangement with all sorts of girls… From the student ready to be your girlfriend for a monthly allowance to the girl that wants a relationship with lots of pampering, hugging, cuddling and kissing.

If you are down for some kinky action, there are communities of swingers and couples looking for single men on sites like Asian Match Mate.


Online Strategy To Meet Girls In Singapore

Write an honest profile about your interests, hobbies, and view in life. Don’t be shy also to describe your type of girl. Upload 2-3 of your best photos and remember to smile 🙂

The moment you publish your profile, there are a few people that contact you immediately. They are scammers or desperate ladies, so avoid them.

Choose girls or couples that you want to have a conversation because it is safer. Be polite, patient and a gentleman.


How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In Singapore

find singapore girlfriend restaurant

If you would like to find a Singaporean girlfriend to have long conversations and even longer intimate nights, I’ll show you how to do that.

Having a girlfriend in Singapore to help you plan things during the day and to be your lover at night, it’s the best way to spend your time in this city.

Can you imagine having a young, beautiful, and horny girlfriend in Singapore?

found girlfriend in singapore beach

You can enjoy activities with her during the day, and at night get intimate. Even if sex isn’t in your mind, you can enjoy each other company.

Most single men traveling to Singapore don’t bother to look for girls until they are there. They get busy with trivial things like finding accommodation and searching for the cheapest flight.

Once they arrived in Singapore, they spend silly money on drinks and prostitutes. No wonder when they go back home those men feel disappointed. What is the point to get laid with a prostitute?

If you want to have a good time in Singapore, you need first to make sure to get in contact with a few girls online, and later arrange the trip. Contact girls on sites and apps popular among Singaporean women interested in foreign men.

At the moment the most popular dating site in Singapore is Seeking Arrangment. There are girls interested in a long term relationship as well as girls open to the idea of a short term relationship with benefits.

What is the point to visit nightclubs and bars when you can easily meet girls online? Going to Singapore without any contacts is silly because it’s hard to meet girls face to face. Everyone seems always busy during the day and at night most ladies out are hookers.

To get started, feel up your profile with a realistic view of your life. Don’t be shy to write what you are looking for in a girl.

Then upload a few good photos where you are groomed, well dressed and look at best. Not drunk, stoned or posing in front of a Maserati that isn’t yours 🙂

Make sure to verify your profile as this puts you straight up on the search and that “verified badge” is going to land you more attention and response from the girls. That’s it!

Just search for your perfect match and start the conversation with the girls. Build your list of potential girls, and once in Singapore, just meet up.

I hope the Singapore sex guide has been helpful. Enjoy your time in the city.


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