How Much For Girls In Bali?

If you have the cash, getting laid in Bali is as easy like walking down the bakery and buy bread.

However, Bali girls price vary according to your knowledge and confidence. When the girls notice that is your first time in Bali, they’ll try to rip you off. Not only they’ll charge you extra, but you’ll get an underwhelming sexual experience.

My first time in Bali, I paid the price for a full service, only to walk away from the massage shop with a hand job. That sucked!

But don’t worry, I’m going to show how to get a fair value for your money.

In this post, I’m going to explain 3 critical factors that influence Bali girls prices and how to avoid the pitfalls of first-time travelers. You’ll have the upper hand when dealing with girls in Bali. 

The first factor that influences the price of girls in Bali is…


1. The Type of Bali Girls You Like

This is the most important “price factor” when dealing with girls in Bali.

The general rule of markets states that high demand and low supply make girls more expensive. Instead, high supply and low demand make the girls cheaper.

For example, a young and pretty girl is more in demand than an ugly and older woman. At the same time, the supply of young spinner is less than older women.

This combination pushes the price up for the young spinner while the old woman rate falls.

Young and beautiful girls have multiple sponsors, endless customers for short and long time willing to spend big money.

They make a fortune for Indonesian standards. Others, less attractive, can’t even make ends meet.

If you like cute, young spinners with a big breast, get ready to shell out serious money.

Instead, if you prefer mature women in their 30s and you aren’t so picky about their bodies, you aren’t going to spend much.

When I first visited Bali, there was a good number of cute and young girls. I would spend most nights with one without breaking the bank. But in recent years with Bali popularity, more and more men are visiting pushing up the girl’s prices.

I like sexy and young girls. However, I don’t go out of my way to get their attention. The reason is too much effort, which might become a financial burden.

Keeping this in mind, being flexible is one of the best skill in your arsenal for having FUN while staying in budget. Especially when you are dealing with hookers in Bali as their prices can vary significantly.

However, you don’t necessarily need a prostitute to get laid while on the island. There are plenty of horny girls in hotels, restaurants and shops. With small talks and some persuade, they’ll be happy to meet you after work.

If you feel nervous starting conversations with girls for fear of rejection or embarrassment, you should consider the online dating scene.

Bali girls on dating sites are there because they want to find a foreign man while you want to meet an Indonesian woman.

It’s a Win-Win situation.

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In conclusion, your taste for women is an important factor when determining Bali girl prices. It’s a simple formula: High Demand = High Prices | Low Demand = Low Prices

The second factor to take into consideration is…


2. Your Approach And Interaction With The Girls

The way you approach and interact with the girls is going to impact their standard rate.

Bali girls working outside the sex venues don’t follow a fixed price, but it gets dealt on the spot.

If she likes you maybe because you made her laugh or it’s slow business hours, she is going to quote you a lower price then her usual rate.

The biggest problem is most guys take the wrong approach.

For example, they walk up to the girls and ask “how much?”, that is a huge turn off because they feel to be treated like a prostitute.

I know technically they are hookers, but they don’t feel like one. If you treat them like a whore, they are going to act cold and distant quoting their highest price.

Another fvck behavior is to get fixated with a girl over the thousands available in Bali. She notices and plays the guy’s feelings to cash out as much as possible.

I have a friend who likes girls freelancing in the clubs. But he doesn’t want to spend big money on them.

So he stands out of the clubs early in the morning when the party girls leave the club to go home. He invites them for a cheap meal and takes them in the sack.

Does he have problems with this approach? Yes, sometimes… But it works for him.

It’s crucial to develop a system that works well for you. You want to get girls consistently without overpaying.

Should I share my strategy?

My approach is to meet Indonesian girls online before arriving in Bali. I start conversations with multiple girls learning about each other like hobbies and why not, sexual preferences.

Then I narrow down my list to three girls and arrange the meetings for the period in Bali. I always get one girl to pick me up at the airport and go straight to the hotel room, so don’t I waste any holiday time.

Having a local girl picking you up at the airport, it isn’t only a great feeling but also is a less stressful way to get yourself settle in Bali. She knows how to navigate the island, you don’t.

And here the important part – If the girl talks about money while chatting online, ditch her. Remember, no money talks.

I have no problem buying drinks or having a modest meal together while giving a tip as a “goodwill.” But I’ve learned that girls thinking about money are most of the time trouble or hookers.

In conclusion, the way you approach girls in Bali and your strategy plays a significant role in how much you are going to pay. Not to be confused with “game” – it’s just more business common sense.

And the last factor waging for prices of Bali girls is…


3. Seasonal Factor & Time of The Day

It’s straight forward… If you visit during high season, you’ll be paying more than someone who is in Bali during the low season.

The high season in Bali start in November and finish in April. In average tourist spend 30% more on girls during this season. But there is more…

When you get the habit to meet with girls during day hours, you’ll get a favorable rate.

For example, the same girl might charge you 200k rupiah for a quicky in the afternoon. But at night she would want 350k for the same service.

Keep in mind Bali nightlife girls are the most costly because night hours are the busier. Men go out for hunting at night, not during the day.

In my experience, between 4 pm to 9 pm is the best time to hook up with girls in Bali.

In conclusion, what you are paying for girls in Bali depends on many factors, the least of which is your look or personality.