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Mongolia guide solo men

Mongolia Guide For Single Men

If your primary purpose of traveling to Mongolia is to meet and have pleasure with the local women, this guide is for you.

Probably you don’t mind pick up girls at the club or chat up women in the mall, but failing that, you would be looking for a sure thing (pay for play) so you don’t have any lonely nights.


This Mongolia Guide last update was 19 April 2020



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Intro to Sex Tourism in Mongolia
General information about Mongolian sex culture

Where to Find Sex in Mongolia
An overview of the best places to get laid

Typical Prices in Mongolia
General prices in Mongolia to help you budget your adventure

How to Get a Holiday Girlfriend in Mongolia
How to date Mongolian women during your vacation

Best Cities in Mongolia to Hook Up
Best destinations to meet girls and get laid in Mongolia


Intro To Sex Tourism In Mongolia

There isn’t anything to brag about sex tourism in Mongolia. It’s unearned off for a good reason because there aren’t that many sexual activities.

Prostitution in Mongolia is illegal, but there are some underground businesses that run brothels. The most common are the saunas and spas, you get a massage and a simple happy ending like a handjob.

At night prostitutes hang out in clubs and bars hunting for customers, never seen a hooker in the streets. A word of caution, approaching girls who appear to be alone but are actually with other guys is the best way to get bitten up.

So, don’t assume that girls sitting at the bar alone are hookers. It’s better to think girls who appear to be alone aren’t working girls until they approach you in some way.

Anyway, travel to Mongolia to have sex with prostitutes isn’t worth the effort because the pay for play scene is pretty bleak. A better proposition is to find a temporary girlfriend so you don’t risk to spend nights alone.


What About Sex & Girls In Mongolia?

Mongolian girls are one of the most beautiful Asian races. They have wide cheekbones with sharp and deep cut eyes. If Mongolian women’s eyes are catchy, their full and bright libs against their white skin is a real turned on.

Ready for the real kicker?

Mongol women have the curviest body among Asian races… And more often than not, they have big breasts.

However, you won’t often see tiny waists or flat stomachs here like in Thailand and the Philippines, but stronger and thicker bodies.

Talking about strength, most Mongolian girls have athletic bodies. If you like women with firm muscles, this is the only country in Asia where to find that.

What about their temperament?

Generally, they dress conservatively and act shy. They rarely are on the prowl or inviting attention, but keep their eyes down. Meaning if a Mongolian girl doesn’t look at you, don’t think she might be disinterested.

All these feminine attributes might convince you that they are weak and submissive, but the reality is they are reliable and capable.

Probably their best attribute is their wildness, and you are going to find it out in the bedroom. As they can jump on a horse and firmly take control, you are been warn.

Mongolian women, when turned on can become sexually aggressive, and it’s staggering to witness that when a few minutes earlier, she was docile. If you like wildness and adventure, women in Mongolia offer just that.


Where To Find Sex In Mongolia

The best places to meet girls and get laid in Mongolia are…

1. Online

Dating online in Mongolia isn’t taboo, but an effective way to get in contacts with local women craving to hook up with a foreign man.

The best way is to use a dating site or social network to get in touch with the girls. Message several ladies, get to know them, and go for a date. Simple as that.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

nightlife in Mongolia

When referring to Mongolian nightlife, only a city is worth to visit: Ulaanbaatar. There are several pick-up joints around the city, and local women are open-minded.

Ulaanbaatar nightlife takes place around Peace Avenue, best to visit at the weekend because during the week it is quite.

The best pick up joints in Ulaanbaatar are Great Khan Irish Bar, New Mass Club, and Mint. There are also Karaoke bars in Seoul Street.

3. Erotic Massage

There are all sorts of erotic massage in Mongolia. In some places, the masseur wears sexy outfits while in other parlors the girls are fully naked.

Most parlors only offer handjobs, but there are a few places that offer full sex.

The favorite parlors offering happy endings in Ulaanbaatar are Mercy, Grand Massage Zaisan, and Bolor Spa.

4. Sauna

You can get an erotic massage in saunas operating in the hotels. Don’t expect full service, but only a happy ending like a handjob or blowjob.

5. Escorts – Call Girls

There are escort girls in Mongolia, but it isn’t very easy to get one. The best way is to ask a taxi driver if he can find girls for you. Usually, they have connections with escorts operating in the area.

6. Strip Clubs

Mongolian strip club in Ulaanbaatar

Strip clubs have young and sexy girls available for a private lap dance. When they sit on your lap, you can touch everywhere and even suck their nipples.

If she is into you, you can easily meet her after work for a private session in your place.

Famous strip clubs in Ulaanbaatar are Orange Strip Club and G Club.


Typical Prices In Mongolia

On average a Mongolian girl’s price for all night is around 450k tugrik. The rates are open to negotiation, of course.

A quick rundown of rates based on places:

  • Erotic massage parlor prices range from 55-80k tugrik for gulgaa massage, scrub, and HJ. If they offer full sex, expect to pay around 80k tugrik.
  • Strip clubs offer sensual dances on the lap for 2 songs at the rate of 10k tugrik. You can arrange to meet her after work for about 200k tugrik.
  • Escorts prices range from 100k tugrik for one shot to 200k tugrik for all night.


Tips & Tricks

• Girl friendly hotels – Not all hotels are girl-friendly, and some of them will hit you with additional fees if you arrive back late at night with a companion.

• Negotiate prices – Mongolians are nomad so used to negotiations. Ask the girls for a discount.

• Ask the taxi driver – I call it the local connection because the taxi drivers know where to take you.


How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In Mongolia

If you are looking for a Mongolian girlfriend to have long conversations and even longer nights of passionate sex, I’m going to show you how to get one.

Experience Mongolia with a local girlfriend is the best way to learn about the culture and avoid lonely moments in a foreign country.

Just imagine being with an attractive and young girl… She and you enjoying special moments together while visiting the country. You get all the good things only a caring girlfriend can offer without the drama and nagging of a serious relationship.

The thing is most single men traveling to Mongolia do so without bothering to get in contact with local girls before the trip. They get busy finding a flight and accommodation while wait to arrive in Mongolia to search for girls.

No wonder they end up with a working girl that doesn’t care about them, but only about the money. What to expect?

Mongolian women are interested in foreign men but not so desperate to hook up. It takes some effort to make them feel interested in you.

That’s the reason why you should get in contact with the girls before the trip. Once you arrive there, they feel comfortable to be around you.

The best option to get a girlfriend in Mongolia is to use a popular dating site or social network. Mongolia women that can speak English are usually also interested in foreign men.


Dating In Mongolia

In general, dating a Mongolian woman isn’t that hard if you treat her with respect and affection.

Women over there are self-independent and have strong characters, but they are women, so they seek protection and kindness from a man.

The best part is they don’t mind if you are 10-15 years older. A large age gap is accepted in the country.

It usually takes at least two dates and some convincing to get laid in Mongolia. Girls are conservative when it comes to sex.

Thanks to the shortage of eligible men in the country, Mongolia is one of the best countries in Asia to find a wife. There is an abundance of beautiful, highly educated, and self-independent women.

Anyway, women don’t expect to get married right away. It might take several months of dating and courtship to convince her to marry you.


Best Cities In Mongolia To Hook Up

Ulaanbaatar – The capital of Mongolia is probably the most underrated Asian city to hook up with girls.

The nightlife is lively, the girls are outgoing, and there are sexual entrainments like massage parlors and strip clubs.


Best Mongol Cities to Meet Girls

This sex guide to Mongolia comes to an end. Enjoy Mongol women and the country!