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How To Get Into An Open Sex Relationship In Singapore

Singapore is an international hub with people coming from all around the world to live and work here. And that’s what makes this city one of the best places on earth to have an open sexual relationship.

An open sex relationship is when two or more people agree to have sex with someone other than their primary partner.

For example, let’s say you start dating someone in Singapore who’s not into sex as much you are.

As the weeks pass, you realize that you really like your new partner but you feel the need for intimacy outside the relationship.

Because of this, you both agree that you’re allowed to have sex with other people in order to satisfy your voracious sexual appetite. You get to keep your sentimental partner, who perhaps you love, but you are also allowed to have other sex partners.

In this case, often men find a Singaporean sugar baby who can keep her feelings at bay and doesn’t cause drama/problems with your partner.

Or maybe you and your current partner want to explore sexuality further with other partners, so you agree to swing together as a recreational activity.

There are different possible scenarios, and this is my story…


When I Got My Chance To Meet Other Sex Partners

When I had to move to Singapore for work reasons, before I flew out, my girlfriend asked if I’d miss sex.

“Of course I will,” I said.

My girlfriend’s sex drive has never been as high as mine, and she knew I’d be miserable in Singapore for six months without sex.

So, she decided to instigate an open sex relationship there to save our relationship. In other words, I was free to have sex with other women and even couples while in Singapore.


How Easy Is It To Get Into An Open Sex Relationship?

It isn’t that hard if you look for sex partners in the right places.

You don’t want to go out in nightclubs and bars hoping to find a partner for an open sexual relationship. The odds are against you.

After all, most people are looking for a monogamous relationship. They don’t want to share you with other people. And cheating isn’t classed as an open relationship.

The good news is that there are a few easy options to get into an open relationship in Singapore. I’ll be sharing them with you in a bit, but first, there are a few rules you should be aware of.

It’s important to have the right mindset going into this as much as knowing where to look for the right partners.

You need to…

Have Patience

It takes time to screen out potential partners. Like in any other relationship, you can’t expect to bond immediately. You have to take the time to talk to them, get to know each other, and build some trust.

Once you find the right sex partner, keep in mind that there will be rules. In fact, this Singaporean girl stated that accountability is the most important factor for a healthy open relationship…

By respecting your partner’s boundaries, you’ll get more leverage in the future to change the relationship’s conditions.

Be Honest And Open

It’s important to talk openly with your partners about emotions, feelings, and situations. You don’t want to hold back things, or you might lose the partner’s trust.

Once the trust in a relationship is gone, it’s over.

Schedule Is Key

Singapore is a fast-moving city where everyone is busy.

You need to make sure to have enough time to dedicate to your main partner. And have enough time left for other sex partners.


Where To Find Sex Partners in Singapore

There are two ways to find sex partners in Singapore for no string attached sex rather quickly: speed dating and adult communities online.

Definitely you don’t want to hang out in nightclubs or bar hoping to find open-minded partners. And unfortunately, there aren’t any swinger clubs in Singapore where you can find like-minded people.

Speed Dating

Speed dating is actually popular in Singapore, especially among working professionals who don’t have a lot of time on their hands.

You have the chance to talk to multiple people over the course of an evening. About 20-30 people.

The best part is you cut thought the non-sense introduction and start immediately with questions. And questions are your best friend to find out if the person in front of you is inclined to have an open relationship.

Here are some tips to help you find an open relationship at a speed dating event in Singapore:

  • Smile a lot – We’re all a bit nervous when we first start speed dating, but smiling helps to ease the nerves for both of you. It also increases your trustworthiness.
  • Don’t mention open relationship – Yes, you’re looking for an open relationship. But it’s not cool to straight-out mention this during speed dating!
  • Ask them questions – Spend as little time talking about yourself as possible and take an interest in them. Ask questions related to open relationships like: “did you ever think to have more than one partner?” or ” when I was in college my ex-girlfriend was bisexual”.

While it’s totally possible to meet someone who’s looking for an open relationship at one of these events, you will encounter lots of people who aren’t looking for an open relationship.

So if you are in a hurry, look for like-minded people online.

Join An Open Minded Adult Community Online

Speed dating is a way to find an open-minded partner. But joining an adult community like Asian Match Mate lets you find multiple sex partners. You can find singles and couples for no-strings-attached sex.

All you need to do is create a profile, add a few pics and a few lines in your bio, and adjust your search settings so that you find sexy people in Singapore who are looking for the same thing you are.

Once you’ve found someone interesting, just shoot them a message.

Everyone in this community really open and no one judges anyone. You can go straight to the point or take some time to learn about each other.

There is also a chat room where people exchange ideas and experiences.


Best And Worst Of Speed Dating And Adult Communities

In Singapore, you can find all sorts of open relationships. You have singles looking for a like-minded partner and couples interested to explore their sexuality outside the boundaries of a monogamous relationship.

While speed dating is definitely an option, it requires time and patience. On the other hand, joining an adult community online is a faster and convenient option that literally connects you with like-minded people at the touch of a button.

In conclusion, go for a speed dating event if you like to have a feel of people face to face. Alternatively, join an adult community online if you value your time.