FWB Singapore

3 Best Places To Find FWB in Singapore

Are you in Singapore and looking for someone to have great sex and a pleasurable time? But you are not ready for a full-time relationship?

All you want is great sex, good company, and a no-committed relationship.

The good news is FWB relationships and sugar relationships in Singapore are common.

But you need to know where to get started. And that’s exactly what I’m going to reveal in this article.

First, let’s clarify the notion of FWB in Singapore because the interpretation varies in different countries. Here FWB means to have no attached sex with a person without being in a full-blown relationship.

Basically, you get the physical without having all the emotional dramas like jealousy, excessive neediness, and losing freedom.

As there aren’t any FWB services in Singapore, you’ve to take the search… And these are the best places where to get started.


1. Online

fwb singapore online local girl

Young Singaporeans commonly use social media apps like Facebook and Instagram to make friends. And it happens to find someone that would like to take friendship to the next level.

In fact, it’s possible to find FWB relationships on social apps. Yet, such situations don’t happen that often and worst, they take a lot of effort and luck.

A much easier way is to use an arrangement site like What’s Your Price where you’ll find plenty of young and horny girls. Most are students looking for a relationship with benefits.

The best part is you can be straightforward without offending anyone.


2. Malls on the Weekend

There are some malls in Singapore popular among foreign workers.

Usually, you’ll find Filipinos and Indonesian girl’s housemates out for shopping on Sundays…

In Lucky Plaza, you’ll find mostly Filipino girls while in City Plaza is a paradise to meet Indonesian girls.

You can easily chat them up by talking about their homeland and favorite places in Singapore.

Once you get the conversation going, meet them again and set up a FWB relationship.

The only limitation is Singaporean housemates have free time only on Sundays which is their day off.

So, if you have free time on Sundays, you should consider looking for a friend with benefits in the malls. Otherwise, it would be better to hunt for a student sugar baby that can suit better your schedule.


3. Bars and Clubs

friend with benefit Singapore girls club nightlife

Bars and nightclubs are perfect places to hookup in Singapore and to find friends with benefits.

Most people in social venues at night want to have a good time and get laid with a stranger because there is no commitment involved.

In other words, they are ideal partners for a FWB relationship.

At first, just have a one-night stand with her. And in case there is a strong sexual attraction, you can see her again and mention having a friend with benefits relationship.

This is all that it takes to start seeing each other and have sex without commitment.


Tips For a Successful FWB Relationship in Singapore

The most important thing for having a successful FWB relationship in Singapore is to enjoy sex. But having respect for each other and don’t be emotional also play an important role.

You and the other person must connect strongly on a sexual level. Because sex is the crucial element of FWB relations.

If you cannot click sexually, then there’s no point in being in such a relationship as there aren’t any benefits.

Another important aspect is respect. You must respect the other person’s choice, consent, and comfort.

And keep in mind that you both can have extra relationships outside the arrangement. So, you shouldn’t be sentimental about it.

In fact, there is no place for sentiments in a friend with benefits relationship.

To conclude, it does not matter if you are young, old, married, or single, you can find a FWB in Singapore and have an awesome experience.

The easiest way is to look for a partner on a friend with benefits app. Alternatively, on Sundays visit the malls popular among foreign workers or hang out in social venues at night.

If you aren’t ready for a serious relationship, having a Singaporean FWB is healthy and helps you explore your sexuality without putting sentiments on the line.