Sexting a Hot Filipino Girl

How To Do Sexting In The Philippines

Sexting is like an art form in the Philippines – the reason is many Filipina tend to be conservative on this form of sexual expression. This is what the University of the Philippines – Visayas has reported from a survey.

You just have to play it slow and build rapport, all of which I’ll be teaching you today.

And let me tell you, once you find someone with the right chemistry, sexting (including swapping nude and mutual masturbation) can be an incredible experience.

I know this because I’ve had countless virtual sex partners from the Philippines over the years.

So today I’ll cover the ins and outs of sexting in the Philippines including the best platforms and tips for doing it right.


1. Pick The Right Location

On the left a girl from Manila and on the right a girl from Cebu.

In my experience, Filipino women in metropolitan areas tend to be more liberated and open-minded.

They’re less likely to overreact if you bring up sexual topics and might even engage in flirtatious banter.

Instead, women from small cities and provinces are much more conservative.

They’re often told to keep things PG unless they’re in a serious relationship.

You will have to communicate constantly for days if you want them to do the dirty talk. And by then, they might fall in love with you so it’s simply not worth the hassle.

Of course, I’m generalizing here, and there are always exceptions. But based on what I’ve observed, that’s how things typically play out.

So if you’re living far from a metropolitan area, tweak your search radius or change your location with a VPN to get better recommendations.


2. Make Your Bio To The Point

Trust me, you will meet many Filipinas who will waste your time.

And you don’t want to spend days chasing a single woman unless you’re up for the challenge and she’s incredibly hot.

So for me, the best way to vet out all the goody two-shoes is by mentioning what you’re after in your bio.

Writing something like “open to virtual fun” or “into sexting, if you are” can work wonders.

Don’t be shy to mention if you’re into sharing nude photos, or any other kinks.

If a girl engages with you after reading your preferences, then she’s probably cool with that kind of stuff.

But again, she might pretend and not show interest instantly because Filipino girls care a lot about what others think. They don’t want to come off as someone who’s “easy to get”.


3. Set the Groundwork

Before sending dick pics you need to prepare the ground for it. Let’s say you sign up with a popular dating site in the Philippines, what do you do next?

Search for an open minded girl!

Hot Filipino Girl Taking Phone Selfie

But don’t stop at the profile’s pictures. Ask if she is into open relationships/hookups or if she has ever fantasized about voyeurism. This way you can figure out how open she is to sexting.

After this first step, you need to get her excited with the conservation by building rapport and so on (more on that soon).

Just remember that you need to take it slow because most Filipino women only sext with a man they’re comfortable with.

Maintain a balance between joking and flirting to keep her relaxed before taking things forward.


4. Start Slow and Build Rapport

You never want to just jump right to sexting. It’s the same as jumping to sex without any foreplay.

So take it easy – have a little chat, see what they are up to. If the timing seems right then drop a line like, “I’m down for a little fun right now if you are?” and see where it leads.

And remember, don’t go overboard right away. Start slow with some playful banter and dirty jokes to build rapport.

Here’s a video in which Todd gives some great advice on how to carry the conversation.

Once you’ve done these things, pay attention to her responses, if she’s looking horny then slowly turn up the heat.


5. Sexting Is Different For Everyone

Know that not every girl will go from zero to a hundred right away so you need to read the situation.

Like this one time I met a pinay girl online and no matter what I said, her responses just fell flat.

I couldn’t figure out what was going on, so I decided to ask her if she was even interested.

Turns out, she felt intimidated and shy, so I slowed down the pace a bit and started joking to make her feel more comfortable.

I sent her pictures with a layer less each time and told her that “I’m dying to see some of you too” instead of asking to exchange nudes right away.

It took a while, but she slowly opened up and we built some great chemistry.

The point of sharing this story is that you don’t want to be pushy with a Filipina.

They don’t like saying no, she might send you a few pictures but after that, she would start ignoring you.

Instead, communicate with her and ask how she feels and what you can do to make her feel at ease.


6. Don’t Give Up Too Early

Now, here’s the thing: some Filipino girls might be hesitant to sext because they’re trying to maintain this “good girl” image.

Talking and doing dirty acts doesn’t come naturally to them. But don’t throw in the towel just yet.

You’ve gotta push the right buttons and not give up too early. Trust me, they do eventually let loose.

Hot Filipina Girl Enjoying Her Coffee

Just keep it slow, and as I shared earlier, build rapport and make some dirty jokes here and there.

Look at how she responds and if she’s actually enjoying it. One way to gauge that is if she’s willing to continue the conversation.

Because if she’s completely disinterested then she will probably just ghost you anyway.


Which Platform Is Best to Use for Sexting in The Philippines?

PinaLove vs. AsianMatchMate

If you’re on the hunt for a Filipino sexting partner, casual dating sites are your best bet.

Why? Well, those searching for a serious relationship might be hesitant to start sexting right away.

And let’s be honest, who wants to spend weeks trying to get their attention?

So in my opinion, one of the top platforms for sexting is Pina Love.

It has more Filipina girls than you can handle so meeting potential partners, for sexting becomes effortless.

Another site I really like is Asian Match Mate. It’s got some seriously hot Asian girls, and since it’s a casual dating site, most of them are open to sexting.

And let me tell you, they’re actually quite good at it, so make sure to bring your A-game to keep them interested.