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Bar Girls In Manila: Prices & Tips

Bar girls in Manila are very different from provincial bar girls. They aren’t easy-going but rather money minded.

Yet, you can find some really hot girl in one of the numerous bars in Manila.

Most travelers visit a KTV or bikini bar, but there are other types of bars. And each one offer a totally different experience.

In this article, I’m going to explain all the type of girlie bars in Manila and how don’t get ripped off. So you can go for bar hopping with peace of mind.


Bikini Bar Girls

Bikini Bar girls in manila makati

You’re probably wondering what kind of bar girls you can find in bikini bars, right?

They are more or less exotic dancers dressed in bikinis that perform on the main stage of the bar. So, they do know their stuff.

Bikini bars are just like you’d have imagined from their name, they are full of beautiful bar girls that wear sexy bikinis.

The thing is that if you expect them to remove their bikinis while on stage, you’ll be waiting a long time as they don’t do that. But they will do once in your hotel room 🙂

For a price that I’ll tell you in a moment, they are going to have sex with you outside the bar.

The typical price for a bikini bar girl starts from 3.600 pesos depending on which bar you are in.

Note that the prices of fines here are for a short time (1-2 hours), if you want to have a long time you’ll have to part with 1.000-2.000 pesos more.

The girl will also expect a 1.500 – 2.000 pesos tip after the deed.

So, budget 7.000 pesos per night for drinks and sex in bikini bars.

How to not get ripped off

Be nice to the girls, they meet a lot of nasty clients already. That’s the first step of not getting ripped off here.

The second step is to know the standard price for the bar girl, the lowest they can usually go is 1.500 pesos for their tip.


KTVs Girls

hostess girls in Manila ktv in malate

The second types of bar setup where you can find bar girls in Manila are the KTVs.

They offer a Karaoke experience with private rooms, drinks and of course, girls.

These bars are also the costliest of all the girly bars that you can find in Manila, it’s like they have their own target audience.

That audience is usually Korean and Japanese men. But if it sounds like your kind of thing and you can afford them, then, by all means, you should check them out.

The bar girls in KTVs are mostly skinny, fair skin and follow the Japanese and Korean style of makeup and dressing.

They’re usually more attractive and simultaneous in the roles they play: you have your teacher, student, angels, flight attendant and princesses.

Let’s get down to the pricing aspect of these bars.

For common areas, you are likely to pay to rent the room from 500 pesos per hours or more depending on the bar you’re in. The VIPs rooms start at 3.000 pesos inclusive of drinks

Prices can go up as much as 10.000 pesos or more in some KTVs depending on the kind of service you want. Also, the girls’ prices are per hour starting from around 900 pesos or more.

The other thing you should consider is that the drink prices here are more expensive than the other bars. So, go prepared to cash out big money.

How to not get ripped off

Considering the prices and the targeted clientele of KTVs, your chances of getting ripped off aren’t quite high.

But still, you need to keep an eye open, just in case.

Make sure that the bar girl you wanted is the one you’re with and also read the room prices before you get in among other things.

Also, get to know the price per hour of the girl you’re with. Check above for the pricing.

If this is your kind of bar, check out my review of the best adult KTVs in Manila.


Sports Bar Girls

bar girls freelancing in la cafe in manila

These bars are usually where foreigners come to hang out here in Manila.

Sports bars are what you can call beer bars. Their usual set up includes TVs to watch sports and also pool tables.

The girls that work here are mostly freelance hookers, some need some extra money as their normal day jobs don’t pay enough, others are professional.

Prices for freelancers are between 2.000 – 3.000 pesos for sex depending on her age and beauty. You can get laid with the waitresses working in the sports bars after they finish work, a 1.000 pesos tip is appropriate.

How to not get ripped off

Like in every other thing you do, there’s always an upside and a downside, while in your search to meet bar girls, you probably have questions like;

Are the fines and the tips worth it?

Maybe, maybe not, that’s a choice you’ll have to make for yourself.

The second question is can you get duped?

Yes, you can get duped in these bar girls. In an instance, you may choose a girl and you get a different girl after.

What to do, stay close where you have picked your girl and don’t take your eye off.

The other way you can be duped is in terms of prices.

Remember when I told you, you can meet expats in the sports bars, well, they may come in handy since they know the terrain.

If not, you can ask around before you make any type of arrangement.

Makati girls in a pick up bar in Manila

As you can see, there are different types of bar girls for any budget, all you have to do is take a close look at which ones suit you best.

Consider all the angles before you walk into any girlie bar in Manila like the bar fine price, drink prices and even girl prices per hour.

Bar girls are only one of the many options where you can meet girls in Manila and to get your balls dried.

Sure, it’s easy to pay for sex but it isn’t always the best option because the sexual connection isn’t there and you risk getting an STD.

Yes, bar girls are prostitutes even though the way they look and act might not seem to be like a hardcore hooker. But in reality, the number of men they sleep with is astronomical.

An average bar girl sleeps with one customer per day, excluding her period days. Meaning about 23 men per month which translates in about 276 men per year.

That’s why their p…y is so dry without any water left, it’s just been abused over and over again.