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South Korea Sex Guide For Single Men

If you want to have sex in South Korea and know the best ways to get laid with sexy girls, you are going to get all the info in this guide.

South Korea is the home of Samsung but also the home of the hottest girls in Asia. On top of that, there are several red light areas around the country to keep you busy during your sex vacation.

This Korean Sex Guide was last updated on 23 September 2021




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Intro to Sex Tourism in South Korea
General information about South Korea sex culture

Where to Find Sex in South Korea
An overview of the best places to get laid

South Korean Girls Price
General prices in South Korea to help you budget your adventure

How to Find A Girlfriend In South Korea
How to meet and date South Korean women during your vacation

Best Destinations to Get Laid In South Korea
Best cities for sex tourism in South Korea


Intro Sex Tourism In South Korea

South Korea isn’t particularly known as sex tourism destination and that is a great opportunity for you to get laid with sexy Korean babes.

Even though prostitution is illegal in South Korea, it’s well organized. You’ll find red-light districts with girls displaying their goods in windows…

south korea red light district

It’s a unique experience because South Korea is the only Asian country to have “window girls”. On top of that, there are erotic massage parlors and kiss rooms that offer pleasure.

If you are wondering why South Korean Isn’t more popular among sex tourists, the reasons are high prices for sex and most girls don’t speak any English. But when you consider how hot and sexy South Korean women are, it isn’t a big deal.

The two most popular sex destinations in South Korea are Seoul and Busan, but also Daegu has many foreigners. There are plenty of sexy girls available in the red light district as well as online.

And if you want to try something different, there are places called “Kiss Bang” where you can fool around with university girls.

Pay for play option in South Korea are plentiful, but if you don’t like to pay girls for sex, there many everyday girls that want to hook up with foreign men.

Later in this guide, I’m going to show you how to meet Korean girls that aren’t pros.


What About Girls And Sex In South Korea?

South Korean girls are gorgeous and know how to please a man. It takes some leg work of flirting before getting laid, but it is worth the effort…

hot korean girl

Girls in South Korea have such shiny faces as they are heavy users of makeup. Get loads of cosmetic surgery and dress elegantly — more than an average Western girl.

They are independent and usually, they pay their part of the bill. It isn’t like other Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, or the Philippines that you have to pay every time.

It’s easy to bring them back to your room for a movie or coffee… And generally speaking, once you get intimate, they love to receive but even more to give pleasure. They tend to become very horny…

That’s the reason it can be addictive to have sex with South Korean women.

But where Korean girls stand out most is about their values. They are honest, don’t lie or fool around as much as other Asian nationalities. Meaning they are girlfriend and marriage material.


Where to Find Sex in South Korea

The best places to find girls and have sex in South Korea are:

1. Online

Use apps and sites to meet Korean girls is pretty easy. There is a popular site called Seeking Arrangement with all types of girls looking for foreign men. Some are students, others are young and ambitious, and some very horny.

For group sex or threesomes, Asian Match Mate is a community website for kinky people.

2. South Korea Red Light District

korean red light districts

South Korea has something like thirty red light districts. Meaning every city has at least one red light area.

You can find paid sex by the minutes or hours with hookers showcasing their assets in little booths.

They tend to be near train stations, areas where foreigners congregate and military installations. Taxi drivers will take you to them.

3. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

hot korean girls

South Korea is a party place. You’ll find people leaving the clubs at 7 am. If you have some game and confidence to approach, there are plenty of girls into nightstands.

Find out where are the popular bars and clubs among foreigners, those are the easiest places to score Korean girls.

The different thing in South Korea is that men have to ask the girl if they can dance with her. So no grabbing or stuff like that.

4. Kiss Rooms

korean kiss room

They are in the subway stations around the universities. Girls working there are students that need money for their studies.

You sit on the couch and make out with a girl. You can touch her in most areas if they are fine with it. Some girl is willing to give handjob and blow job as well.

The standard rates are 40.000 won for one hour with the girl. For anything extras, pay directly the girl about 30.000 won for a handjob and 50.000 won for a blow job.

5. Korean Hookers In Streets

If you walk around the red light areas, you’ll find street hookers usually from China and Thailand. The ask for 70.000-100.000 won.

Korean hookers prefer to sell their services to upper markets like in the red light district’s window or escort directories.


Shouth Korea Prices

A list of the standard prices for services in South Korea:

  • Erotic massage parlors: there are several shops offering happy endings with prices ranging between 70.000-230.000 won.
  • Kiss rooms: about 40.000 won for one hour. Extra for a handjob is 30.000 won, 50.000 won for a blow job and 70.000 won for sex.
  • Window brothels: window brothels. Price starts at 120.000 won for 30 minutes and one shot.
  • Street hookers: 70.000-100.000 won.

If paying money isn’t your things, consider reading the next section where I explain how to get laid for the price of a meal or coffee…


How To Find A Girlfriend In Korea

If you are looking for a Korean girlfriend for a week or two, I’m going to show you how to find one.

Having a Korean girlfriend during your vacation or a sugar baby in case you live there, it’s the best way to enjoy the country and the culture.

Just imagine having long conversations and even longer nights of intense sex with a beautiful and horny girl…

Korean girlfriend rental

She looks after your needs and provides companionship.

Yet, the best part to get a rental girlfriend is you avoid all the downside of a regular relationship like jealousy and drama. No more nagging or unreasonable demands.

It means you get all the upside of a relationship like companionship, friendship and intimacy while avoiding all the unwanted negative situations.

The best way to find a girlfriend in Korea is by using a site like Seeking Arrangement.

There are many girls available for any sort of arrangement. You have the girl that offers companionship for a night and the sugar baby seeking a long-term sponsor.

To get started, create a profile and when you message the girls, go straight to the point by explaining what you’re looking for. No need to waste time in useless talks, keep them for when you meet her.


Best Destinations To Get Laid In South Korea

korean sex tour

Seoul – The capital has several red light districts, great nightlife and the hottest Korean girls in the country.

Busan – It’s the biggest port city with a great nightlife and many sexual entrainments.

Daegu – This city isn’t popular among foreigners, but there is plenty of action. If you like adventure and aren’t afraid to pick up girls, visit Daegu.

That wraps this Korean sex guide. Have fun!