Where To Meet Civilian Girls In Singapore

Meeting girls in Singapore is pretty simple when you know where to go. Unfortunately, most men make it harder than it should be.

And by “meeting girls” I refer to find girls for a date or get a sex partner in Singapore. Meaning the purpose of this article is to explain how to meet girls for company, relationship, and intimacy.

I’m not going to talk about how to find hookers and working girls in Singapore. For that, you can refer to the Singapore sex guide under the section “where to find sex in Singapore”.

Having said that, first I’ll clear up some confusion about the dating and hook up culture in Singapore and then I’ll tell you where to find girls for a relationship and for pleasure.


 Is It Hard To Get A Date Or Find A Sex Partner In Singapore?

No, it isn’t hard.

Singapore is an international hub with people from all over the world that come here on holiday and for work. This means there is a lot of opportunities to meet singles in this city.

Yet, there are also many possibilities to end up with a prostitute unintentionally. That’s why I don’t suggest meeting girls in clubs and bars. There are simply too many escorts and prostitutes out at night.

A better approach is to meet girls during the day in places like malls and the metro.

For example, in Lucky Plaza on Sunday afternoon you can meet Asian girls that come here to enjoy their day off.

You can approach the women and as long as you don’t come across as a creep, you can get their phone number and meet up later.

Yet, not every man feel comfortable to approach random girls and start conversations. It takes social skills and confidence to overcome the “Asians social taboo about strangers”.

Many Asian girls feel uncomfortable talking to a stranger, and it can be awkward for both approacher and approached.

An alternative is to meet Singaporean girls on a regular dating site or adult dating site. Meeting girls online takes away the fear of rejection and embarrassment you might experience in face to face conversations.

To conclude, find a sex partner or a date in Singapore is easy either you approach girls in everyday situations or use an online dating site.

Yet, you should hang out in the right places where isn’t awkward talking to girls.


Best Places To Find Girls In Singapore

If you want to meet and date girls, you can either do it offline at events, hobby places, and random places or online on dating sites.

But if you prefer to find a sex partner for a hookup or a fuck buddy, you’re better to use an adult dating site as explained below.

Meet Girls For Dating

As far as a girl is single, she is open to the idea to meet a man for a date. So, where the singles hang out in Singapore?

The best place to meet singles online is to use a dating site like Coffeemeetsbagel. Obviously the girls are on a dating site because they are single and looking.

Offline you can meet girls by joining group classes popular among ladies like yoga or pilate classes…

meet singapore girls in gym

Also, the gym offer opportunities but you have to compete with other guys for the girl’s attention. Or join dance classes organized at the university, usually there is a shortage of male partners.

When you go around Singapore, striking a conversation in the metro is a great way to find girls for a date. Slipt in the talk that you’re single and looking, there’s a chance that you’ll get hooked up.

In any case, be open, be friendly, be cool. That will help you to get a date.

Find A Sex Partner In Singapore

Finding casual sex in person be pretty hard. Women in Singapore are often shamed to express sexaul interest face to face and that’s why they seem prudish when in public.

In fact, they are more comfortable to find potential sex partner on adult dating sites like Asian Match Mate. There they can meet men for sex away from public social pressure and criticism.

find girl in singapore as partner

Most men visit the nightclubs and bars in Singapore with the hope to hook up with a civilian girl. But they end up getting laid with a prostitute.


Because they don’t understand how sex life in Singapore really works.

Singaporean girls must go out in groups otherwise they get labeled as “sluts” or “whores”. And they can leave the group if they meet a guy, no matter how horny or attracted to him they are.

So, your chances to find a sex partner in a club or bar are almost none.

Meet Girls For Casual Hookups

There isn’t a strong hookup culture in Singapore like in the West, but there are still opportunities out there. You can either hook up with girls by visiting the popular nightlife hotspots or online.

Some well-known nightlife areas are Marina Bay, Clarke Quay, and Orchard Road. But be aware that in Orchard Road there are many working girls, and the only “safe place” is Coyote Ugly bar in Lucky Plaza.

Of course, online is a better option to hook up because the girls feel more comfortable meeting men away from indiscreet eyes like friends and relatives.


Local Or Expatriate Women?

There are opportunities to meet expatriates and local women alike, but which is the best way to go?

local and expatriate woman in singapore

Expatriate women who live in Singapore are more luckily interested in casual sexaul encounters then local ladies. Having said that, local girls under 25 years old are open to the idea of no string attached sex.

Career women and university girls don’t have the time or interest to get into a serious relationship. Meaning they are more luckily to look for casual relationships.

Yet, if you want to date girls for a serious relationship, you should look for Singaporean girls over 25 years old… Or foreign women that live in Singapore for a while, and don’t have the intention to leave anytime soon.

In conclusion, finding girls in Singapore isn’t that hard when you know the right places and understand how things work here.

If you want to date girls in Singapore, use a regular dating site or join classes popular among women. Instead, if you prefer to find a sex partner use an adult dating site.