Thai Friendly review

Thai Friendly: My Experience Using It

One of the most popular dating sites in Thailand is Thai Friendly. There are more than 2 million members with plenty of Thai girls joining daily.

It’s an awesome tool to contact Thai girls for all sorts of arrangements whether you’re looking for a bit of fun or something more serious.

Yet, the best future of is that it’s free to sign up and use. You just need to create a profile, upload a photo and you’re ready to go.

Below you’ll find tips on how to use ThaiFriendly and maximize your success rate.


Why ThaiFriendly Is One Of The Most Popular Dating Sites In Thailand?

In my opinion, these are the main reasons why Thai Friendly is so popular:

Simple UI: Thai Friendly might appear dated but actually, the design makes it extremely easy to use. The reason it has become so popular is simple:

Diversity: If you’re looking for a hookup there are many Thai girls waiting to meet you.

But, if you’ll looking to find a girlfriend with benefits or even something more serious, such as finding a wife, then you’ll find it on ThaiFriendly.

Gender separation in the search: We all know that in Thailand there are many ladyboys and it’s hard to distinguish from CIS girls. Thai Friendly separates the genders with filters.

Massive user base: There are many girls and women looking for a foreign man.


Who are the members on Thai Friendly?

If you’re interested in any of the following, you’ll find them on ThaiFriendly.

  • Thai Freelancers
  • Student girls looking for a relationship with benefits.
  • Students girls that want to improve their English.
  • Women looking for a serious relationship.
  • Ladyboys looking for all sorts of arrangements.
  • Office girls looking for a serious relationship.


Thai Friendly Pros And Cons

Like any other popular dating site in Thailand, there are good and bad things about using Thai Friendly.


  • Over 2 million members, the majority of which are women.
  • Free to join – can start messaging in just two minutes.
  • Very easy to use.
  • The premium plan allows instant messaging.
  • Most women list what they want – that makes things easier.
  • Has a mobile app that is even easier to use than the desktop version.
  • Integrated translation software to aid communication.


  • The free plan limits you to one message every 10 minutes.
  • Search filters focus on age, education, location, and sex only when using the free account.
  • Charge for the premium account.


How To Create A New Account On Thai Friendly And Get Started

I created a new account for my ThaiFriendly review in less than two minutes. It couldn’t be simpler.

• Sign Up – Just go to the Thaifriendly site and chose between continuing with Google, Apple, or Email.

Choose your username – This can be anything you want providing it’s not already in use.

Create your profile – You must fill in language, age, and a few other details.

The other details are not obligatory but worth taking the time to complete. It increases the likelihood of responses to your messages.

Opt For the premium account – The free account allows you to browse and appreciate the wealth of talent on offer. A premium account makes it much easier to chat and connect as your profile gets ranked higher.

Set search options – Setting your search preferences allows you to start looking at the various profiles. To message, you simply type into the box next to a profile picture.

You should note, if you want to meet anyone on ThaiFriendly, you need to add profile pictures of yourself and make them flattering. There are very few members that will contact profiles without pictures.


How To Search For Thai Girls

ThaiFriendly is minimalistic and easy to use thanks to its search function that lets you filter out girls based on age, physical characteristics, and education.

It even filters automatically members nearby you if you’re already in Thailand.

thai friendly app search bar

It also works great when using the Thai Friendly app on the smartphone.

Yet, the best future is the possibility to search for Thai girls who are online. Meaning you can see all the members log in to the site and are ready to chat with you…

thai reviews app

The green circle under the photo on the left side of the description indicates the girl is online


Girl’s Profile Page

When you click on her profile, you’ll get to see all her photos and the full bio. The bio has her personal info and a short description of what she is looking for on the site.

Some girls write general stuff like “I’m a cute girl that enjoys life” while others are very specific about who they are and what they are looking for.

This means that some girls don’t know themself and what she wants in life while others have a clear idea.

In my personal experience, stick with the girls they know what they want unless you like to waste time. When a girl has no idea what she is looking for, she’ll hesitate to meet you.

show interest on Thai Friendly contact

There is a “show interest” button under the main profile picture that lets her know your interest in her. I use it only when I want to know if the Thai girl is available to chat with me.

Yet, don’t try this with the hot girls because they are bombarded with interests, so send her a message instead. A message lets her know that you’re serious about getting to know her…

First conversation online Thai Friendly chat

Keep in mind that hot Thai girls are less likely to answer you simply because they are overwhelmed by messages.

If you want to stand a chance, you need to upgrade your membership.

When upgrading, your messages get priority over all the non-member’s messages. Meaning your message has a higher chance of getting read by the girls.

Also, your profile gets a VIP status which helps to get the attention of the girls.

Next, the “add favorite” button lets you create a list of your favorite girls. Helpful to keep in contact with only the ladies you find the most interesting.

That big white space under the add favorite button is the private note space. Use it to write your thoughts about the girl, keep a note of her interests, and track your progress.


Your Thai-Friendly Profile

Before contacting the girls, make sure your profile page is in order. Thai girls screen your profile carefully.

So, write a proper profile description without taking shortcuts. Girls notice the well-written profiles and admire men that know what they want in life…

Personal profile on Thaifriendly app

Then upload at least 3 photos in different settings like work, with friends, traveling, and so on. The more, the better.

Thai girls pay attention to appearance, and not only online.

It doesn’t matter if you have an MBA when you dress like a beach boy. Thai girls value more appearance than qualifications.


Contact The Girls

dating chatting Thai girl on Thai Friendly website

You can start a conversation by simply writing a message like “Hey, what is going on in Bangkok?”.

Write something simple, or different, and that requires an answer from her.

Keep your conversation simple and smart, at least in the first few messages until you get an understanding of her language skill.

Some Thai girls are shy and not so confident writing in English, so they need to be praised and encouraged.

I prefer to keep the messages short, to the point, and to build trust. This is necessary before asking her out on a date.


Write A Personal Message

Most guys on Thai Friendly can’t bother to look at the girl’s profile description and write a message about her interests.

Instead, they copy and paste a general message and sent it out to several girls. No wonder they don’t get any reply.

So, here are a few examples of messages to get you started in the right direction:

  • If she lives in Bangkok, ask how is the weather in her city, not in Thailand.
  • If she likes to travel, let her know that you love to travel too. Ask where she is been.
  • If she is a student, ask what she studies.
  • If she likes pop music, ask about her favorite pop band.

As you can see, it’s all about showing interest in her. Once a girl answers your first message, most of the time she’ll carry on the conversation.


How To Meet A Thai Girl For A Date

Once she replies to your first few messages, ask her “Line ID” or “What’s Up” so you can carry on the conversation elsewhere.

That way she won’t be distracted by other men on Thai Friendly. Also, she’ll see you as an intimate friend because Line and What’s Up are chats for close friends.

Talk for a few days with her and then ask to meet for a date. You can go for a simple drink and chat, but I recommend taking her for a meal.

Thai girls love to eat, and they can feel closer to you when sharing food together. Don’t do like in the West where everyone orders their own, but order a few dishes and share it with her like in this video…

Thai Friendly is an excellent tool to contact Thai girls and go for dates, and over the years I’ve learned a few tips.


Tips To Get More Replies On Thai Friendly

I’ve some tips to get more replies and interest on Thai Friendly.

• Contact The New Members First – New members aren’t talking with anyone yet so get their attention before anyone else.

If you can get her attention the moment she signs up, your chances to keep her interested in the conversation are very high.

• Don’t Write General And Short Messages – Most men write simple messages like “Hi, how are you?”. That isn’t going to land any attention from the girls.

Read her profile, write a message that acknowledges that, and start to build a conversation.

• Upload Several Photos – The more photos you have, the better. And don’t upload only face shots, but full-body photos too.

Another important thing, if you want to get the girls’ attention, is to use photos in different environments like work, personal life, nightlife, friend’s life, and family life.

• Write A Short Headline – When writing your Thai Friendly headline make it short and catchy. But most importantly it should indicate your intention.

Are you on ThaiFriendly looking for a holiday girlfriend, a long-term girlfriend, or a wife?


ThaiFriendly Costs

ThaiFriendly can be joined for free but to maximize your benefit you need to pay for the premium account. There are four different options when upgrading membership:

  • 1 month for $24.95; Equal to $0.83 per day
  • 3 months for $49.95; Equal to $0.55 per day
  • 6 months for $69.95; Equal to $0.38 per day
  • 1 year for $99.95; Equal to $0.27 per day

thai friendly cost

When you upgrade, your profile gets a VIP status and your messages appear at the top of the girl’s inbox.

You can use the free account first and if you feel like you don’t want to wait 10 minutes between messages or you want to get in contact with girls in high demand, then you can always upgrade your account later.


What are the benefits of the premium membership?

With a premium membership, you’ll have better search facilities and be able to message people instantly, allowing you to have a proper conversation.


Payment Options

You can pay for your membership with your credit card, PayPal, or even use Bitcoin. If you don’t like it you get a full refund within 15 days of signing up.


All About ThaiFriendly App

The ThaiFriendly app offers easier access and allows you to stay in contact with your chosen profiles. There is a small monthly charge to use the app but it’s cheaper than the premium account which is designed for desktop use.

The registration process on the app is much the same and the app offers a better browsing experience. The end result should be the same but I think the app is easier to use and more convenient.

In short, you’ll find it more enjoyable while still being able to chat with as many ThaiFriendly girls as you want.


Is Thai Friendly Worth It? My Opinion

In my opinion, ThaiFriendly is worth joining. It’s a great way to meet women and have some fun.

But, if you want to make the most of what the site has to offer then you’ll need to create a premium account and pay for the privilege.

It’s not just easier to search or chat with girls, a premium account is the only way to interact with popular accounts. In other words, if you want to connect with attractive girls, you’ve to go premium.

When you use the site it quickly becomes obvious that the majority of the girls are genuine. Of course, you need to consider the best time to log on, especially if you’re not in Thailand.

I hope you found my review of Thai Friendly useful and if you want to sign up for it, here’s the link again:

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Instead, if you want to have a full sex holiday, you’re better to check out my Asian Match Mate review.


Thai Friendly FAQs


How much is ThaiFriendly?

The ThaiFriendly cost depends on whether you sign up for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or twelve months. Costs range from $8 to $30 per month. Or, you can choose the free basic account.


How do I cancel my ThaiFriendly subscription?

This depends o how you created your account.

Google members can go to bills and accounts on the left of their screen and cancel the subscription. Apple users simply connect to iTunes and manage the relevant subscription.

For anyone else, you can unsubscribe directly from your ThaiFriendly account.


Is the ThaiFriendly app free?

Basic access to the site is free and you can start browsing profiles in just two minutes. But if you want all the features you’ll have to get paid membership.


Is Thai Cupid better than ThaiFriendly?

Thai Friendly is better than Thai Cupid because is much cheaper and brings similar results.


Is Thaifriendly safe?

Yes, it’s safe. The site is genuine and so are the people on it. But, you should still take reasonable precautions when meeting someone for the first time.


Is ThaiFriendly legit?

Thai Friendly is legit. You’ll connect with real Thai girls and have plenty of meet’s up.


Is the ThaiFriendly app free?

The ThaiFriendly app is not free, there’s a charge of $19.99 per month. It’s worth it!