Vietnam best Girlfriend Experience

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Vietnam For A Girlfriend Experience

Why should you visit Vietnam for a girlfriend experience?

Because Vietnamese women are hardworking, polite, beautiful, and loving.

It doesn’t matter if you’re after a serious relationship or a holiday girlfriend experience. Vietnam is one of the best destinations in Asia for a girlfriend experience, and here the 7 reasons why:


Reason 1 – Educated & Hardworking Girls

Due to the hardships during and after the war, many Vietnamese parents drilled into their children the need of excelling at school and the values of hard work.

Vietnamese girl educated at the university

Most women have grown up to be hardworking, and statistics show that over half of the businesses in the country are owned by women.

That means Vietnamese women are smart and self-independent when comes to money, so you don’t need to support them.

“Who wants a girl who needs you to eat, take around and shit?”

Even better, Vietnamese women are strongly attracted to Western men.

They view Western men as strong and exotic, probably because of the six decades of French colonialism.

In other words, simply be a foreigner puts you ahead of the game!

The second reason to visit Vietnam is…


Reason 2 – Beautiful Women

Vietnamese women are HOT, HOT, HOT!

When it comes to the physical attributes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but one thing is certain, Vietnamese women are drop-dead gorgeous.

Most of them have long black hair, white skin, sexy curves and a slim waist. Also, they take great care in how they look, smell good and have a good taste for fashion.

This results in one thing; They are the most beautiful women in South East Asia.

However, what I like best, though, is that most girls in Vietnam wear little or no makeup. In my humble opinion, nothing beats seeing a girl looking natural.

“What do you think?”

If this isn’t enough to make you fly to Vietnam, consider the third reason to seek out a girlfriend experience in this wonderful country…


Reason 3 – Vietnam Women Don’t Smoke or Drink

That sound impossible if you’re used to Western women, but in Vietnam is a reality.

During my holidays in Vietnam, I never saw a quality Viet woman smoking or drinking. Only outgoing women that love to party socially drinks, something like a beer or a cocktail, but never get drunk.

The only girls I saw smoking or drinking heavily are the hookers, and even those are the minority.

Culturally speaking, a woman doing such things in Vietnam is looked down and socially excluded. That is a good incentive to keep them feminine and straight-minded.

In contrast, the local guys smoke and drink heavily, getting dislike by most local women.

If you don’t smoke and drink only socially, you’re going to have an upper hand on most Vietnamese girls.

The best part?

They’re going to respect you even more and do anything you want them to do because they’re scared shit to lose you.

Yes, even dancing on a boat during a fish village tour…

Not yet convinced to visit Vietnam?


Reason 4 – They Know What They Want

The problem with modern feminism fad in the West is that the women are now more confused than ever on what they want.

I really loved that women in Vietnam will tell you what they want and call you out on your shit.

They like that foreign men are direct, yet polite and romantic. On the other hand, local men tend to be liars and dead cold, making your job of picking up girls as a foreigner easier.

As far as you say things like they are and you don’t over-bullshit, then you have good chances of scoring several hot Vietnamese women.


Reason 5 – Submissive Nature

I bet you’re going to like this: Vietnamese women are by nature submissive.

Yes, it’s ingrained in their culture. For them, the man is the master and they follow the lead.

That’s the reason they rarely say no to any of your requests. You’re going to decide what to eat for dinner, how many times to have sex, and what to do next.

Having said that, wanting a submissive woman has nothing to do with being an asshole, but having a fulfilling relationship.

Besides this, they are loyal and if you treat her right, she will give you the ultimate girlfriend experience…

“Do you like home cooked food?”

Well, the next reason is going to convince you to fly to Vietnam:


Reason 6 – Vietnamese Women Cook

When humans used to live in caves, men would hunt and bring the catch to the women to cook.

Nowadays, men earn money for the household and women should prepare meals.

Unfortunately, the current generation of Western women do not understand this or ignore it completely.

Fortunately, the Vietnamese women know their responsibilities and understand that a man with a full stomach, it’s less luckily to leave them.


Reason 7 – Vietnamese Women Are Health Conscious

Vietnamese women are health conscious and they watch what they eat to remain fit and young.

Whether you are looking for a short or long-term relationship, be assured that she will cook you some of the best dishes you have ever eaten.

The best part is that their food is been influenced by French cuisine during the colonialism period making it a really European-Asian delicacy.

However, like most women all around the world, they will love it if you take them out for a romantic dinner every so often.

For the first date, it is your duty to pay the bill. But if you conduct yourself well, you will have the chance to explore more of what she has to offer, food and all – if you get the drift.


How To Attract The Right Vietnam Girlfriend

Vietnamese women are amazing, beautiful, hardworking, loyal, and respectful. They do not subscribe to modern feminist ideologies and even the women in high-flying careers.

We’ve already written in detail how to get a girlfriend in Vietnam whether you’re looking just for a holiday experience or something more serious.

By following our tips you’ll attract quality girlfriend material girls and avoid the painful misunderstandings common between foreign men and Vietnamese ladies.