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How To Book Vietnam Girls Online

If you want to enjoy the company of a Vietnamese girl, you have two options: book a call girl and meet her in a short time hotel or get a holiday girlfriend from an online dating site.

The problem with booking Vietnamese call girls is they are expensive and mercenary. While Vietnam girls on dating sites offer better intimacy and companionship.

In a country where the average salary is 150 US$ per month, you can find plenty of everyday girls that make money on the side by offering companionship.

The girls you see working in restaurants, shops, and even students are all potential rental material.

Obviously, you can’t approach them and offer money, that’s insulting. You need to approach the matter discretely, and the dating sites are an excellent place to arrange encounters away from indiscreet eyes.

Vietnamese girls that offer companionship and sexual favors occasionally are known as freelancer girls. Instead, the girls that do it full time are known as escorts and call girls.

Escorts in Vietnam are pretty hard to deal with. They always seem to be in a hurry and not customer focus like in Thailand. Meaning they aren’t a pleasant sexual experience even for one hour of sex.

Then there are freelancers who offer companionship and intimacy to make some extra money on the side to make ends meet. They are easy-going and affectionate, it feels like being with a girlfriend rather than a hooker.

Obviously, you’ll not find freelancers on escort directories or classified advertising sexual favors openly. They value discretion and privacy for obvious reasons.

Would you risk your reputation knowing some friends or relatives could see the ads? This is the reason why they use dating sites as a cover-up.

In this article, I’ll show you where to find Vietnamese girls online, their rates, and what you need to know to have a good time. So you can immediately arrange an encounter with a Vietnamese girl.


What’s The Rate For Girls In Vietnam

It depends on the type of girls you are dealing with.

For example, a student freelancer will cost you much less than a call girl booked on an escort site…

Booking Vietnam girls for sex

Left side Vietnamese escort. Right side student freelancer.

Vietnamese call girls want money upfront and they usually harry you up. While freelancers are more easy going and don’t watch the clock.

A Vietnamese escort that can speak English wants 100 US$ per hour while a freelancer with that amount of money would spend two days with you.

To put Vietnamese girl’s price in perspective, below some of the current rates for call girls and freelancers:

  • Call Girls (escorts) – 150 US$ per hour, 250 US$ for all night.
  • Freelancer Online – 50 US$ for all night, 60 US$ per day, or 300 US$ per week.


Where To Book A Vietnamese Girl

It depends about the type of experience you’re after.

If you just need a girl for one hour and don’t have the time or the interest to go for a date, book a call girl from an escort directory.

But if you would like a girl for the night or spend a few days together, a sort of girlfriend experience, use a dating site to scout for a freelancer.


Short Time Booking

Getting a Vietnamese girl for an hour or two is just a matter to get on an escort site and book her.

When you book an escort in Vietnam, make sure to ask for updated photos. Most times the pictures on the escort directories are outdated.

Keep in mind that you have to pay the call girl when she arrives. Meaning she doesn’t have the incentive to offer a good experience. 

In fact, most of the time a Vietnamese escort hurry up things so she can move on to the next customer.

A solution is to tell her you’ll give an extra 50 US$ tip if she performs well. It’s a sort of bribe that incentive her to perform.


Longer Time

When you want a girl for more than one hour or two, it isn’t only about sex but connection too.

You don’t want to spend the night or a couple of days with an escort even if you can afford it.

Escorts in Vietnam are hardcore business-minded women. They lack feelings, emotions and interest in your well being.

Instead, Vietnamese freelancers are easy-going girls that just want to give you a good time in their country.

Most freelancers are students who need some money to pay the rent. But there are also girls with a regular job like teacher or shop assistant that struggle to make ends meet.

If you have the option, go for university girls…

university girls freelancer in Vietnam

University girls are naive and kind with an exciting view of life.

The best way to find Vietnamese girls online is to use a dating site.

You want to find a young and outgoing girl because they aren’t looking for a serious relationship. They are open to the idea to have casual sexual encounters.

Although they might say they want to get married and have kids, keep in mind it’s a cultural thing for a woman in Vietnam to present herself like that.

The reality is they’ll be happy to spend time with you and get intimate as far as you treat them with respect, buy some gift and show a good time.

To get started, create a profile with a picture and your view about life. Send out a bunch of messages, and see which girl suits you best.

Take her out for a date, enjoy a meal together, and go back to your place. Simple as that.


Is It Better An Escort Or A Freelancer Girl In Vietnam?

If you have the money but not enough time to search for a freelancer girl online, then go for an escort. But if you have the choice, go for a freelancer.

Escorts/call girls sleep with men for money as a full-time job. That lifestyle makes them mercenary.
As a result, most of them have a tendency to make problems and don’t genuinely enjoy intimacy with men.

On the other hand, freelancers are everyday girls that enjoy life and appreciate the attention of a foreign man.

They offer a girlfriend experience thanks to their ingenuity and outgoing personality, but without the downside of a regular relationship like drama or nagging.

When it comes to intimacy, escorts in Vietnam don’t enjoy it because their focus is to make you come as fast as possible so the can move to the next customer.

Instead, Vietnamese freelancers don’t have that mercenary mindset but enjoy exploring their sexuality.

In conclusion, book an escort only if you don’t value intimacy but you want only a fuck. But if you are after an intimate experience with a Vietnamese girl, search for a freelancer on a dating site.