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Vietnam Sex Guide For Single Men

If you would like to experience a sex holiday in Vietnam and want to know the best locations where to find sexy girls hot for action, this sex guide has all the info you need.

Vietnam is known for the long war with the US and their communist regime, not much for the many sex activities around the country. Prostitution is rampant, girls are open-minded forward sex, but the communist regime prefers to keep a low profile on such matters.

That’s the reason why you don’t hear much about Vietnam, sex and girls – it’s an underworld.

I’m going to open up all the good things this country offer because you should enjoy the country and the beautiful women instead of worrying about where to go, what do and most importantly how to do it.

This guide is going to focus on P4P scene (Pay for Play). If you prefer to meet and date quality Vietnamese girls, then get on a popular Vietnam dating site instead.

This Vietnam Sex Guide was last updated on 07 September 2019




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Intro to Sex Tourism in Vietnam
General information about Singapore sex culture

Where to Find Sex in Vietnam
An overview of the best places to get laid

Typical Prices For Sex
General prices for girls in Vietnam to help you budget your adventure

How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In Vietnam
How to date Vietnamese women during your vacation

Must to Do During a Vietnam Sex Tour
Mongering activities in Vietnam


Intro To Sex Tourism In Vietnam

Sex Tourism in Vietnam is on the rise in recent years thanks to relaxed visa requirements. But what makes Vietnam so attractive to most foreign men is the abundance of sex venues and the beautiful local women.

From the massage parlors offering happy endings to the barber shops providing blow jobs while shaving your face, Vietnam offers something for everyone.

That is what makes Vietnam a “different” place for travelers who want to experience a sex holiday in Asia. To be clear here, prostitution in Vietnam is illegal, but it is regulated and accepted.

Sex in Vietnam can be found in designed red light districts but also in massage parlours, spas and nightclubs around the city…

The two biggest sex destinations are Hanoi and Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), and the less know city of Da Nang. There are thousands of Vietnamese girls offering sex, you’ll not find it difficult to get laid.

A word of caution when engaging sex with prostitutes is to wear a condom, the reason being is the high HIV rate. Also, freelancer prostitutes are known to be theft, so watch out your belonging when bringing them back to your room.

The good thing is you don’t need necessarily to pay for sex in Vietnam and risking to get some disease or robbed. There are many other ways to meet Vietnam girls and to get laid for free, which I’m going to reveal later.

This Vietnam sex travel guide will tell you how much things cost, how to stay safe, the best places to find girls, and everything in between!


What About Girls & Sex In Vietnam?

Vietnamese girls are more conservative than say Thai or Pinoy girls. I have met girls on dating sites insisting to meet her mother and get her approval before dating me.

That is how conservative they can be. Having said that, I’ve met a fair amount of liberal Vietnam girls who are into kinky stuff.

Some are more conservative than others, and how much they are willing to play to gain your affection will differ. You can easily test this by touching the subject of sex in your communication and see how they respond.

Generally speaking, most open-minded women can be found in Ho Chi Minh while Hanoi girls are more traditional.

In other words, Ho Chi Minh it’s an easy playground to meet girls for a nightstand or for a short term relationship while Hanoi is the place to find yourself a serious relationship.

Keep in mind that North is more communist minded than South, it reflects on how the girls dress and act. While Hanoi girls strive for a pure, plain look, the sexy Saigon girls value and exhibit far more diverse, with fashionable clothes and revealing attire…

sexy vietnam girls hanoi saigon

On the left said a girl from Saigon, on the right side a girl from Hanoi

Having said that, don’t think Hanoi is a boring place to visit if you are into nightlife and hookers. In term of paid sex, there are 3 red light areas where you can find easy women: bar girls, massage girls, freelancers and hard hookers.

But the best part is that it isn’t all about paid sex in Vietnam. There are many women in Vietnam who want to have sex with foreign men without financial compensation.

The girls are sweet, up front, and very affectionate… They are so proud of the way they take care of their man.

What about sex and Vietnamese women?

Women in Vietnam are generally horny and hot for action, but it takes a few dates before getting in her panties, nightstands aren’t a common occurrence.

Vietnamese slow-paced lifestyle is reflected in the way locals approach dating and sex. Meaning it’s easy to have sex in Vietnam either you pay for it or you want to fuck for free, only it takes a little more time when dating nice girls.

But once she opens up to you, she is going to make you a happy man. They are proud of their sexuality and eccentric when comes to please their man’s desires.


Where to Find Sex in Vietnam

You are visiting Vietnam because you want to get laid with beautiful local girls but you don’t know where to get started. Here my review of the best places to hook up with girls in Vietnam, starting with…

1. Online


This is the gift given to this generation of men looking for Vietnamese girls because it’s never been easier to meet women for sex.

Online dating sites are packed with Vietnam girls craving to meet foreign men, not only for a relationship or love but also for no-strings-attached sex.

It might sound strange or even unrealistic, however, on Asian Match Mate you can find single girls and couples eager to explore new sexual fantasies.

It’s an adult dating site that takes away the boring conversations and fake interest of people dating, going straight to the real point of the encounter: sex.

Saigon city has the most members as the girls over there are more open-minded of their counterpart in Hanoi, but still, try your luck all around Vietnam.

If you are looking for more then just sex, get yourself a girlfriend in Vietnam.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

The nightlife in Vietnam is happening in the big cities where you can pick up girls hot for action…


There are typical party girls who don’t mind to give out their phone number and meet you the next day. With some talk and convincing, they’ll go back to your place.

If you prefer sex the same night, plenty of hookers freelancing in the clubs ready to sleep with you for some cash.

Expect to pay about 700k Dong for all night service with a freelancer. Remember to keep your valuables safe while having a shower in your room, they have a tendency to steal money.

Either way, girls at night are eager to meet you, you’ll find Saigon to be an easier playground while Hanoi a bit harder with Da Nang in the middle.

3. Blow Job Bars – Hot Toc

Hot Toc means hairdresser, but when stepping in you get offered much more than a hair cut.

You can recognize these places having a pink light by the door and cute girls sitting out in front…

Pick the girl you like, bargain the price for a BJ and massage – the standard rate is 400k Dong – but on the weekend the price increases as the place get busier.

You’ll get escorted to a private room where you can relax and unload your pipe.

4. Vietnam Hookers In The Streets & Parks

When walking down certain streets and parks you’ll find Vietnamese hookers ready to go with you for a quicky. The best part is that you can find them during the day as well at night.

Expect to be approached by girls on their motorbike asking if you would like to have sex. It’s a very unique way to get approach by Vietnamese hooker on a scooter, I think it happens only here…

hooker in vietnam
The ongoing rate for a short time is anywhere between 300k-500k. It is uncommon to get her all night, but if that is your thing expect to pay 700k.

However, I recommend visiting a brick and mortar place if you want to engage the services of a prostitute because street prostitutes tend to make problems.

5. Red Light District In Vietnam


In Vietnam, officially there aren’t any red light districts but you’ll find many dedicated streets with sex venues and prostitutes all around the place.

It’s pretty obvious when you walk down these streets what is going on, there are girls wearing sexy uniforms and soliciting your attention.

For example, in Hanoi the most famous areas are Dong Anh District, Ha Dong District, Gia Lam District and Thuy Khue District. Many cafes and Hot Toc offering all sort of sexual services.

In Saigon, the most popular red light area is Hao Bin Park. The girls will approach you on a motorbike offering sexual services.

6. SPAs – Vietnamese Sex Massage

Many massage parlors in Vietnam are cover up shops for sexual services. They might look like “health centers” but in reality, the only thing they take care of is your manhood and wallet.

Yes, these places are expensive starting with a basic service with HJ for 400K Dong and the poor quality massage for 500k Dong.

However, you can choose so many extra services, just ask for a menu like this…

7. Karaoke Bars

Karaoke bars employ young hostesses – usually students – to provide company to their guest…

karaoke bar girls in vietnam for sex

You get a private room for 200-300k per hour plus 100k/h for each girl in the room. Someplace might offer unlimited drinks, others charge what you order.

If you would like to have sex with the girls, the rates range from 500k for a short time to 1 million for all night.


Typical Prices For Sex


• Fix Prices For Sex

When visiting a business that sells sex, the prices are fixed and can’t be negotiated. You can ask for the menu and pick the service you need.

Here a list of standard prices for each business type:

  • Spas: The price for a happy ending massage starts at 500k for the massage plus 400k tip for an HJ.
  • KTVs: KTV’s girls’ prices range from 500k for a short time to 1 million for all night. It doesn’t include rent for the karaoke room 200-300k per hour plus 100k/h for each girl in the room.
  • Hot Toc – Hair Salon: 400k for a massage and BJ.
  • Escorts: 800.000+ Dong.


• Variable Prices For Sex

This refers to girls that work for themselves life freelancers and street hookers or everyday girls that need a side income. Their prices are variable based on their location, age, the way you interact and present yourself.

These prices are just an indication to guide you:

  • Street hookers: 500k for a short time up to 900k for all night.
  • Freelancers in the nightclubs: from 500k to 900k Dong, but on average they cost 600k for all night.
  • Girls on Dating Sites: starting at 100k tip to the moon, depending on how generous you feel. This doesn’t include the monthly subscription of US$20 for the membership on Vietnamese dating site.

A rule of thumb is never to ask the girls how much they want, wait for them to offer. That way you show confidence and as a result, they lower their asking price.

When they give you their price, offer half of that amount and start bargaining from there. Don’t be conscious to offend or lose her, there is always another girl behind the corner.

If paying all this money just to have sex isn’t your things, consider reading the next section where I explain how to get laid for the price of a meal or coffee.


How To Get a Holiday Girlfriend in Vietnam


Are you looking for more than just sex? Wish to meet a Vietnam girl to spend your holiday together, and why not, sleep together?

You can find someone who would show you around the city, have dinners with you, share your bed and generally enjoy each other’s company.

Having a temporary girlfriend planning all sorts of nice things for your visit, acting like a lover and friend is the best way to learn about Vietnamese culture and enjoy the country.

Generally speaking, Vietnamese girls from the North are more into dating and romance, but less into sex.

Instead in the South, women are equally beautiful, but their attitude is open-minded forward sex and they speak more English. You’ll notice they are more down to meet you.

Their core still features the same values as the North Vietnamese women, but there are more liberal girls in the South. Meaning they are actively trying to hook up with foreign men.

They tend to use online dating sites such as Vietnam Cupid or use Facebook if they have foreign friends in their social circle.

The major complaint I heard from Vietnamese girls about guys on VietnamCupid is that they promise travel and money, like if she is a pauper.

The thing is most girls using this site are educated, speak good English and are independent. Meaning they have the money to travel or do anything else for that matter.

So, my tip is don’t treat Vietnamese women like savages. Don’t speak to them like they’re desperate but instead be kind and charming. Ask them what they do, show interest, tell them they’re pretty.

Western chivalry is very appreciated by Vietnamese girls.


Must To Do During a Vietnam Sex Tour

If you are visiting Vietnam for sex, you want to visit places and do things to make your adult holiday memorable.

Here a list of things to do during your sex tour in Vietnam:


• Get A Blow Job In A Hair Saloon

Only in Vietnam you can get into a hair salon, cut your hair and then get a blow job. It’s a unique experience.

These places have a pink light by the door and cute girls sitting out in front, the shops are known as Hot Toc…

hair salon girl in vietnam blow job sex

• Visit Gia Lam District in Hanoi

In Gia Lam, you can find red light cafes all over the area with a number of sexy and hot prostitutes waiting for men to spend the night with.

After 7 pm the show is on.


• Get Laid With An Everyday Girl In Vietnam

What is better of getting laid with a genuine girl that is into you, not your money. Hookers are an easy option for sex, but they are robotic, dirty and their dry p…y isn’t inviting.

Instead, spending a day or even the whole vacation with an everyday Vietnamese girl is going to make your holiday – unforgettable!

Imagine visiting the country with a sweet and love caring woman next to you… And at night making love to her…


This concludes this sex guide to Vietnam, I wish you a happy journey.

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