How To Rent A Girlfriend In Vietnam

This isn’t a Vietnamese girlfriend guide in the context of dating in Vietnam, but how to find a girlfriend with benefits. A sort of mutually beneficial relationship where you decide the terms.

This practice is known as “girlfriend experience” or “no strings attached” relationship.

The majority of foreigners usually rent a working girl from the red-light districts as their temporary girlfriend only because they don’t know any better. That’s a shame considering the number of everyday girls that are potential rental material in Vietnam.

In a country where the average girl earns a mere 150US$ per month, any extra money goes a long way to make ends meet.

But there is more… What about all the students out there?

Every respectable Vietnamese lady wants to get a good education, but only a few can afford it. If you can help a student with her school fees, she’ll be a very loyal and devoted girlfriend.

In this article, I’ll tell you how much a girl in Vietnam cost, the benefits of renting a girlfriend, and where to find one.


How Much Cost A Girl In Vietnam?

It depends on how long you want to rent her for and the type of girl. For example, a student is going to cost you way less than a bar girl.

Vietnamese students are focused to finish their studies but have a hard time paying for things like the rent. If you can help with that, you can get yourself a young and beautiful Vietnamese girlfriend.

On the other hand, a working girl’s focus is to get as much money as possible. So every other opportunity she’ll ask for more money.

So, how much is a Vietnam girlfriend for a week or two? What about the cost of a relationship with benefits with a civilian girl?

The price to hire a Vietnamese girl for a week is about 100 US$. On top of that, you need to add the cost for food, entreatments, and other expenses.

Foreign men who want to hire a temporary girlfriend for longer periods of time, usually sponsor a student with a monthly allowance. In this case, the price is about 200-300 US$ per month.


What Are The Benefits To Hire A Vietnamese Girlfriend

The obvious reason is you can get a young and beautiful girl that is 10-20 years younger than you…

Vietnamese girl for rent online

Yet, the real deal is you get a natural “boyfriend-girlfriend” relationship but without strings attached. When it’s over, just a goodbye without broken feelings until the next time, maybe.

On top of that, she’ll be your personal tour guide that translates, negotiates and deal with all the issues you might face in Vietnam.

Meaning you get someone to hang out with that offers companionship and friendship.

In conclusion, a temporary Vietnamese girlfriend provides intimate moments and companionship. But without the downsides of a regular relationship: resentment, nagging, expectations, jealousy, etc.


Where To Find Vietnamese Girls For Rent

It depends on how long you want to rent a girl. For example, if you want to hire a girl only for a few hours, then visit a red light area.

But if you want to rent a girl for a longer time, consider recruiting girls off dating and arrangement sites.


Short Term Rental

Most probably you want to hire a girl just for one or two hours. That is a straightforward transaction that doesn’t require much effort to find a suitable candidate.

A hand on approach would be to visit a red light area so you can have a feel for the girl face to face. There are girlie bars, erotic massage parlors and Hot Tocs that provide sexual services.

Yes, working girls are your best option.


Long Term Rental

Renting a girl for a few days or weeks or months takes some effort. It is about friendship and feelings too, not only intimacy.

You want to make sure both of you feel attracted to each other and have some sort of affection. So you want to chat with her for a few days before meeting up.

The best way to do so is to use a site like Seeking. There are plenty of young and outgoing girls that don’t expect to get into a serious relationship.

sexy girlfriend in Vietnam restaurant

She’ll be happy to offer companionship and intimacy without the drama that comes with serious relationships.

Meaning you get all the benefits of a relationship (friendship, intimacy, and more) but without the negatives of a relationship (drama, silly demands, restricted freedom, and so on).

Just write an honest profile about yourself and what you are looking for in a girl. And you’re good to go.


Best & Worst Vietnamese Girl To Rent

Generally speaking, you want to stay away from girls that work in the red light areas. Most working girls are cheaters and liars interested only in your money.

Instead, opt for students and girls working a day job. And if you have the option go for a university girl…

rental Vietnamese girl

A student’s only interest is to get good grades and make her parents proud.

Instead, girls with a day job might be happy to get some extra cash in the beginning, but after a few months, they might want to get married.

In conclusion, student girls are the best sugar babies in Vietnam. The second choice is to go for girls working a low-income regular job.