secrets to date thai girls

The Secret Formula to Meet & Date Quality Thai Girls

The secret formula to meet and date quality Thai girls is to do the opposite things that most foreign men do in Thailand.

Most people know they visit the red light district area and spend most of the day drinking beer with friends in sloppy bars.

In those places, they are hooking up with the lowest quality Thai girls in Thailand; These girls are dirty, sick and cheaters.

However, what others don’t know or ignore is that there are educated, beautiful and sexy Thai girls craving to date foreign men.

Any everyday guy can meet and date with those Thai girls. No matter of race, age and social status. Here are a few examples of what I mean:

dating secrets to beautiful Thai girls

You see, on the left side, we have a black guy with a Thai girl. Does it look like a prostitute to you?

Some guy thinks that it isn’t possible for a black guy to be with a genuine Thai woman. Guys think that only Thai women working in the red light districts would accept a man that isn’t white.

However, as you can see in this photo, any race can marry a beautiful Thai woman. No matter what is your race, you can meet and date a beautiful Thai girl.

On the bottom-right side, you can see an elderly man in the company of a quality Thai woman. Most men think just because they are in their senior years, they can’t hook up with Thai girls outside the red-light districts.

As you can see, that isn’t the case.

What about the top-right side example?

The guy doesn’t look physically attractive and he doesn’t live a rich lifestyle, he seems to be living in a normal house.

So, how has he got that cute and lovely Thai girl?

Most guys might think that he has met her in a bar in Thailand, and the only reason she is with him is because of money.

However, that is no true.

The reality is, you can meet and date quality girls by using reputable Thai dating sites.

Sure, like any dating site in the world, there are scammers and gold diggers in the mix, but don’t let this hold you back. They are only the minority.

The majority of the Thai girls on those dating sites are genuinely interested in meeting a foreign man for a genuine relationship.

Those kind of girls are “quality” because they don’t want to meet and sleep with you for money. They want to meet you because they are attracted to foreign men, we look exotic to them as they look exotic to us.

Because they are no bar girls or hookers, there isn’t any drama story like “send me money because my mother is sick”. They earn their own money and many have a good career, so they can take care of themselves without your support.

So, are you trying your best to meet quality Thai girls? Or just booking the flight to Thailand and hoping to meet the Thai girl of your dream.

Look, quality Thai women are busy with their life, that’s why is unluckily you’ll meet them around. If you don’t have a corporate job in Thailand, your chances are extremely low.

Are you thinking to try the nightclub scene? Think again, you’re searching in the wrong places.

What you need to do is to create a profile on a quality Thai dating site where those type of girls hang out to meet and date.

Here an example of a Thai girl that you can meet:

quality thai girl on dating site

She is obviously an office girl with a beautiful smile that knows how to dress. Do you think is possible to meet such a girl in a nightclub or in a red light district?

The reason she is on a dating site is that she wants to be happy, to be loved, to have a good partner.

She isn’t interested in going out and getting drunk with friends, that is the beauty of a good Thai girl.

You can easily chat with her online and then meet in real life. It’s just natural, she is waiting for that.

That doesn’t mean that all the girls will say “yes” to a date. What I’m saying is that quality girls are open to date foreigner, not only seedy bar girls and hookers.

Let’s look at one more example:

simple thai girl in Thailand (1)

Some guy contacted me asking if it’s possible to get into a relationship with nice Thai girls?

Of course, it is. The girl in this picture looks nice, not only aesthetically but also like personality. Lovely smile, easy-going and full of life.

Just imagine how would be life by waking up every morning next to her…

Most guys visit the red light districts in Thailand because is easy, but the real reason is they don’t know how easy is to meet and date quality Thai girls.

If they would know the existence of a Thai dating site where they can meet thousands of Thai girls graving for foreign men, they wouldn’t bother to spend hundreds of dollars on dirty hookers.

I don’t say that it isn’t fun at all to visit the red light districts but it is a tourist thing and as such, it’s a one-time experience.

However, if you truly want to experience Thailand and their women, you want the real thing, not the tourist thing.

Regardless of your race, age or look, you can meet and date good Thai girls without engaging prostitute.

You don’t need to pay to talk to girls or get laid, it’s possible to do just that with Thai girls met on dating sites.

meet - date - get laid with women met online

The majority of Thai women that you’ll meet online are way easier than you think. The reason is Thai women go from a date to a sexual relationship in a much shorter time than Western women.

For them is just the natural way how things work between men and women. Meet, have a chat or a few drinks, and sleep together.

Don’t need to go through all the drama and tests that Western women put up during a date. In Thailand, the process is straightforward and easy.

I don’t say that after each date you’re going to get laid, but I’m saying that you’ll be pleasantly surprised impressed how things develop naturally.

Thai girls want to make you happy, and they know how to do that… It’s a cultural thing.

If you really want to meet and date quality Thai girls, the only thing you’ve to do is hanging out in the right place.

In today’s smartphone and digital world, that place is on dating sites.


How to Get Started On Thai Dating Sites

Look, it’s pretty easy to get started, but there are a few points that will give you the best chance to hook up with most girls, also those in high demand.

1 Profile Photos

Thai women are very visual when comes to dating, and the first impression matter more than you think.

You don’t need to wear a jacket and tie, but you need to look clean and tidy.

Most men do the mistake to upload one or two photos at best, that is a huge disadvantage to get the girl’s attention. You want to show throughout the picture’s profile your daily life and character.

So, go for a picture by yourself, one with your pet if you’ve any, one picture with friends, one more picture at work, one with your family and lastly one that shows your hobby.

Those photos will offer a picture of your lifestyle and personality, helping you to attract the right type of girls.


2 Upgrade the Membership

All the sites offer membership which helps your profile standing out while offering other functions like matching, translation service and so on.

However, remember that the membership makes your profile more visible to the girls. In other words, your profile will show up in the top search above the non-member.

Are you ever been to a concert?

The cheapest tickets put you in a place far away from the center stage where you see barely the singer, but the VIP ticket put you in the backstage where you’ve got the chance to speak with your favorite superstar.

The membership on those dating sites offers the same VIP experience.


3 Keep it Simple

When talking to the girls, don’t send messages laced with double meanings and sarcasm.

Firstly, Thai girls don’t get it, secondly, some girl speaks basic English.

These are the main tips that’ll put you ahead in meeting and dating quality Thai girls. as you can see is pretty easy to do but I promise you’ll rip the benefits.


You’re Lucky

When I first travel to Asia to meet girls in 2009, I didn’t have the technology on my side.

Back then, if I wanted to meet quality Thai women I had to pick them up in places like the university campus, restaurants, malls and other places where they used to hang out.

However, it was hard to target the girls interested in foreign men. Also, even if a girl likes me, most of the time she was going to shy away in front of her friends.

It was pretty brutal to get rejected so often.

However, today is totally a different story. Thanks to the Internet and the widespread of smartphones, Thai girls and foreign men have a common place where they can meet in total privacy.

No more social anxiety and rejections.

You’re there because you want to meet a Thai girl, and they are there because they want to meet a foreign man.

So, this is the secret that I allow me and others to meet quality local girls with ease.

In my first years in Thailand, I used to visit the red light districts quite often because it wasn’t easy to meet quality girls.

When I started to use dating sites in Thailand, I soon manage to get more dates then what I actually needed. Today, I never visit the red light districts because I can get better Thai women online.

Having genuine girls interested in me, it is much better than dirty hookers interested only in money.

Do you agree?

I hope this helps you.

I wish you all the best in finding your dream Thai Girl.