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Best Sex Hotels in Phnom Penh: Girl Friendly

25Are you planning to visit Phnom Penh to meet local girls and get laid?

Then, you need to find the right accommodation to make your vision a reality. Not only a place where to deposit your belonging or having a shower, but to be the center stage of your sexual adventures.

Having the right room can be a break dealer when trying to arouse the girls, and certain naughty things require amenities like mirrors on the wall and ceiling so you can look at you and her from different angles.

Having said that, it isn’t necessary to be all kinky stuff, if you are planning to meet the girl for your life during your next trip to Phnom Penh, I know a few places that will impress your love one.

Whatever your intentions are, you should make sure to get a room that makes you feel comfortable as you are going to spend there a few days or week, most probably the best time of your life.

So, a hotel suitable for having sex with hot babes should:

  • Be good value for money;
  • Be suitable for an erotic holiday;
  • Be safe & quite;
  • Be easily accessible;
  • Having friendly Staffs.

Now, besides girls and sex, you might be interested in other things and would like the hotel to be close enough. That’s why you can find the best hotels on the list by activities:



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Best Phnom Penh Adult Hotels For Gambling
Hotels where you can gamble and pick up girls

Best Phnom Penh Hotels For Nightlife & Sex
If you love to go out at night to party and meet girls

Best Luxury Hotels To Impress Her
You want to impress your date or you are used to having only the best


Best Phnom Penh Adult Hotels For Gambling

If you love gambling and girls, Phnom Penh offers a great casino experience just behind that of Las Vegas and Macao.


Naga World Casino & Hotel

This is the only casino in Phnom Penh with attached a hotel. Actually, it’s a complex with also many restaurants from Italian to Japanese food, duty-free shops, barber and other services.

The standard rooms are small, but for the price can’t complain. If you have the cash, go for an executive room or suite. The new hotel towel has the newest room while the old part of the hotel the rooms are tired and definitely they need a refurbishment.

NagaWorld Casino hotel suite jacuzzi

In the casino, there are plenty of girls who hang around trolling for a sugar daddy. Usually, they stay near the slots and if you give them the eye they will follow you like puppy dogs.

If those aren’t enough for you, head to Darlin Darlin Lounge Club. The lounge is located on the ground floor of Nagaworld One. It starts at 7 pm and happy hour is until 9 pm with beers and cocktails 1 for 1.

The crowd will start to pack in after 8 pm. At the back of the bar will be filled with a lot of young freelancers looking for company.

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La Rose Suite

This is absolutely a fantastic hotel to stay located centrally between Naga World and Independence Monument. The staff and amenities are top class, worth to mention the spa and the food cannot be faulted.

Everyone from the front desk staff to housekeeping to the waiters/ waitresses nothing short of excellent.

The hotel is an oasis on beautiful grounds with a relaxing pool and if that isn’t enough there’s also free daily massage and room’s minibar during the stay as well.

The rooms are spacious and beautifully decorated, it’s fun to play around with the girls.

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The Bridge Club

Walking distance from Naga World Casino, there is The Bridge Club hotel which is very accessible to the best tourist spots in the city.

The rooms are clean and I have a nice view of the river. while the lobby is welcoming. The service staff is awesome and looks after you for anything.

They serve breakfast but it’s better to avoid, you can find restaurants just outside like Starbucks and Chinese tea place. The rooms on the top floors are awesome as it has a very pretty view of the city.

bridge club sexy swimming pool

Enjoy using the swimming pool on the roof and the gym is awesome if you need a pump up.

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Best Phnom Penh Hotels For Nightlife & Sex

There are a few streets in the center of Phnom Penh which offer a great nightlife where you can find girls for paying for sex or fuck for free. These are the main areas:

  • Street 104
  • Street 118
  • Street 130
  • Street 136
  • Street 172

And the best hotels nearby are:


Cardamom Hotel & Apartment

The location is unbeatable being walking distance from Poonton – the best nightclub in Phnom Penh – and next to a few KTV bars with hot hostesses.

Cardamom Hotel & Apartment hot cambodian girls

The rooms are small and not so clean like the rest of the hotel anyway. The amenities are basic but for this price can’t complain. The area is very noisy during the night, but that doesn’t matter as you are going out to have fun, right?

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Lavanya Boutique Hotel

This hotel is on the corner of 49st and 136st, a well-known street for its numerous girlie bars. The good thing, being on the edge of the night scene, it’s quiet.

Rooms are large and comfortable, a perfect place to spend the day playing with the girls. There is a small balcony overlooking the main street which offers good privacy, perfect to bed over the girls.

Lavanya Botyque Hotel in Phnom Penh

They serve breakfast on the top floor, offering a wonderful view of the city. It is a kind of romantic, your new girlfriend will love it.

If you leave the bathroom door open, you can see yourself while doggy the girl on the bed. It’s fun.

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Best Luxury Phnom Penh Hotels To Impress Her

Considering the rough conditions of Phnom Penh, I was surprised to find a few internationally recognize hotels with such high standards.

Not only they are luxurious, but their services are top-notch and a great place to spend intimate time with your girlfriend.


Raffles Hotel

This hotel has a lot of history, the building is colonial style and it feels like to be back in the 50s.

The rooms are as you would expect them, classic. What I like most is the small balcony overlooking the garden and pool where you can have a quicky at night while enjoying the view and breath fresh air.

The Elephant bar is classic serving drinks and high tea, you will be blown by the outstanding atmosphere. In the morning the breakfast is served on a covered terrace which is pleasant and romantic.

Overall a good hotel, but not the best in Phnom Phen.

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Intercontinental Hotel

This hotel is a bit outside of the hassle of Phnom Penh, very accessible to the airport. You can take care of your business matters while enjoying your time with a cute local girl.

She is going to love the huge swimming pool which is a reassembling of the ancient Roman spas. The garden surrounding the place is breathtaking.

The rooms are well appointed, not so big but offering a great atmosphere for intimate moments. The best future is the comfortable sofa in the room where you can do so many kinky stuff and feel like a duke.

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Sofitel Hotel

Another colonial hotel, Sofitel offer luxury and a great location. The hotel is on the river, offering great scenery to enjoy with your new girlfriend.

Furthermore, it’s next to Aeon shopping mall where you can take your loved one to buy sexy lingerie and other similar stuff. She is going to be very happy about that.

The hotel staff is courteous like in the other luxury hotel while the food is on 5 stars standards.

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Phnom Penh Girl Friendly Hotels

While other websites and your friends might tell you that if you are going to Phnom Penh, simply pack your bags, get there and find a hotel.

Well, that’s just poor advice, think about planning in your head everything you are going to do when you get to Phnom Penh.

You don’t want to arrive there and waste a few hours walking around looking at a place to sleep, isn’t it? Why waste precious time searching for accommodation when you can spend it enjoying with local girls instead.

Take my advice and use the girl friendly hotels on this list.


What Is A Girl-Friendly Hotel

A hotel that is considered guest or Bargirl friendly, it simply means that the establishment will allow and won’t charge any extra to take back an unregistered guest up to your room.

A joiner fee can cost anywhere around from 15$ to 25$ a night but could be even higher depending on the hotel policy.

So if you unknowingly book a non-guest friendly hotel and plan on taking a girl back up to your room every day for a week, then you’re going to be paying a lot more money unnecessarily…

Or worst outright denied entry since Cambodian hotels are generally more strict than their Thai counterparts.

This is by no means an indication of their respectability as each hotel has different policies as long as you’re somewhat discreet.