Find Sugar Babies In Indonesia: Options, Costs And Tips

Indonesian sugar baby

In Indonesia, you would definitely not be short on options, because there are a lot of sexy, young, and intelligent sugar babies in the country.

Some of these ladies are very open and interested in having a foreign sugar daddy that can treat them right.

However, we can not neglect the fact that finding the perfect sugar baby in Indonesia isn’t easy if you have never done it before.

To make your life easier, we’ll show you the best ways to find sugar babies in Indonesia, the costs, and tips to be successful.


Where Can I Find Sugar Babies In Indonesia

There are a lot of sugar babies in Indonesia, especially in the big cities and popular tourist destinations such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Batam, and Bali.

And the best part is you won’t only find Indonesian sugar babies but also foreign ones.

Below we’ve listed the best places where to start your search:


1. Sugar Sites

Sugar sites are the first go-to option when it comes to finding a sugar relationship. It’s like a marketplace where sugar babies connect with sugar daddies.

We recommend using sites like Whats Your Price and Sugarbabies. They are popular in Indonesia and you’ll find attractive girls that understand the needs of a gentleman.

We would like to point out that those sugar sites are only a connection tool. You still have to go for a Meet & Greet date to understand if there is chemistry and clarify the details of the arrangement.


2. Dating Sites

It might seem weird to search for a sugar baby on a dating site. But in Indonesia, it’s possible.

Indonesian girls are on these dating sites in search of a variety of things, including a sugar relationship.

However, you need to explicitly state your purpose in your bio to avoid confusion.

You can write something like: ‘Adventurous man, searching for a mature sugar baby that can accompany me on a trip to Bali. Dress, dinner, flight, and all other expenses would be settled by me.’

You might get a lot of scams, but you can filter them out with planned video calls, dates, chats, etc.


3. Local Connections

You can definitely get a sugar baby through friends, family, or even neighbors.

There are even situations where an Indonesian wife finds a sugar baby for her husband in order to keep the marriage healthy.

Indonesian people in general are comfortable with such arrangements. So don’t hesitate to let know close people around you that you’re in search of a sugar baby.

However, a sex-positive, liberal, open-minded social circle is important or you might risk ruining your reputation.


4. Speed Dating Events

Attending a speed dating event in Indonesia can help you find a suitable sugar baby.

A speed dating event is where you can meet a lot of single women who are searching for a relationship.

You get a few minutes to talk to one single lady at a time, then switch to another lady. You can casually bring up the ‘sugar relationship’ idea to her, then carefully watch her reaction.

If she seems pissed or annoyed, play it off as a joke. And if she is interested, explain what is all about.


5. Social Media Platforms

You can use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit to scout for potential sugar babies.

There are some Indo sugar babies who use social media platforms to publicly showcase their intention of getting into a sugar relationship.

In other cases where the lady does not showcase such things on her profile, you can try getting friendly with her, then, carefully ask if she’s open to getting into an arrangement.

If you show her the benefits she stands to gain, it would be difficult to back down from such an offer.


How Much Is A Sugar Baby In Indonesia?

The cost of a sugar baby in Indonesia is not accurately definite. It depends on the sugar babies’ age, physique, education, sophistication and hotness.

Beautiful, young, and sexy sugar babies are worth a lot in Indonesia. Local girls with white skin, extremely slim and tall are in high demand.

Some of them may charge as high as 2 million Rupiah per Pay-Per-Meet (PPM), and can cost as high as 40 million Rupiah for a monthly allowance.

For the same specs, a Russian sugar baby in Indonesia costs about $4 million Rupiah for a one-time meeting, and demands a monthly allowance of up to 60 million Rupiah per month.

If you prefer girls with dark skin and not too sophisticated, a PPM of 700k Rupiah or a monthly allowance starting at 4 million Rupiah can land you an Indonesian sugar baby.


Tips To Be An Irresistible Sugar Daddy In Indonesia

sugar daddy in Indonesia

These tips will help you to attract a hot Indonesian sugar baby:

• Choose a lively and attractive profile. As a tip, use a good profile picture that implies that you’re ‘rich’.

• Do not seem desperate when talking to a potential sugar baby. However, this does not mean that you should act lackadaisical.

• Compliment an attractive lady in the noblest way possible.

• Be engaging in your conversations and open-minded too.

• Be clear of your expectations before hitting up any lady. Also, set a budget before starting the search for a sugar baby.

• Be generous. On your first date, get a simple gift for her. It would make you appear thoughtful.


FAQS About Sugaring In Indonesia


What’s the best sugar baby website in Indonesia?

Whats Your Price is the most popular sugar website in Indonesia where sugar daddies meet sugar babies.


Is sugar dating legal in Indonesia?

Yes, it is legal. But make sure your sugar baby is 18+.

David in this video feels like getting arrested at any moment but the girl assures him that isn’t the case…


What is the difference between Bali and Jakarta when it comes to sugar dating?

You can find Indo and Western sugar babies in Bali. Whereas, you can find only Indonesian sugar babies in Jakarta.