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Indonesia Sex Guide For Single Men


Are you wondering about the easiest and best ways to get laid in Indonesia? No worries, this guide has all the info you need to meet and hookup with local girls.

Indonesia isn’t a popular tourist destination for single men, and that my friend is an excellent opportunity for you to have a lot of fun.

When people think of an Islamic country they assume “boringgggg”, but not Indonesia.

This Indonesian Sex Guide last update was 1 September 2022

Covid Travel Restrictions: Indonesia is open to tourists without the need to self-isolate if you’re vaccinated. You only need a negative RT-PCR test result

Before traveling to Indonesia make sure to contact Indonesian girls online. So once you’ll land, you’ll already have companionship. That way you get ahead of the game.

Also, there are many sugar babies in Indonesia seeking an arrangement with older men looking for companionship and intimacy.




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Intro to Sex Tourism in Indonesia
General information about Indonesia sex culture

Where to Find Sex in Indonesia
An overview of the best places to find Indonesian girls for sex

Typical Costs + Tips
General prices in Indonesia to help you budget your adventure

Best Cities in Indonesia to Get Laid
Top destinations to meet girls and have sex


Intro To Sex Tourism In Indonesia

Indonesia isn’t as famous as Thailand and the Philippines for sex tourism, but the sex trade is alive and kicking.

In recent years the government has shut down several red light districts across the country. It has pushed the sex trade online, make it stronger rather than weaker.

That’s the reason why hiring girls online is the easiest and best way to get laid in Indonesia. Red light districts, nightclubs and pick up bars are things of the past.

There are still sex venues like karaoke bars and erotic massage parlors, but they don’t have many ladies like in the past. Police crackdowns have pushed the girls to do business on the net as it flies under the radar.

indonesia girls

Indonesian girl working online.

When you engage the services of an Indonesian prostitute, you shouldn’t worry about scams or getting in trouble. Indonesia is a safe country, and prostitution is well regulated even if it is illegal.

The best part is you don’t need to engage the services of a prostitute if you want to get laid, many girls in Indonesia crave to meet a foreign man.

If you hang out in places where Indonesian girls go to meet foreign men, it’s easy to start a conversation and escalate things.

For example, there are dating sites that connect exclusively Indonesian girls to foreign men.

Why bother to visit bars and nightclubs when you can simply meet horny Indonesian girls online?


What About Sex & Girls In Indonesia?

Women in Indonesia are confident but yet submissive. It is a pleasure to spend long hours to have conversations with them as they are assertive in their speech, but they always let you lead.

They are a representation of religion and traditions where they see the men as the leader. If an Indonesian lady knows that something gives you pleasure, she goes the extra mile to satisfy you.

These are the reasons why you should find an Indonesian sugar baby. And unlike

Sex is taboo in Indonesia, but the girls are wild and passionate once behind closed doors…

indonesia sex girls

They know how to make you horny and how to please. They expect you to be dominant, so you should lead and offer her guidance. You’re the sole decision-maker.

The same applies when you date an Indonesian lady, she expects you to lead her to the bedroom. Don’t be skeptical if she is up to hook up… They go with the flow and love to have an awesome time.

In conclusion, getting laid in Indonesia isn’t that hard if you search for girls in the right places. If you are wondering where to find ladies down to fuck, in the next chapter, I have listed the best spots.


Where To Find Sex In Indonesia

The best places to find girls for sex in Indonesia are…


Indonesian girl online

Indonesian girls use apps and sites to get laid with foreign men. There you can find girls and even couples looking for no string attached sex.

It’s a big mixed bag where you can find ladies for all sorts of things: students that want to have experiences with a foreign man, sugar babies and horny mature women.

Be aware that there are also working girls in the mix, and it’s hard to tell. Usually you’ll find out the next morning when she’ll ask for taxi money.

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

Clubs and bars are an interesting option if you are confident, young, and outgoing. You can meet party girls as well as prostitutes.

During weekdays most of the girls out at night are freelancers (self-employed prostitutes). During weekends your chance to score regular girl is much higher.

You need to understand who is who, and differentiate between the “normal” girls and the hookers. Sex workers in Indonesia try to fly under the radar as much as possible.

So, don’t get surprised to be asked money the next morning even though she looked like a nice girl.

KTV/Karaoke Bars

indonesia bar girls

You can find karaoke bars in most Indonesian cities, ask any taxi driver and they will take you there.

In this type of bar, you rent a room where you drink in the company of karaoke girls while singing songs with friends. When you are ready to have sex, there are rooms available on the premises.

However, the prices are ridicules: about 1 million Rupiah to rent the karaoke room and have drinks, plus another million Rupiah to have sex with the bar girls.

Girlie Bars

indonesian hookers

Not as popular as in Thailand and the Philippines. You can meet local girls for sex in beer bars along Jalan Falatehan I in Jakarta, as well as on Jalan Legian in Kuta Bali.

The atmosphere is chilled in those bars; You can play pool, watch sports events on TV and meet other expatriates or tourists alike while meeting bar girls.

If you would like to take a girl out of the bar, there isn’t any bar fine to pay, but you need to check the rules of the bar. A few places don’t allow their girls to leave before closing time.

You need to negotiate the price for sex directly with the bar girls, which should be no more than 600.000 Rupiah.

Strip Clubs

indonesian brothel girls

It might sound controversial that there are more striptease clubs in Indonesia than beer bars, but that is how it is.

You can find striptease clubs in any Indonesian city. Jakarta is the best, not only you can find sexy Indonesian women but also Thais, Chinese, Russian and Koran girls.

Those clubs used to have full naked girls dancing in a center stage until last year. Unfortunately, for now, that isn’t anymore the case. You can still find sexy girls happily dancing but wearing a bikini instead of “Mother Nature.”

Soapy Massage Parlours

indonesian massage girls

The soapy massage parlours in Indonesia are considered a “one-stop entrainment” place.  They offer spa services, karaoke rooms, and even striptease shows. In other words: it’s a sex town all on its own.

They operate 24/7, so you can get sex any time of day and night.

Happy Ending Massage Shops

indonesia happy ending massage

Contrary to the soapy massage parlours, these shops are small, intimate, and sex is cheap.

Where you can’t find the big soapy massage parlours like in the small towns, you can still get a happy ending in a typical massage shop.

And keep in mind that you are in a Muslim country, so don’t expect to see the girls wearing sexy outfit standing in front of the shop. Everything happens underground… So, be cautious in your approach and ask politely for some extras.


Indonesia brothel area

On the other end, local brothels are the cheapest and lowest type of prostitution in Indonesia. They usually cater to local men, but if you show up, you are going to get serviced.

Don’t expect to find anything worth your time as most women are over their 30s and not in good shape. However, if you are the type of adventurous guy, you will find plenty of it here.


indonesian hookers at night

Indonesian street hookers aren’t so common because the country is conservative. That the reason why the government has clear out the biggest red-light district in Indonesia: Kalijodo.

You can meet them late at night outside the nightclubs or nearby pick up bars area.

Their price is strongly negotiable and can go down as far as 200.000 Rupiah for a night of sex.

Escort – Indonesian Call Girls

where to find indonesian escort

Escorts in Indonesia are the most expensive but also the most convenient way to have paid sex.

For example, if you are visiting for business and don’t have much time at your disposal, then having an Indonesian call girl coming directly to your hotel room is worth the cost.

As said before, if you haven’t much time, they might be your only option to have sex in Indonesia.


Typical Costs

• Entrainment And Companionship: Indonesia being huge and having wealth gaps between the main cities and towns, so the cost can vary.

Erotic massage offers an all-inclusive package starting at 700.000 Rupiah up to 1.600.000 Rupiah, depending on the type of girl. Another expensive option is to go for karaoke girls. The price starts at 1 million Rupiahs.

Freelancers in nightclubs and streets charge 300.000-900.000 Rupiahs for all night.

The cheapest option is to contact girls on dating sites and meet up for a drink or a meal.

• Accommodation: There are a variety of hotels for all budgets, from the luxury resort in Bali to the cheap rooms in West Java. If you spend less then 600.000 Rupiah a day, expect a shitty room.

Make sure you do not leave anything behind like lingerie. There were instances when hotels returned such items to the mailing address.

You don’t want your spouse to find out… Right?

• Food: Local food is extremely cheap, starting at 20.000 Rupiah per dish. You will spend around 60.000 Rupiah for a full local meal from street vendors.

Western food can be found in the stand-alone restaurant or in five stars hotels.

In stand-alone restaurants, it is affordable at around 120.000 Rupiah for a meal while prices rise to the sky for a five-stars experience.

• Transportation: Local transportation is cheap, costing only a few dollars.

For traveling between islands, ferries cost around 30.000 Rupiah for a 1-2 hour journey. A ten-hour journey bus costs around 130.000 Rupiah. The overnight bus will start at about 100.000 Rupiah.


Tips & Tricks

• Negotiate Price: Indonesian girls will try their luck, don’t be surprised to hear offers in millions of Rupiah.

• Valuables in the safe: When you leave the room and while you are showering, keep your valuables locked up.

• Go local: The easiest way to save money in Indonesia is to live like a local: take local buses, eat local food and get laid with Indonesian women.

• The legal age of consent is 18 and you are strongly advised to stay clear of anything younger than that. Being a Muslim country, they might jail you for a while. The age of consent is 16 years old.

• Body Test: Before negotiating the sex price, spend some time to talk to the girls. It’ll allow you to touch and feel their bodies.

Don’t be shy. Tight jeans, push-up bra, and high heels are the few common tricks that Indo women use to look sexy.


Best Cities In Indonesia To Get Laid

getting laid with women in indonesia

Bali Sex Guide – is a popular travel destination, well-known for its vibrant nightlife and beaches popular among surfers.

You can get easy sex in Bali either with ladyboys or women thanks to well established sexual establishments.

Not only Bali girls are sexy, but they are passionate in bed.

Jakarta Sex Guide is the capital and largest city of Indonesia, located on the northwest of the island of Java.

There are 3 red-light districts in Jakarta where you can find several different types of working girls all in one area. This is the reason why it’s easy to have sex in Jakarta.

But Jakarta has more to offer… A vivid and thriving nightlife with sky bars, nightclubs, and lounges where you can pick up single girls.

Bandung Sex Guide– is only 2-3 hours from Jakarta.

Many sexy girls from Jakarta visit Bandung on weekends as it’s a popular destination to party. The reason is the many universities around the city, at night army of students, go out to have fun.

If picking up girls isn’t your thing, you can always enjoy the spas which offer massage with happy endings or the numerous hostesses bars.

Batam Sex Guide– is an island located 20 Km from Singapore.

Sex tourism is alive and kicking over there for two simple reasons: it’s cheap and Batam girls are hot!





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