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How To Join A Sex Party In Thailand

Visiting or living in Thailand and fancy going to a sex party? Then you’ll find all the info that you need in this article.

Everyone knows that Thailand is a great place for nightlife and sex, but no one talks about the private parties happening behind closed doors.

The swinger community in Thailand is huge but it’s also reserved.

Yet, it welcomes everyone without discrimination. This means no matter you’re a single or a couple… White or black… Asian or Caucasian… There are plenty of opportunities for no string attached sex.

Most people think about sex parties in the form of gang bangs where several people meet up to fuck each other. But in Thailand, you’ll find several intimate parties like threesomes or couple swaps.

The thing is sex clubs in Thailand are illegal so the only way to go for a sex party is by invite-only. And in this article, I’m going to show you exactly how to join one.

But first, let’s clear up some confusion about the sex parties that take place in Thailand.


What Are Thailand Sex Parties All About?

Sex parties are also known as swinger parties take place in a private residence or hotel room and are host usually by an experienced couple.

So you shouldn’t worry if it’s your first time, they know what it feels like.

Some couples search only for a female or male while other couples prefer to swing with like-minded couples.

And then there are people with fantasies like getting their wife gang bang by several men.

You’ll find out that everyone is into one sort of kink or the other when attending a sex party in Thailand.

They are mostly hosted in tourist destinations like Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya,

Sex parties in Bangkok are the most exclusive and invite-only. The reason is Bangkok swingers value their privacy and they don’t meet up only to have sex, but also to celebrate special parties.

So if you want to participate you need to get invited by one of the members. Later I’ll show you how to network with them.

Instead, outside Bangkok in popular tourist destinations like Phuket, Pattaya, Hua Hin, and Chiang Mai, group sex parties are mostly organized by couples on holiday.

Be sure to dress charmingly when attending a Thai sex party. Also, don’t go against the host’s rules if you don’t want to get cut off.


Where To Find Sex Parties in Thailand

swingers in Thailand

The best way to find a sex party in Thailand is to get invited by a like-minded person or someone experienced in this sort of affair.


1. Join An Adult Community

A sure way to meet swinging couples and find sex partners for any sexual needs or fantasies, it’s to join an adult community.

The most popular adult community in Thailand at the moment is Asian Match Mate. Horny singles, couples and swingers use it to find fuck buddies, hookups, sex parties and even orgies.

All you have to do is create a profile, add a few kinky photos or videos, and add to your bio that you want to join a sex party in Thailand.

Get to know the people in the community, and it won’t take long before someone invite you to a group sex activity. Just be patient because the community has to be able to trust you and know that you’ll be discreet.

Also, there’s a public board on Asian match Mate that shows upcoming sex parties around Thailand.


2. Stay in a Nudist Resort

This might be surprising, but you can find several nudist resorts in Thailand. Though, they usually go by the term, “Naturist”.

A nudist resort is actually relaxing and comforting. It breeds a liberating sensation, and once you get in, you get the chance to mingle with sexually open minded people as you can see in this video…

Have a few drinks with the couples there to get to know each other better. And if you click, ask them to join you in the room for some more drinks.

After having a good time, just let them know that you would like to attend a swinger party, orgy, or whatever you’re looking for. You’ll be sure to get a connection, or at best, an invitation.


3. Visit Nude Beaches

Nude beaches are hidden in Thailand. The reason is that they do not conform to Thailand’s customs, even though, it is not illegal.

However, this does not stop anyone from enjoying the beach and sea, naked.

People who go to nudist beaches are usually sexually open-minded. And most of them know where the sex parties happen.

Here is a list of nude beaches in Thailand that I recommend:

  • Mai Khao Beach – A Peaceful Beach
  • Nui Beach Phuket – The Secret Thai Beach (Serene and Private)
  • Cosy Island Beach – A Stunning Beach
  • Buddha Beach – An Exotic Beach
  • Leela Beach – A Pristine Beach


4. Go To A Tantra Workshop

There are several Tantric workshops in Thailand, especially in Bangkok.

The couples who participate want to deepen their sexual knowledge and learn about new ways of pleasure. Meaning they are the perfect place to meet open-minded people forward sex.

Often you’ll make new friends that are into swapping partners and regularly attend sex parties.

I recommend joining a Tantric course to make new friends. However, this method isn’t bulletproof. It isn’t a guarantee you’ll meet people into swinging or similar activities.


FAQs About Thai Sex Parties

Thailand sex party on the beach

Is it free to join a Thai sex party?

It is usually free to join, but some hosts charge an admission fee (about 3.000 baht) for men in order to get rid of unserious ones.

You might also have to pay for your room if the sex party takes place in a hotel.

Are there any swinger clubs in Thailand?

No, there aren’t any swinger clubs in Thailand. The only way to join a swinger party is by private invitation.

To network with sexually open-minded people, use a popular hookup site in Thailand, stay in nudist resorts and visit beaches for nudists.

Which destinations are popular among swingers in Thailand?

You’ll find swingers in the most popular tourist destinations like Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya.

Are solo males allowed to join group sex activities in Thailand?

If you have special skills or are lucky to have a big tool, you have a good chance. Otherwise, I suggest renting a Thai girl and attending the party with her.

Where can I find erotic events?

You can find erotic events in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket inside the red light districts. There are bars operating ping pong shows, sexy nude dances with candles/snakes, and erotic strip tease.

Where to find orgies in Thailand?

The best way to find orgies in Thailand is to network with sexually open-minded people. You’ll find them on sites like Asian Match Mate.