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How To Rent Escort Girls In Bali

You are ready and excited to visit Bali, but you don’t know how to go about hiring a girl in Bali. And you don’t want to pay the outrageous price escort agencies ask.

I’ve been quoted 800 US$ for a day of companionship here, and with the greatest respect, the girls weren’t that attractive. I don’t know what they offer once behind closed doors, but I hope it’s worth the investment.

What I know is how to find young and horny girls willing to escort you around Bali at a fraction of the cost. And it doesn’t have to be necessarily a working girl.

The majority of girls that come from poor backgrounds accept financial help from a man to make ends meet. That doesn’t automatically make them prostitutes.

In a country where the basic salary is 150 US$, it’s understandable the girls need to make extra cash on the side.


What’s The Price For A Bali Escort? 

The cost of a Bali girl varies according to several factors, but the most important is where you get her from.

As said earlier, book a girl from an escort agency cost about 200 US$ per hour. If you are after sex with young and horny girls, forget about escorts and instead visit an erotic massage spas in Bali. You get rubdown and service for about 70-90 US$.

But if you want to rent a girl in Bali for a week or two, you can find plenty of beautiful Indonesian girls for 30-100 US$ per day… And below I explain where to find them.

If you are planning to stay here for long periods of time, you should consider rent a Balinese girlfriend for 200-1.200 US$ per month.


Where To Find Escort Girls In Bali

Are you looking for a Bali escort by the hour or for a few days/weeks? You need to ask yourself this question to find the right lady for you.

Girls that offer sexual services by the hours aren’t suitable for a long term arrangement. They don’t have the feelings and emotional intelligence to offer a girlfriend experience: affection, romantic moments and company.


Escorts By The Hour

I imagine if you are looking for an escort by the hour, you want only sex. There are several options to get a quick laid in Bali, and the fastest one is to visit a brothel.

Perhaps that is too much to the point and you want some kind of interaction with the girls. In this case, you can go out at night and hook up with working girls in the nightclubs. You can have a chat, some flirting, several drinks and take a girl back to your room for some fun.

I didn’t mention getting in contact with an escort agency because the 200 US$ per hour rate is outrageous and in my opinion not worth it. But if you have money to throw away, why not.


Escorts For A Few Days Or Weeks

It takes more than just good sex to have a good time with a Bali girl for more than a night. Should be there some reciprocal feelings and genuine interest in each other. Meaning she shouldn’t be with you only for the money.

The good thing about Indonesian women is they fall in love with you pretty easily. And when they feel that way, you can expect to have amazing moments together.

The best way to find Bali girls for companionship and intimacy is to use a popular dating site. Look for students and young girls who might need some financial help.

Don’t let their pretense hold you back. They might tell you they consider only men with serious intentions, but in reality, they are ready to jump on your boat when you offer a financial opportunity.

When you message the girls, be straight to the point: “Hey there, my name is Rocco and next week I’ll be in Bali. Are you interested to meet up?

You’ll find that 80% of the girls are up for it. Just meet up once in Bali, and have a good time.


Sugar Babies In Bali

The girls you find on dating sites are a bit shy and quiet. They are like the nice girl next door. That might be attractive for some men but not for others.

Maybe you are looking for a special lady as an escort. The finest and most elegant lady, one can have a smart conversation and know how to charm a man. A hot girl that knows how to undress and impress…

Russian escort in Bali Seminyak

Where you can wine and dine while enjoying her company. Follow by nights of intense sex.

This type of girls doesn’t hang out either on dating sites or nightclubs, yet you can find them on arrangement sites. There are European and Indonesian girls using this site in Bali to meet generous men that value smart and beautiful women.

Here’s the catch – some sugar babies in Bali want a long term arrangement about 1-3 months. Most accepts a short period of time like one or two weeks, but keep in mind that to get the best rates, you’ll have to make a long term commitment.


How To Get Cheap Escort Ladies In Bali

Like I mentioned above, the best way to find ladies for companionship is to get in contact by using dating sites and apps popular in Bali.

Many girls never ask for money, and sometimes they get offended if you offer. A few ladies even pay for the date. Of course, these are Indonesian girls without financial obligations that hope to find a foreign husband.

If you prefer a speedy way to find girls in Bali, blast out a bunch of introductions (copy and paste the same line) and offer 30 US$ per day to stay with you. You’ll find several ladies jumping on the deal.

Now keep in mind, that unless you can afford to spend some serious money on a sugar baby in Bali, you won’t have the smartest and hottest girls.

Anyway, the thing you don’t want absolutely do is to book the services of call girls from online escort agencies. Not only they are expensive, but they employ bait and switch tactics. Meaning you never get the girl you ask for.

If you want to have sex every day in Bali, don’t forget to check out my Bali sex guide for single men.

Have fun!