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3 Best Dating Sites To Meet Filipino Girls Online

3 Best Dating Sites To Contact Indonesian Girls Online

So, you’re looking for Indonesian girls but you don’t know where to start the search, and online dating popped into your mind.

But which dating site offers the most? Most girls, best privacy, and secure online space?

hot indonesian girls met on dating sites online

Over the years I’ve tried all of them, I noticed that some produce a better result than others and figure out that all come down to the quality of the members on the platform.

So, today, I’m reviewing the 3 best Indonesian dating sites to meet girls genuinely interested in foreign men.

In my experience, most girls are looking for a long term relationship, but if you’re a man traveling for business or only pleasure, you can find a vacation girl.

Before getting started, a word of caution: “Like in any other parts of the world, the dating scene in Indonesia has scammers and gold diggers in the mix.”

But don’t let this hold you back. While there are few “bad” members, there are far more good minded girls. The truth is, there are some absolutely wonderful girls out there.

The only question is: “Are you serious enough?”

Don’t get me wrong, but most men give up at the first attempt.

When looking for a good Indonesian girl, you’ll need to be patient. The secret here is just to take your time and not to rush into sexual conversations.

Without further ado, let’s explore the 3 best dating sites in Indonesia that will help you find true love or anything else, for that matter 🙂


Indonesia Cupid


Indonesian Cupid is my favorite dating site because is an excellent balance between the number of members, quality, and affordability.

You can chat with girls 24/7. There are always a few hundred girls online anytime I log in. Yesterday at 7 pm there were 522 women online.

You can filter the girls by location which is convenient if you have already plan your holiday in a particular destination in Indonesia.

Some girl speaks better English than others, but in general, it’s good practice to use unsophisticated phrases or concepts. Keep it simple and sweet.

Having said that, you’ll be surprised to meet many educated girls working professional jobs such lawyer, accountant or secretary with excellent English language knowledge.

If you would like to meet students, there are a good number of girls looking to improve their English if you don’t mind being a teacher.

Here my story… I once met a student from Bandung that wanted to practice English with a foreigner for her business administration degree.

Very cute, small body and a lovely attitude.

We become friends and eventually, I went for a week-long holiday around West Java with her.

guide to dating bandung girls

Just imagine the feeling to feel young again by going around with a young and love caring student. It felt like the good old school days.

She was so happy to practice her English with me, and I was so happy teaching her all the good and bad things. A WIN-WIN situation.

Who is behind this site?

CupidMedia Group who owns a broad range of niche websites focuses on dating.

This is the best Indonesian dating site out there, with an emphasis in detecting scammers. The platform is robust, friendly and easy to use.

They have got a translation service with their Gold package (US$24.99 per month) that can be handy if your English isn’t so great.

P.S For higher search rankings and video messaging capability go Platinum for US$29.99 so you can jump ahead of the pack.


Asian Kisses


This site is popular in Asia, not particularly target to Indonesia so don’t expect as many girls as on Indonesia Cupid.

It’s easy to navigate, use and you can meet a wide range of girls of any age. This site doesn’t have a detention system for scammers, so follow your guts when scanning the profiles.

Just ask yourself: “Is it too good to be true?”

This site being free don’t offer the privilege to rank your profile higher in the search ranking, so you need to work harder to attract the “right” girls. So, get used to spending a lot of time in weeding low-quality profiles while getting little results.

If you would like to learn more about how to get the hottest girls on the dating sites, check out this article: why free Asian dating sites don’t work.


Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement isn’t a traditional dating site but an arrangement site. If you want university type of girls that are intelligent and know how to charm a man, then this is the place for you.

The girls here besides being beautiful and smart, can hold up interesting conversations. You’ll not find that many ladies in the provinces through this site. It is more popular among city girls who know what they are worth.

The girls on Seeking Arrangement offer a girlfriend experience (company, sex, understanding, entertainment) but without any downside of a serious relationship (drama, jealousy, over-demanding).

You can search for girls base on interests: discrete affair, lifestyle, travel, long term relationship, friend with benefits, romance, vacation, and so on.

The site is free to use, but if you want to chat with the girls you need to become a member. The membership is 89.95 usd per month with automatic renewal, or 79.95 usd per month if you subscribe for three months.
Beautiful girl on Indonesian dating sites

My Thoughts About Indonesian Dating Sites

If you’re looking for Indonesian singles, online dating is by far the simpler and best way to go.

Overall, 60% of the girls are looking for a serious relationship. Another 30% is looking at having a discrete adventure with a foreigner… And less than 10% is looking for money and a SugarDaddy.

Depending on which dating site or application you use, you can pretty much chat with any type of women you could think of:

  • Students
  • Office girls
  • Single moms
  • Ethnicity or religion.

I wish you all the best in searching for your dream Indonesian lady. There are so many beautiful and willing out there.


“Rocco, I just came back from Indonesia. Stayed with a Muslim woman whom I met online. She was specifically looking for a man from the United States. I fit the bill.

She grew tired of dealing with Muslim men and their attitudes toward women. We had been conversing online for about three months prior to my visit.

She is an educated woman with a good job. We had a great time.

She wants me to come back again soon to meet her family. Needless to say that I am planning my next trip to see her.

Thank you for your advice. Regards, James”