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A Complete Guide To Sensual And Erotic Massage In Bali So You Can Climax

This guide provides reviews of the best Bali sex massage parlors, tips, and prices to enjoy an erotic massage in Bali.

There are several types of sensual massages in Bali from the nude massage to the tantric experience. It takes knowledge and experience to find the best sex massage in Bali. I had a fair amount of disappointments in searching for those “happy places.”

This guide is designed to assist you to get the best erotic massage available in Bali, and not only in a massage parlor.


What Is A Balinese Sensual Massage?

In short, it’s a sensual and erotic massage that finishes with a happy ending. There are several variations, from the body to body massage with a nude therapist, to full body oil massage that ends in orgasm through a handjob, blowjob, or sexual intercourse.

The massage parlors that I’ve reviewed below usually offer all-inclusive services. Meaning the price you pay is for a sensual massage followed by a happy ending. The most common services are body to body massage with Nuru gel (b2b massage), tantric massage, and four hands massage.

When you visit a small massage shop in the street, you pay for a regular massage to the shop, and in the privacy of the room, you deal directly with the therapist for any extra. That doesn’t mean every massage girl offers sexual services.


General Costs And Prices

It’s important to know the prices for a massage in Bali so you don’t get ripped off.

A full body massage for an hour would usually cost 60k rupiahs. And anything around that price range indicates that it’s just a regular massage.

You can get girls in your room for about 300k. The massage isn’t that great because the girls are usually young and inexperienced, but the sex part is worth the price.

A happy ending in a massage parlor starts at 350k for a handjob, 500k for a blowjob and more than 700k for full service.

The standard price for a body to body massage in Bali is 800k. Not always includes sex, so you better ask reception for details.


Tips And Tricks

Bali is probably the only place I’ve been in Asia where a happy ending is not the norm after a massage. There isn’t anything more frustrating to get massaged by a cute lady only not being allowed to undress and touch her.

There are also scammers trying to rip you off. It can be a real jungle if you don’t know how to go about it. Here are some tips and tricks to enjoying erotic massages in Bali:

• Contact girls online: Why visit a massage parlor when you can contact Indonesian girls for massage online?

• Be direct: Girls online are ready to jump on the deal: “Hi, my name is Rocco and next week I’ll be in Bali. Do you know anyone who can massage me for 300k?

• Stay in these areas: Kuta and Denpasar have the most erotic massage parlors in Bali.

Don’t put your belonging under the massage bed. The massage lady might try to go in your pocket and steal money. Fold them and lay them next to your head.

In conclusion, erotic parlors will set you back 350k to 1.200.000 rupiahs per girl. The girl’s look and their massage skills are nothing to brag about. Meaning you don’t get a good value for money.

If you want to get an erotic massage with a smile and directly in your room, send out a bunch of messages on girls on dating sites. Not only it’s cheaper, but there are some real beauties out there.

I wish you “happy moments” in Bali.


Where To Find Erotic Massages In Bali

bali sex massage girls in Kuta

Body to body massage girls in Kuta – Bali

If you are looking for an erotic massage in Bali possibly with a naked masseur, the best areas are Kuta, Legian, Denpasar, and Seminyak.

In Ubud, Canggu and Sanur, there are only traditional massage parlors. If you stay in these areas, your only option is to get an erotic massage directly to your room. I explain below how I usually do.


Map of Erotic Massage Parlors in Bali


Get An Erotic Massage In Your Room

If you are looking for an erotic massage and don’t mind the girl being an amateur, you can find girls online happy to serve you for 300k rupiahs. Add 200k and she’ll stay with you overnight.

No need to take a taxi, she’ll go to you. No need to pay crazy money, she’ll serve you well for less. No hoping she’ll get naked and give a happy ending, once in your room you are in control.

What’s better than a young girl in your room all night?

massage girl seminyak

Maybe having two girls to massage you. The good thing is there are plenty of girls online willing to visit you for a massage and some fun.

During my last stay in Jimbaran (an area of Bali without erotic massage parlors), I made a deal with a girl who I met on a dating site. She would visit me twice per week, massage and fool around for 300k each visit.

At first, she was a bit shy, but soon she got comfortable massaging herself fully naked. I can still remember her watering mouth, small ass, and soft skin.


Best Erotic Massage In Seminyak

In Seminyak, there are plenty of parlors that offer erotic services. They aren’t hard to spot, you’ll sexy girls waving and smiling at you.

It’s worth to mention Flame Spa which is a hidden gem in Kerobokan that offer nude massage by young and attractive girls.

  • Prices: Massage with girls wearing a bikini is 500k. For a naked body to body massage, the price starts at 900k.


Best Erotic Massage In Denpasar

Sriya Spa is the most exotic massage place in Bali. They have “different services” like girls pouring chocolate on your body and then lick it… Or a sensual beer massage.

Yet, Sriya Spa is famous for the Nuru massage which consists of a gel body to body massage with a naked therapist. You can opt for two girls as well.

  • Prices: Nuru massage price is 1.200.000 rupiahs. Massage with two girls is 1.600.000 rupiahs.

Royal Palace is a big erotic spa in Denpasar that focuses on the local clientele, but they welcome foreigners.

They have some really hot and young girls but the service isn’t that great. Most girls refuse to suck.

  • Prices: 500k for massage and handjob or 750k for full service.


Best Erotic Massage In Legian – Kuta

Legian has a few well-reputed sensual massage places.

Flame Spa is an excellent erotic massage parlor in Kuta that offers one of the best body to body massage in Bali.

  • Prices: 600k for a Lingman massage (handjob massage). Body to body massage price is 900k.

Delta Spas are well known all around Indonesia, they have branches in most cities… And the Delta Spa branch in Bali is in Kuta.

Delta Spa offer proper massages with the option to get a happy ending. If you are after a quality erotic massage that isn’t only about sex, Delta Spa might be your best option.

The downside is that you have to deal directly with the massage girls for any extras. It’s a hit or miss scenario where each therapist decide what to offer.

  • Prices: The standard price for handjob is 500k and 700k for a BJ.


Best Erotic Massage In Kuta Center

Rivierview Spa offers all-inclusive sex massages similar to Flame Spa. You can get a simple massage with handjob, or a tantric massage or a body to body massage.

The best future is their rooms with jacuzzi and big mirrors so that you can look at yourself and the girl from different angles.

  • Prices: Standard massage with a happy ending for 450k; The masseur is naked, massage and full sex for 950k; Two masseurs naked, massage and full sex for 1.7M.