dating kota kinabalu girls

Guide To Dating Kota Kinabalu Girls For Single Guys

If you are trying to get single girls in Kota Kinabalu to date you, this guide will be revealing the coolest spots to pick up women, both at day and night.

We’ll start with the nightlife in Kota Kinabalu, touching the best nightclubs and pick up bars in town. Then you will be guided through the rewards of daytime pickups and online dating.

You’ll feel confident to pull dates and getting laid after reading this guide.


Kota Kinabalu Nightlife for Singles

The nightlife scene is not the biggest around, actually is conservative. There are hot babes out every day of the week, however the weekends are the busiest days.


There isn’t anymore one area to go out at night like used to be a few years ago (it used to be Waterfront), so you better pick a place and to stick to it as the logistic is bad.

Consider staying in Le Meridien Hotel which is located in the city center and easily accessible from anywhere around town.

In this hotel, there is a wine bar that is the ideal to take a date and later take her to the bedroom. Girls in Kota Kinabalu find foreigners very attractive, but there is a local stigma, so keep that in mind when out at night.


Best Nightclubs & Bars To Pick Up Girls

There aren’t so many places where to go out to pick up girls, so don’t pass on any opportunities to get a phone number.

Below are some of the current hottest clubs and bars in Kota Kinabalu.

  1. Best Entertainment Destination
    B.E.D is one of the coolest bars in Kota Kinabalu with a steady flow of large groups of beautiful women. They serve awesome cocktails and have good performances every night.
  1. 999 Bar
    999 Bar is one of the largest nightclubs in Kota Kinabalu. The music and the booze are pretty good here.
  1. MYNT Club
    I can assure you that booze here is cheap and the staff is friendly. MYNT has good DJs that single and very promiscuous women enjoy dancing to.
  1. M-Cubbed
    It’s a nice nightclub that comes to life a little later into the night with single girls and music. You might run into hookers here so be sure to ask politely.
  1. Euphoria club
    Euphoria club has always a good girl-guy ratio.
  1. D’Blue Corner – D’Blue Corner is a spacious and stylish club with affordable drinks perfect for picking up women without necessarily dancing.
  1. Sullys Bar
    It is one of the best places to score hot Kota Kinabulu girls, especially on weekends.
    It is one of the classiest nightclubs in Kota Kinabalu.


How To Meet Women In Kota Kinabalu During The Day

The night scene doesn’t appeal to everyone, but you can always meet women during the day in malls or by the beach.


Kota Kinabalu women like foreign men just the same way they enjoy shopping, so the two things go in hand to hand. Shopping malls are the hot spots to converse with local women and exchange contact on the go.

This is true with the girls working in the many shops, just approach by asking a general question, make them laugh and go for the contact number.

The best malls in Kota Kinabalu are Oceanus Waterfall Mall, Karamunsing Complex, or City Mall.

A great majority of Kota Kinabalu women at these malls are usually shopping with friends, so you may not find them alone. That is a good thing because girls in a group feel less intimidated to talk to you.


Chat With Single Girls Online

If you feel frustrated when talking to girls face to face, you can meet local girls online.

These days, girls in Kota Kinabalu can be reached in a different way – on their phone. As you reach the girls’ phones, your chances to hook up will increase because this way is less confrontational.


There is a bit of everything on dating sites, from the girl that wants to get married to adventurous women with the intention of just having sex with foreign men. It is perfectly understandable that they don’t want to be seen in public, so they rely on the privacy of dating sites.


Tips for Single Guys in Kota Kinabalu

Now, I can share some tips on how to plan for your first date. Kota Kinabalu has a few wine bars and even a rooftop restaurant that are good enough to impress your dates.

Keep in mind that most Kota Kinabalu girls are easy to impress, so you can take them to eat local food.

Consider staying in Le Meridien hotel as it is centrally located and has a good wine bar where you can invite the girls before heading to the room.

Kota Kinabalu is a beautiful city to visit for any adventurous single man. The Tasty food and affordable hotels together with the hot single women are more than enough reasons to visit.


Enjoy Dating Kota Kinabulu Girls

Kota Kinabalu is an awesome place to visit even if you don’t score a hot Kota Kinabulu girl. However, successfully seducing local women might become one of your greatest memories.


If you are having fun in any part of Kota Kinabalu that you are, that’s cool. Nonetheless, if you are not, just check out another part.

If you want to secure dates before you arrive in Kota Kinabalu, use a dating site. That way you can be more certain of your chances of scoring.

That ends this dating guide to meet Kota Kinabulu girls. Enjoy your wonderful stay here.