How To Pick Up Girls In Penang & Get Laid

If you want to pick up girls in Penang and get laid, you need to understand the dating culture over there.

Things just work differently here than other Asian countries for two main reasons: the heavy influence of Islam and the multi-ethnic groups present on the island.

You might know this already but it is worth repeating: Muslim girls are conservative and take a longer time to crack. The good thing is there are other ethnics groups in Penang that have nothing to do with Islam as they are Buddhist and Christian.

In fact, your highest chances of scoring are with the Malaysian Chinese simply because they are more open-minded than other races. Once you crack them, you are up for some serious fun as they love to have sex.

Did I mention that they are HOT?


Is It Hard To Pick Up Women In Penang?

It depends on the situation you are in and the way you approach.

If you start talking to single girls, that is a straight forward way to get her phone number and work them over text messages. But if you are out in social places like the nightclubs, that is going to be hard to meet girls.

The thing is people go out every week in the same place and with the same friends. Meaning everyone knows each other.

If a stranger walk in and approach a few girls, they go in defense mode. Even if you are so charming to get the conversation going, someone in the group is going to cock block you.

Social places like bars and nightclubs aren’t good spots to hunt for girls. There are too many external forces that keep local girls away from you.

The good thing is most girls in Penang are extremely attracted to foreign men.

You look exotic in their eyes the same way you look at them. They want to talk to you, hook up and give you the best time of your life.

Women in Penang are friendly, fun and horny…

The answer to your question “Is It Hard To Pick Up Women In Penang?” It’s “No!” They are eager to talk and meet you, but you need to meet them in the right place.


Best Places To Meet Girls In Penang

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 1. Online

The moment you land in Penang, you notice immediately how girls are addicted to their phones.

That is a great opportunity to get in front of their phone’s screen and invite them out for a date.

It might be irritating for you if you like the old way to pick up girls. But if you play the online dating game the right way, you can easily hook up with girls.

The best way to do so is by using a popular dating site in Malaysia. Girls on dating sites are there because they want to meet a foreign man.

To get started, feel up your profile with a realistic view about your life and what you are looking for in a girl.

Upload a few good photos where you are groomed, well dressed and look at best. Not drunk, stoned or posing in front of a Maserati that isn’t yours 🙂

Make sure to verify your profile as this puts you straight up on the search and that “verified badge” is going to land you more attention and response from the girls. Then search for matches in “Pahang” (Penang).

That’s it! Build your list of potential girlfriends, and once in Penang, just meet up.


2. Day Game

There’s no doubt that online dating is the fastest and most efficient way to meet and date girls in Penang, but if you prefer the hard way you can always pick up girls in the malls.

A good place where it’s easy to start a conversation is the food court, there are always girls hanging out there. Lunchtime is the best time to meet office girls while in the afternoon and evening there are many students.

The most popular malls in Penang to meet girls are:

Of course, there are many other opportunities to pick up girls during the day like the girls working in restaurant and shops.

Just approach asking for information about a product, and then ask for a contact. But take it easy and make sure to go for the phone number after having talked to them for a few minutes and a few jokes otherwise they might label you as a “playboy”.

And the last way to meet girls is by going out at night.


3. Nightlife In Penang For Singles

I’m not a huge fan of Penang nightlife but there are opportunities especially on weekends when the students and office girls go wild…

The only hard part is that you need to be able to break in the groups if you want to land opportunities with local girls. That requires a high level of social skills and courage considering you are in a foreign land.

There are basically 2 main areas for a cluster of bars and clubs. The upper Penang road area that is by E&O. This is where you will find the Mois Club, Slippery Senoritas, a few bars, and an outdoor area for drinks.

The other area is south of Pinang Mansion, where there are 4 nightclubs with only local people. It can be an intimidating adventure on your own, it would be better to have a wingman.

Your best chance to hook up is by approaching tourist women in Penang, rather than Malaysians girls. But if you want a Malaysian flag, go for a Chinese.

In doubt, try both and see how it goes.

The best Penang pick up bars and nightclubs are:


How To Pick Up The Easy Way

In Penang, women are conservative because everyone knows each other. So, the best way to pick up is to talk to the girls, make them laugh and ask for the phone number…

picking up a woman in penang

Once you get her contact, you can flirt with her over text message without getting disturbed. Yes, because you might get cock blocked by her friends and even from the waitress working in the club or bar.

If that happens, don’t get upset or hungry, it’s how it is and you can’t do anything about it. Just smile and go with the flow.

However, the girls are very eager to meet you and fancy an adventure with a foreigner, that is a good thing and you can work with it.

Most girls in Penang that you are going to meet are Chinese, and they put a huge weight on how well you dress.

To be honest, don’t take much to impress them, a pair of trousers, shoes and a polo shirt is all that you need to get their attention.

At first, they might sound soft and shy, but in reality, they are cocky and aggressive. So keep your guard high or you might get cornered.

A good way to start your game in Penang is to use a popular dating site in Malaysia to meet girls and get a feeling of the culture.

If a girl in Penang likes you, don’t need to be too pushy to get laid, just invite her to your place and the game is on.


Things to Do With Your Dates in Penang

Once you successfully hook up with a woman in Penang, it’s time to date her and getting laid.

A good start is by doing something together like going to the beach or go trekking up to the hill or to play “Robin Hood”…

dating girls in penang

Whatever you are going to do, that will get her ready to have sex with you.

A few simple dating ideas could be:

  • Go to the beach in Batu Ferringhi;
  • Climb the Penang hill;
  • Go for a food tour in George town;
  • Watch a movie in one of the many multi-screen cinemas.

Spending time around the city while dating Penang girls is one of the best things that might ever happen during your stay in Malaysia. And the second best thing is getting laid with a Malaysian woman.

Keep in mind that as a foreigner you have the attraction factor when picking up women in Penang as they want to meet you as much you want them.

Now is your time to make it happen, and live the dream!