How To Meet Filipino Girls

How To Meet Filipino Girls; The Safe & Right Way


Learn How To Meet Your Dream Girl Avoiding Common Pitfalls Along The Way

You’ve just found out about beautiful and young Filipino girls. And you are excited… But you don’t know where and how to meet them.

Here’s the deal;

[gdlr_quote align=”center” ]Waiting and praying isn’t going to help, just making you more frustrated[/gdlr_quote]

There are a lot of single men, and sometimes not so single, traveling to the Philippines just to meet girls.

.And I get it, I do the same thing all around Asia.

Some might search for lust, others for a short romance… Or looking for a long-term partner.

Whatever is the reason, you need to start somewhere.

That’s why today I’m going to show you the easiest and best way to meet Filipino girls even if you’re still in your home country.

In fact, that is even better…


Feeling Stuck In Meeting Filipino Girls?

frustrated to meet filipino girls

If you don’t know where to start the search for that beautiful Filipino girl, it’s easy to feel frustrated and lonely.

Instead of having a relationship, a kiss and have sex with a real Filipina, you navigate the internet watching porn and jerking off to calm your desires.

So I have a question for you…

Choose your answer carefully, because your thoughts determine the outcomes.

If your reply is to bang a hot Filipina for real, then carry on reading, it’s easier than what you think.

There are places and ways of action for each of your needs.

For instance, if you hate to travel but you want to interact with a sensitive Filipino woman, dating sites might solve your needs.

If you want sex too, without leaving your home country, meet a Filipino woman in your hometown by using Facebook.

If you’re serious to ditch the masturbation session and look for real Filipina, here my thoughts and tips to meet Filipino girls.


2 Types of Filipino Girls

There is two distinct type of Filipino girls:

  • The homegrown Filipina;
  • The Westernized Filipino.

Both have advantage and disadvantages.


– Western Filipino Girl

Grow up in a Western culture, they are harder to crack than homegrown Filipino girls and have a bit of an attitude.

The convenience is the location (you don’t need to travel) which allow you to see her whenever you want.

You can go out with her and meet friends, speak the same language and think in a similar way because she has been raised with your home country values.


– Home Grown Filipino Girls

Grow up in their home country (Philippines), they are more exotic and adopt the local culture – more respectful and timid.

It’s an exciting experience to learn about her culture, be taken care of with delicious food and she will make sure to satisfy any of your sexual desires.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not painting all Filipino girls as sex toys, but their desire to make you “happy” is refreshing.

Instead, Westernized Filipino will think more about to reach climax first. What about you? Never mind.

Make up your mind about the type of Filipino girl you want to meet, considering the possibility of traveling and your personal preference.

These pictures above aren’t clear enough to differentiate homegrown and Western Filipino girls.

So, let’s have a look at some profiles which show an entirely different aspect from Filipina raised abroad or in the Philippines.

One more thing, Filipino girls grew up in cities like Manila, Cebu or Davao are an entirely different breed than countryside girls.

Their personality, knowledge and expectations are completely different.

Pros of Western Filipino Girl

If you are into Filipino women, you will go crazy for this type of girls as appearance is just great, but she comes with all the bad habits and attitude of Western women.

Few commons are bitching around, drink heavily, smoke and the list goes on.

However, there are some pros in meeting this type of Filipino girls in your home country:

1. Easily accessible; She might be living in your neighborhood or not far from your home, she is readily available.

2. Self-independent; The downside of self-independent women is that they tend to do whatever they want and are less luckily to be submissive.

However, she will cost you less because she can buy all her stuff without your money.

3. Great SEX; She’ll fuck much better than the average “pure” Western woman because that half Filipino blood is making her wilder.

Don’t expect to get her so easily though.

Usually, this type of Filipino girls are in high demand, so you better learn some dating technique to go after Westernized Asian girls.

You’ll learn how to attract and develop a deep emotional connection to get them craving for you.


Pros City Girl in The Philippines

Not as much sophisticated as Western raised Filipino girls, but definitely attractive, charming and know how to dress properly.

In my humble opinion, this type of Filipina is the best to meet either for a short time vacation or a long-term relationship.

They know how to behave, are open-minded (also to have sex quickly) and are self-independent so that they will cost you less $$$ regarding drinks and food.

You must have heard about Philippine girls being poor and look for a foreign man only to get out of misery.

I’ve to admit, there are many Filipino’s gold diggers, especially the one coming from the countryside.

City girls are just a different breed.

First, most city girls have an education and some good job, not close to the western standards by any means. An average Filipino salary is around US$ 400 per month, not much but enough to have a life.

So, let me tell you some pros in meeting city girls in the Philippines:

1. Quality; Good chances to meet an educated Filipino girl with a stable job and background;

2. Strong value; Family oriented and know how to take care of their man;

3. Exotic; Raised in the Philippines, you’ll be faced with an entirely different reality.


Pros of Filipino Girls Coming From The Countryside

You might have expected to see a girl dressed in a traditional Pinay dress picking up rice in the farm.

The fact is that you’ll not go hunting “farm fresh” girls in their natural habitat.

The odds are you’ll meet in some tourist location like Angeles City or Cebu.

These girls leave home at a young age to work in bars, restaurants and malls in tourist locations. They hope to meet a nice guy who will take care of her and family forever.

Most horror stories of foreigner being cheated or robbed of their life saving are from this type of Filipino girls, so WATCH OUT!. You are warned.

Keep reading and I’ll tell you how to avoid being scammed. In the mean time let me say the good things about these type of Filipino girls:

1.  Young and sexy; Your age doesn’t matter much for these girls, what matter is the fact you can provide for them.

It is quite common for a foreigner to be from 10 to 20 years older than her.

2. Easy to approach; You don’t need to be tall, handsome or know how to pick up these type of girls.

In fact, a simple “hi” is enough to start a conversation.

3.  Sex, Sex & Sex; They are up for anything and never say NO to you.

If you’re old and bold, the Philippines is the place where you can meet hot and young girls. In your home country, this would be unthinkable.


Don’t Go Philippines to Meet Girls, Go Philippines to Get Better Girls

Wherever I traveled or lived in my life, I never had a problem to get laid with girls. If you can’t get laid in your home country, you’ll not get laid in Philippine.

I travel to the Philippines not because I can’t get laid somewhere else, but because the amount of HOT girls in the Philippines is staggering.

You’ll not succeed in meeting quality Filipino women if you can’t get at least an average American or European girl.

If you can talk with girls, or even approach one without getting stuck after 10 seconds of conversation, you have a problem.

Being able to speak with a woman and get her to feel attracted to you right away, it’s a skill that’s crucial to your overall success with the ladies.

There are introvert men who don’t know how to meet Filipina girls for fear of REJECTION.

In 5 simple steps, an introvert guy can become confident in approaching girls. Isn’t art, but a science.

So, you are going to the Philippines because you want to meet girls who are love caring, who respect a man, who see themselves as complimenting men instead of competing.

In the Philippines you’ll be faced with a different reality, you’ll love to get laid with these girls.

Western women call you a loser just because you travel to the Philippine to meet local girls. It’s a line as a defense mechanism.

The reality is they can’t tolerate being replaced by more feminine girls, which aren’t obese, have bad habits such smoking and get drunk, bad attitudes.

Instead of looking at them self, and do something about it, they blame you to get a better deal of girls.

Getting laid in the Philippines, it’s like drive a Ferrari instead of a Toyota. It’s just a superior experience.

However, you can’t drive a Ferrari without preparation.

If you are looking to experience the best of Philippines and Filipino women, you need to be a confident man that understand and know how to approach Filipinas.


How to Avoid Being Scammed

There are scammers in the Philippines, full stop. I’m been scammed in the past by some Filipino girls, with the usual scam bullshit:

~ Send me money to make my passport so I can visit you.

~ My sister is sick, I don’t have any money, please help honey.

~ I go to meet you at the airport, I just need a few dollars for the taxi.

These are just three of the thousands of stories Filipino girls come up with to get a free lunch from you.

I’m not going to write down all the possible excuses, instead, mention few rules to limit your risk to fall victim of scammers.


Rule N.1 – Be Just A Friend

Usually, men tend to hide the truth from Filipino girls by saying she is the one, but on the back, they are chatting with multiple girls.

Not only this is deceiving (not cool!), but at the same time, you’re empowering the girl to conduct the game.

She feels special, and she knows you want her badly.

She feels entitled to ask you for things like a new phone, sends some money to help, etc.

She might have multiple sugar daddies, and you are just the next “good guy” on the list to be scammed.

So, what to do instead? Become friend with many girls.

Don’t worry about the “friend zone” thing, you can easily make it sexual at the right moment.

Let them know you are going to visit the Philippines to meet multiple Filipino girls because you want to choose the right girl to be your wife or girlfriend.

In this way, you’ll be seen as “hard to get”, and the girls will do anything to get your attention.

Not only that, but you’ll avoid uncomfortable situations and problems.

The girls will:

~ Behave: they didn’t get you committed yet, so they’ll do anything to please you. Also, they’ll not piss you off. Sometimes, Filipino girls are childish and can be irritating.

~ Not ask for money: you are only friends. She isn’t entitled to anything.

~ Not get upset: you’ll get away with most of the things. For example, you might want to check her ID. You can say “This is my checklist, I ask every girl.”

~ Give you great sex: the best weapon of a woman to use her sensuality to please you in bed. She’ll be eager.


Rule N.2 – Red Flags

There are red flags to watch out during the time you spend with her:

1. Lies: if she already needs to lie at the beginning of the relationship, imagine what she’ll tell you once married.

2. On on phone: answer her telephone while spending time with you. Probably are the boyfriend/sponsor calls.

3. She doesn’t introduce you to family or friends: Filipino girls have a huge network. If she doesn’t introduce you to anyone, perhaps they are hiding scamming activities to friends and families.

4. She is a sex PRO: most Filipino girls are average in bed. If she is a deep-throat enthusiast, do anal, and love to be hammered, then she is a hooker with hundreds of cock-miles.

The last Rule is…


Rule N.3 – Make a List and Follow It Diligently

Finally, think what is important to you and what should have your perfect woman. Also, it’s important to have objectives for your relationship.

A few example questions could be:

~ Do you want to engage or get married?

~ Have any babies? In both cases let her know, this will avoid misunderstanding later on.

~ Are you going to live in the Philippines or in your home country?

~ What level of education she must have?

~ Do you prefer conservative or open minded?

Discuss your expectations with the girls, study their answers and behaviors.

They are all pretty faces, young, and it’s easy to fall for them, but getting into a long-term relationship, you’ll be confronted with girl’s habits and temperaments.

For example, if you like to eat steaks every day, but she is a vegetarian, do you think the relationship can work?

This example might sound banal, but it gives you some thoughts.


Best Places To Meet Filipino Girls

best palces to meet filipino girls

If you want to meet and get laid with Filipino girls, you have two options:


1. Online

You can meet local Filipino girls by using popular Filipino dating sites. You can search by location and age to target the girls that best suit your needs.

You’ll be surprised how easy is to meet attractive Filipino girls, no more rejection or lonely days jerking off.

Facebook is another great tool to meet Filipino girls. The only downside is privacy, your friends will see what you are doing.


2. In Real Life

Visit the places where Asian girls hang out together.

If you don’t have any idea where Filipino girls get together, just Google bars and clubs in your city that are notorious for an Asian crowd.

If you are looking for the “original” Filipino girl, just book a flight and go to the Philippines instead. You can meet girls anywhere in the country in places like bars, clubs, malls, a bit everywhere.

In the Philippine’s Guide, I review the best places where you can meet local girls.

Filipino girls are shy at first, but with patience and careful talking, they will get loose, and you’ll get laid.