pick up girls in chiang mai

How To Pick Up Chiang Mai Girls And Get Laid

The Best Ways to Pick Up Girls in Chiang Mai

Is It Easy to Get Laid Here?

There is no doubt that Chiang Mai girls are hot and there are so many places to go out at night for singles.

But is that all?

In this article, I’m exposing not only the best places for singles to hook up but my personal tips on how to score, fast!

If you want to get laid, this post is going to open your mind to the pickup scene in Chiang Mai.

There, the women are hot, beautiful and love to have a great time with foreigners.

But most girls have no great knowledge of English so picking them up maybe somehow frustrating for some guys.

But you shouldn’t shutter, I have a better way to meet girls in Chiang Mai without the need for face to face conversations.

Being that Chiang Mai is majorly a university city, you have a number of young hot Thai girls to hook up with…

picking up chiang mai girl in university

But there are also foreign women, bar girls and milf in their 30s around town. And don’t miss out on Chiang Mai couples looking for a threesome or a bull to please her.

Yes, p…y is plentiful and if you aren’t a jerk, you are going to have sex in one way or the other.

You might be wondering:

  • Chiang Mai girls are hard to get?
  • What are the best ways to score?

From my personal experience mongering in Chiang Mai, I’m going to answer your questions and give you tips to successfully get laid.


Is It Hard To Hook Up?

Let’s just say with a vast of the girls in Chiang Mai being “campus girls”, that question take a few sentences to find a conclusive answer.

Let me go with a simple “Yes” and “No” here.

Girls in Chiang Mai simply want a man with good manners and groom well. Also, since their English isn’t that good, you don’t want to be overly complicated in your conversations.

The other thing to keep in mind is that as a foreigner, you have an added advantage since most girls have a fetish for foreign men.

So, you are the prize, not them. Treat them respectfully but you lay done the rules: “your way or the highway” sort of speak.

One thing that young girls can’t stand it isn’t the man’s age or aspect, but their boring attitude. Smile, be cheerful and play around with jokes to keep them interested in you.

As you can see, it isn’t as conclusive as you may think but, let’s try and get into some hints of how you can score with Chiang Mai babes.


Tips To Score In Chiang Mai

hooking up chiang mai girls

Let’s dive deep into the point on how you can quickly score Chiang Mai women:

  • Act Young

The vast majority of girls in Chiang Mai are young and want someone who can go along with their lingo. Doesn’t matter your age, matter how old you think you are.

  • Keep Conversations Simple

They don’t fully grasp English, even the university girls. Always try to keep your conversations simple.

  • During The Day Isn’t A Great Time

Do you want to get laid in Chiang Mai?

If so, then consider day game a complete waste of time as most girls feel shy to speak in English face to face.

  • Dating Sites Are Your Best Bets

As just said, Chiang Mai girls are too shy to speak with you face to face.

They prefer to take the matter on the chats on the dating sites.

  • Don’t Be Afraid To Go For It

Thai women up there respond to authority. So, be comfortable to take her back to your room just to “watch a movie”.


How I Got Laid On My First Trip

When I arrived in Chiang Mai for the first time, I went for my usual day game routine in the malls. But the girls were shying away from me.

So, I went on Thai Friendly and managed to meet a hot student who was in the market.

We decided to hook up for a tour around town. It felt great visiting the city with her.

When she arrived, she just took my breathe away wither a near-perfect body shape, long legs, long hair, cute face and smooth skin.

After a few strolls to the mall and some great sites like the Doi Inthanon Mountain, I suggested going back to my hotel room for a movie.

The movie was great! We watched the first 5 minutes, the remaining 40 minutes we made our own movie. Yes, she loved to be filmed.

That’s how things can come together quickly for you in Chiang Mai. Imagine how you would feel to be toured around by a sexy and young Thai girl… And to finish the day under the bedsheets together.

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Best Nightlife Places To Pick Up Singles

chiang mai nightlife for singles

In a city like Chiang Mai, there’s no shortage of places for singles at night.

The nightlife in Chiang Mai really comes alive as you can find most of the streets flooded with people. That includes hot single girls and hookers.

With that in mind, let’s have a rundown on the best nightlife places where you can easily meet girls in Chiang Mai, starting with…



When it comes to bars in Chiang Mai, there are a few places where you can meet singles. Most popular nightlife areas are Nimmanhaemin street and the night bazaar.

The best pick up bars are:

If you prefer to meet bar girls, check out my Chiang Mai sex guide.



Despite the laid back culture in Chiang Mai, it isn’t all about bars at night but also nightclubs.

You can party and hook up with single girls looking for a good time as well as prostitutes freelancing in clubs like Zoe in Yellow.

Other nightclubs to party and meet girls in Chiang Mai are:


Street hookers can be found in almost all the major places where foreigners like to hang out.

Especially nightlife spots outside the nightclubs and bars.

You can easily spot one by the way she dresses – short skirts, high hill shoes and heavy makeup…

If you meet a girl in a club or bar, and she is too easy to talk to, chances are she’s a hooker.

So, if you are looking for an easy score and can afford to pay, then Chiang Mai hookers can help you dry your balls.

One thing you should do is to be very careful when taking a hooker as she can easily steal from you when you are asleep.

In conclusion, getting laid in Chiang Mai isn’t so difficult after all.

Just hang out in the places mention in this guide and use dating sites to build your list of hookups.

Once a Chiang Mai girls agree to hang around with you, that means she is ready to have sex.