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Thailand Holiday Girlfriend (Simple Guide)

You’re going to visit Thailand, and you want to spend this vacation with an attractive and beautiful young Thai girlfriend beside you.

But you’re confused not knowing where and how to get a passionate lady to make this trip memorable, full of fun, and intimate.

It’s unfortunate that so many tourists end up picking up prostitutes in the red light districts because they don’t know better.

Having said that, today I’m going to show you how to find a hot and horny Thai girl to make your holiday: fun, exciting, and romantic. So you’ll have memorable memories for the rest of your life.


Best Destinations to Get a Holiday Girlfriend in Thailand

Getting a Thai holiday girlfriend is much easier in tourist destinations like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Phuket, and Pattaya.

The Thai ladies living there can speak English and are used to dealing with foreigners as most work in the tourism industry.

The best part is most girls in those places are fascinated by the idea of dating foreign men. Meaning you have a higher probability of finding a perfect holiday girlfriend.

But don’t expect to arrive there and find a girlfriend on the spot because most ladies are busy working or studying.

Later I’ll show you how to contact Thai girls in advance so they can get time off to stay with you.

However, keep in mind that students are more eager to spend a few days with you because they find it more advantageous and manageable with their studies.


How to Find a Thai Girlfriend For Your Holiday

meet temporary Thai girlfriend in holiday

The three best ways to find yourself a Thailand holiday girlfriend are:

  1. Find a holiday girlfriend on a high-end dating site.
  2. Contact ladies on a popular common dating site.
  3. Start conversations in social places.


1. High End Dating Site

The easiest approach to finding a beautiful and smart holiday girlfriend in Thailand is by using Seeking. Not only there are plenty of Thai girls, but there are also foreign women living/traveling to Thailand.

Yet, the best thing about girls on Seeking is they are open-minded and can hold intelligent conversations. In other words, it isn’t only about intimacy but also companionship.

They are great as holiday girlfriends because they love to have fun and won’t nag you with jealousy or other control tactics.

Also, many of them offer a girlfriend package that adapts to your needs. All done with privacy in mind.


2. Common Dating Site

Another option is to go for a dating site like Thai Friendly. There you’ll find many girls from all walks of life.

The majority are looking for a serious relationship, but they’ll accept to be your vacation girlfriend in the hope of becoming your permanent girlfriend.

Some of the girls are easy-going while others could be annoying trying to get their way.


3. Social Places

The last resort if you don’t have the time to contact Thai girls online before your trip is to visit common places like bars, nightclubs, massage shops, book shops, coffee places, and shopping malls.

Keep in mind that bars, nightclubs, and most massage shops in tourist destinations are common places where Thai freelancers (prostitutes) hang out to find customers.

You won’t find the best holiday girlfriends in those places. You’re better off approaching girls in coffee shops, in the malls, or book shops.

The moment you spot your perfect Thai girl, master up the courage to ask if she would grab some food/drink with you.

If she is up for it that is a good sign that she might be interested in hanging out with you during your holiday.


What is The Cost of a Thai Girlfriend For a Week or Two?

Thai ladies expect the man to pay for everything. As long as you are together, you are responsible for paying for her meals, entertainment expense, and things like shopping.

So a Thailand girlfriend for a week might cost about 6.000-8.000 Baht.

• Food: The cost of food may vary depending on what you choose to eat.

Street food is cheap in Thailand and won’t cost you more than 200 Baht per meal. Instead, indoor restaurants cost between 300-600 Baht.

So, a daily budget for you and her would be around 300 Baht if you opt for street food… Mid-level restaurants may cost around 1.000 Baht while high-class restaurants that serve foreign food would cost about 2.000-3.000 Baht

• Shopping: Is there any girl who doesn’t love receiving gifts and shopping? Of course not.

Buying gifts for your girlfriend is a way of showing affection towards her. You can bring some gifts from your country or shop together in Thailand.

For the shopping and gifts budget 170-250 Baht per day.

• Entertainment: For spending quality time with your Thai holiday girlfriend, entertainment is necessary. You cannot just spend your days without going out and having fun, especially if your Thai girlfriend is young.

I’ve already written a few interesting dating ideas to excite your Thai girlfriend, besides the common movie at the cinema or playing pool by the beach.

Budget about 400-6.000 Baht per day.


How to Have the Best Thai Girlfriend Experience

First, stay away from the red light areas. Second, make sure to recognize the different girl’s type in Thailand.

Many men fall victim to the dark side of tourism and find it fun to have sex with several prostitutes. Which later becomes an addiction.

Hence you should keep away from falling into this awful and unfavorable condition.

For example, the advice in this video explains how to find a hooker instead of a holiday girlfriend in Thailand.

Go for the many lovely Thai girls who seek romance, affection, and love. Just respect her while playing the boyfriend role with affection and compliments.

Thai girls can fall in love pretty fast, that’s why they offer a great girlfriend experience.

You’ll enjoy intimate and romantic times with her filled with steamy moments, physical attraction, seductive touch, and a playful bedtime together.

A Thai holiday girlfriend will undoubtedly add pleasure, relaxation, and passion to your vacation days with her dazzling smile and sexy body.