Nights of Fun in Makassar

Nights Of Fun In Makassar; An Happy Ending Massage

An Happy Ending Massage In Makassar – Indonesia

Thanks to one of Mr S Aksa company who offered me a free cost of fun to Makassar. Let’s start to the main part!

We stayed in Arya Duta Hotel which facing the City of Makassar sign.. really nice view… the sun shrink on the sea behind around the hotel I saw a lot of karaoke, massages but they look quite dirty… the lower class I guess.

There were so many ideas where we could shoot our virgin gun on this first night.. and finally.. we divided into 2 groups.. I accidentally went to follow the group to My Place Spa.. But I had no regrets!..
We walked into the changing room.. put everything into the locker.. and jumped to the jacuzzi.. they have about 3 or 4 pools.. 1 pretty big where you can actually swim.. 1 hot where we spent most of the time.. 1 cool which shrinking everybody’s dick.. I think the other 1 was full so we didn’t go there.. they also have sauna and steam room.. this area is large.. really cozy.. why don’t we have something like this in Bali!?

After waiting in the lounge.. complete with the big screen.. foods and drinks.. not for long.. our room was ready.. and I was the last one to go up.. and lucky I had the best girl haha.. Her name was Made.. YES.. she happens to be Balinese! .. what a coincidence.. she is good looking.. perfect body.. perfect massage.. massage was done on the floor with thin mattress.

Damage cost around 500k at the reception Ritual start.. normal massage.. no petik mangga whatsoever.. turned back.. then started massaging the balls and stick.. slow and nice.. it’s kinda hard for me to come on HJ nowadays..

I think I am getting old!.. after a while.. I asked to open her top.. she asked for 500k.. and I said ok immediately.. she was quite surprised when I said ok.. I should have asked for 100k maybe.. haha..  I was trying to get her attention for my next adventure..

Once we all out from my space.. the other group was calling us to join them at studio 33.. we were there in minutes.. it’s in hotel clarion.. we took the lift from the Delta entrance.. oh man.. I missed that petik mangga.. so we’re in.. nothing special really.. normal girls.. normal karaoke rooms.. normal room size.. normal sound system.. we didn’t really sing after all.. other another bottles.. then we went to the showroom.. there were 2 groups of girls.. around 900k and 500k.. sorry.. can’t remember the exact price.. 12am was really not a good time to choose a girl.. I chose the 900k one.. her name was yustine.. she was quite cubby.. seemed friendly.. normal ritual.. singing.. dancing.. nothing so turning..

Article by Uncle G