Angeles City Nightlife: 4 Best Nightclubs to Pick Up Filipinas


Do You Enjoy Going Out At Night and Getting Laid With HOT Girls?

sexy Filipina girl in nightclub - disco

“If yes, then you’re going to love this mini guide about Angeles City’s nightlife focused on the best Nightclubs and Disco to meet local Filipino girls”

Angeles City is best known for the numerous girlie bars, sleazy nightlife and thousands of hookers strolling around town. That’s is history…

… The new Angeles City has much more to offer nowadays.

A new form of nightlife is emerging revolving around traditional nightclubs and pool clubs where you can chill out, dance and pick up WILD Filipina girls…

The next logical question is: “what type of girls can you find in Angeles City nightclubs?”

There are mainly 3 types of girls:

  • Bar girls working in the numerous bikini and BJ bars who are the majority;
  • Freelancers who are looking for some easy money;
  • And then, party girls who love to drink, dance and are looking for a nightstand with a foreigner.

Every single girl you see in the clubs is hot for action, whether she’s a hooker or a fun-loving party girl.

If you’re looking for good girls, I’m afraid, Angeles City nightlife isn’t going to give you that.

However, you can still meet good girls working in restaurants, shops or hotels.

There are also Filipino dating sites where you can chat with Angeles girls interested only in foreign men.

These girls haven’t been ruined by radical feminism and Western fast-food diets – and it shows in the tightness of their bodies, the respect shown forward men and need for submission.

Most Filipina girls you meet out at night, can have a lot of attitude and play hard to get… But deep inside they are hot for action.

Keep in mind that they don’t like to be treated like hookers, even if they are business women.

And that is where things can get frustrating.

You need to follow the classic flirting steps like in any other nightclubs in the world; Small talks, having a few drinks, dance and working around her tests before getting her in your room.

Now, you might be wondering: “Rocco, what are the best nightclubs in Angeles City where I can pick up the hottest local girls?

Good question, Bro…

Today, I’m reviewing the 4 best night clubs in Angeles to meet sexy girls with pictures, description, pick up tips and whatever else you need to know to have a blasting night…


1. High Society NightClub

High Society is probably the best nightclub in Angeles City to recruit local talent. Yes, there are many hot – hot – hot girls!

The atmosphere is just great after midnight with plenty of freelancers waiting for a pickup and a 1.000-1.500 Pesos bill.

The majority of girls want money or no honey, that how things work in Angeles City anyway.

Keep in mind that the disco can be empty until around midnight, that’s when the party mood starts to happen so be aware of going too early.

Don’t worry, before midnight you’ve so many lady bars to keep your hands busy until the clubs get busy.

They play techno/trance up to about midnight, then they switched to hip-hop which makes the crowd grow in excitement and the girls start to shake their asses 🙂

You can get a VIP table by tipping the security guy where you can drink without being disturb.

The entrance fee is 200 Pesos on Friday and Saturday only for guys.

The local drinks are cheap around 120 Pesos, and the bottles start at 3.500 Pesos up to 15.000 Pesos for Jack Daniels.

It is open until 5 am.


2. Aqua Beach Club

A new arrival in town where you can enjoy both of the best worlds: all the good things of a nightclub and girls in Bikini.

This club is an open roof place with several pools, a DJ station and bar.

It is also open during the day, being a service offered to the customers staying in ABC Hotel.

During the week isn’t much busy but it gives its best during the weekends, especially when there are pool parties. Many HOT Filipina in bikini having a great time while getting drunk.

You might be thinking to meet only Filipino girls here, right?

Well, surprisingly there are also foreign women…

All in all, Aqua Beach Club is a wonderful place either you visit during the day or at night.

Furthermore, it’s the perfect place to take photos of your girlfriend…

Keep in mind its an upscale venue with prices comparable to the West.

There is also an entrance fee is asked if you are not an ABC Hotel costumers but they offer a free drink.


3. Skytrax Superclub

I visited Skytrax Superclub for the first time in 2009. Today, it’s still the same as I remember it.

This club is small, dark and loud. It’s a typical Filipino Disco.

Rarely you see inside Westerner but it attracts a lot of Asians and Filipino. If you prefer a Western-style nightclub, you better off to High Society, except that you like “innocent girls”.

You see, local girls in Skytrax are of two types:

  • The typical hooker who goes with foreigners only for money but love Filipino men;
  • Filipina girls having a day job in restaurants, shops, etc. that are tired of cheating Filipino men and are curious about foreign men.

Yes, Filipina girls with a day job are the deal and the reason you should add Skytrax to your nightclub list.

I go hunting down them because they are genuine, loving caring and free. Furthermore, they are a bit shy at first but once behind closed doors, they are hot and horny.

You should consider doing the same if you want to have a truly Filipino girlfriend experience with a woman that is into you, not your money.

Those girls don’t go to High Society because their working friends know and recommend only Filipino nightclubs.

Also, Skytrax SuperClub is the perfect place to go with your new date. The reason is simple: to make her comfortable.

She is going to feel less intimidated to be in an environment with many Filipino people.


4. Mega Dance Center

This club is the latest and most important addition to Angeles City nightlife.

In fact, with its opening Angeles City has finally become a destination for nightclub lovers and not only for girlie bar’s addict.

Now, Angeles City is attracting upper scale girls from all around the country, not only bar girls.

I was surprised to see a nightclub so big in a small town like Angles City. It reassembles the style of Manila flagship nightclubs like Valkyrie and Exklusive.

What I love the most is the big dance floor and not as much hip-hop/r&b music, something I really hate about High Society.

The music here is harder and dance-oriented though in my opinion could be improved.

Nice to see sexy dancers on stage which adds exclusivity to the place together with a modern European style design.

What about girls?

In Mega Dance Center you can meet the hottest girls in Angeles City. It is not uncommon to meet HiSo girls coming down from Manila to have fun away from the big city indiscrete eyes.

And trust on me on this: they’re HOT for action!

However, the pickup game level is much higher and competitive. You need to dress sharply and burn some cash if you want to catch the big fishes…

All in all, the club is intimate, comfortable, and has a very good atmosphere.

Opens at 10 pm but don’t bother to visit before 1 am and only during the weekends, at least until it does pick up in popularity.


Let’s Wrap Up Angeles City Nightlife – Are You Ready To Party?

You don’t need to dress too sharp to get into those nightclubs as they have an easy door policy.

However, the better you dress and the easier is to pick up girls.

For example, if you want to pick HOT girls in Mega Dance Center, especially the one from Manila, your only chance is to dress “smart”.

Generally, Filipino women put a great weight in appearance but Manila’s Filipinas are eccentric about it.

So, make sure to dress properly and look at your best.

Consider getting your hands on the Be Stylish Ebook, a great resource that shows you how to go from a avarage dressed man to a stylish lover.

There are two specific reasons to change your look for the better:

  • First, it increases your confidence and so your ability to approach.
  • Second, it eliminates most seasoned workers and boosts your chances of finding a young and attractive girl.

Here is an example:

Dress in style 2

This guide has helped me a lot in attracting the hottest girls which before were inaccessible to me.

Furthermore, improving my everyday look has helped me in other parts of my life like business, friendships, and health.

For example, in business, I noticed that people treat me with more respect, resulting in more influence and accessing better circles.

When you make the conscious decision to reinvent your style and start presenting yourself in a different way to the world, a whole host of new people and opportunities are going to present themselves to you…

… And HOT girls will flow into your life.

So, don’t let your look fail you, you can easily improve it and get better women.