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Where To Find Girls For Sex In Pattaya

If you want to know the best places and ways to find Pattaya girls hot for action, you’ll find it here.

The obvious places to get laid in Pattaya are the sex venues in Walking Street (the main red-light district in Pattaya) but there are also plenty of Thai girls that love to fuck for free.

So, I’m going to show you where you can find safe and easy sex in Pattaya, whether you want to pay for it or you prefer girls who fuck for free.


1. Online

Do you remember when you use to shop in the stores? Where do you shop now?

Yes, nowadays most transaction takes place online and the same applies when you want to find Thai girls for an easy laid.

In Pattaya, there aren’t that many escort services like in Bangkok because it doesn’t make sense to pay an escort 100 US$ per hour when you can easily get the same quality of girls at half the price.

And honestly, why pay money when you can easily have sex with civilian girls for the cost of a meal? What about paying nothing at all if you are into mature women and sex with couples?

Pattaya is a crazy city that attracts horny people from all over the world. There are welcoming couples that accept single men, and mature women that need a good fuck. You can find an active community on Asian Match Mate.

If you are into young and horny girls, you don’t have to get drunk in nightclubs trying to hook up with girls. And you don’t have to throw money in girlie bars just to have sex, even if you aren’t that young anymore.

There are so many beautiful and horny girls on dating sites that with some talk and convincing you can easily get laid.


2. NightClubs

Pattaya has several nightclubs where you can pick up young and sexy Thai girls…

pattaya sexy girls clubbing

Sexy Thai girls freelancing in Insomnia nightclub in Pattaya.

The popular nightclubs among foreign men are located in Walking Street. Don’t have to mention that 98% of the girls are working girls.

This is a good option if you are a young dude that enjoys dance, girls, and party. Working girls in nightclub love to have a good time and be entrained with drinks. You can’t just walk in a nightclub, offer some money to a girl and go back to your room for sex.

You have to spend a few hours in the club, have several drinks and have a good time with the girl before head back to your room for sex.

The night start at 11 pm and pick around 2 am when the majority of girls is around. You can find several agogo bar girls after 3 am.

A night in a Pattaya nightclub cost about 1.400 baht in drinks and 1.500-2.000 baht for the girl.


3. Bars In Walking Street 

picking up bar girls in pattaya

This street is just a haven for a man after 8 pm.

Walking Street is the main red light district in Pattaya with the most pick up bars. Walkthrough it to see several thousands of sexy girls screaming for attention.

Get laid with a bar girl isn’t rock science, you just have to pay for it. And because it is so easy, you get to pay far more the value of sex in Pattaya with girls that aren’t interested to please. You are just a number.

However, I have to say that some of the hottest girls work in a gogo bar for a reason: big money.

In conclusion, if you value more to have sex with beautiful girls and don’t mind spending big, check out my Pattaya gogo review.

There are also beer bars that are more layback venues. Usually, the girls are in their 30s+ but more fun. They offer companionship and good sex because their best years are behind them.


4. Erotic Massage Parlors

Pattaya sex massage

Pattaya massage girl preparing a customer for an erotic massage with a happy ending.

There are two main “happy” massage parlors in Pattaya:

  • Soapy massage;
  • Oil massage.

Both places offer relaxation and a sex massage with a happy ending. The only difference is the price and the way they do it.

The soapy massage starts at 2.000 baht which includes an erotic bath, a body to body massage plus sex.

Instead, the oil massage cost 300-400 baht where you’ll be oiled all over the body, naked of course, plus all the extras; Handjob 500 baht, BJ 800 baht and full service 1.200 baht.

The massage places are open as early as 10 am till 10 pm which is a great service considering those are the only places open all day offering sex in Pattaya.

If you would like to learn more, check out the best Pattaya massage and Pattaya soapy parlours.


Girls in Pattaya To Avoid

The Beach Front is a 2 km stretch where there are hundreds of Pattaya prostitutes offering cheap sex. After 5 o’clock Beach Road starts to get busy with streetwalkers…

There are cute girls around, ladyboys and older women. It’s probably the biggest market of girls in Pattaya.

The standard rate is 1.000 baht for an hour of sex, plus 300 baht for the short time room in a mother.

I put the street prostitutes last because there is always a reason why a girl walks the streets.

Why a young and beautiful girl can’t work in one of the many gogo bars?

I only say, make sure to wear a condom when having sex with a streetwalker in Pattaya.


Pay For Sex In Pattaya or Free Sex?

I have to admit that most girls in Pattaya are money-minded, but you can find plenty of girls who fuck for free.

It’s easy to pay for sex, but the downsides are hefty: higher disease risks, mechanical sex, and low self-esteem.

If you want to feel young again, hook up with an everyday girl who cares about you and loves to have sex. It’s the best of the two words. You get true feelings of affection as well as a mind-blowing sex experience.

It isn’t that hard to have sex with everyday girls in Pattaya, especially when you can just contact Thai ladies on dating sites.

You can give a try online, and if things don’t work out, you can always hit the sex venues later.

Have fun!