Guide To Pink Salons In Japan For The Best Deepthroat Blowjobs

A pink salon in Japan is otherwise known as a Blowjob Bar – and it’s exactly what you’re thinking it is. You go there, you have tea while getting sucked off, and then you move on.

The problem is that, as sexually exciting as Japanese pink salon sounds, foreigners continually get turned away.

Imagine this, you’re in Tokyo for the week, you’re horny as hell, and a blowjob bar sounds just the ticket. You walk up to one, but you’re told you can’t go in.

This is really frustrating because you never know for sure if you’re going to get served. It’s a kind of unreliable way to get a blow job regularly.

Fortunately, later in this article, I’ll explain how to get regular blow jobs in Japan without having to pay for it while having a great time.


What Is a Japanese Pink Salon?

A Japanese pink salon is literally a place where men go to get sucked off by a Japanese woman.

You get a blow in a semi-private couch with only partitions that separate you from the other men. Meaning you can hear others getting sucked off, but the best part is you can come in her mouth at the end.

Foreigners have fetishized the Japanese pink salon because the idea of a Japanese girl giving them a blowjob is hugely arousing.

The premise is simple. You walk in, you buy a drink, and you take a seat on a couch in the rather dark room…

Main room of Japanese pink salon

Then, you wait until a woman enters the boots. She proceeds to yank off your trousers, cleans you up with a towel, and then sends you to heaven by giving you a blowjob.

Usually, the girls wear some sort of skirt and bra. And you should ask permission if you want to touch their private parts, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

They’re really popular with locals, although it’s a tad strange that people can see and hear you while you get sucked off.


Why Won’t a Pink Salon Accept Foreigners?

The first time I went to a pink salon bar, I was nervous. After all, I was wondering if this was even legal!

When I finally summoned up the courage to walk up to the entrance, I was turned away. Not only was this embarrassing, but it was also incredibly frustrating.

After all, I was horny as hell and needed a blowjob… And I was ready for it!

There are numerous rumors as to why foreigners aren’t accepted at Japanese pink salons but mainly because foreigners don’t understand how the Japanese sexual underworld operates.

For example, in Japan is illegal to sell vaginal sex, so most establishments won’t sell it. To a foreign man, that doesn’t make any sense but it’s how things work here.

Yet, the real killer is how the hell a Japanese manager is going to explain this sort of stuff to a foreigner who doesn’t speak Japanese. The fact is people working in pink salons don’t speak any English.

And the last reason why foreigners are rarely allowed in a pink salon is suspicious. In recent years with all these hidden cameras, pink saloon owners are scared of foreigners going to do some discreet filming inside the bar as part of a documentary.

The fact is that a lot of people who frequent the pink saloon are regulars and trusted by the owners.

When they see someone trying to get inside who’s a complete unknown (and a foreigner) they would rather turn them away instead of taking their chances. You can hardly blame them, it makes business sense.


So, How Do I Get Into a Pink Salon In Japan?

The fact is that it’s very hard to get into a pink salon as a foreigner in Japan. These places are almost exclusive to the locals, and priority is especially given to regular customers.

That said, if you can speak some basic Japanese, you can pass the doorman. Just say “外国人OK” which means “Gajin OK”. Make sure to speak it out properly so you don’t sound like a fake.

If you can’t speak any Japanese, you can always go with a Japanese friend that can vouch for your good conduct.

And last, if any previous solutions don’t work for you and you happen to be in Tokyo, try your luck and head over to the Kabukicho red-light district.

There’s every chance that you’ll be approached by someone who claims to work at a pink salon.

But be wary because while they may be telling the truth, they may also not be. It happens that foreigners get scammed and robbed.

Moreover, pink salons are actually quite expensive, and even if you do manage to get inside and get sucked off, it might not always be worth it.

prices for blow job in pink salon in Japan

The good news is there are many horny Japanese women that not only would love to give you a blow job but crave to get fucked by a foreigner.

Those women are known as gaijin hunters and love to have sex with expatriates and tourists.

The singles one usually have studied abroad so they are worldly. Then you have the sexless housewives that want a discreet affair.

Just imagine how would feel to spend an evening with a horny Japanese woman…

horny Japanese woman

There is an adult community where they go to hook up with foreign men and it’s called Asian Match Mate. You’ll find not only several horny Japanese women but also couples interested in threesomes and group sex.

It doesn’t matter what you’re into – fuck buddies, hookups, blowjobs, threesomes, orgies – there is something for everyone on this site. The good thing is most people understand English, so you can actually communicate even if you can’t speak Japanese.


What’s The Best Way To Get A Blow Job In Japan

Pink salons in Japan are discreet places where men pay for blowjobs. They’re popular with Japanese men, but they’re really hard for foreigners to get into.

If you want to have a chance to get in, you should either speak Japanese or visit the place with a Japanese friend.

The doorman who is between you and getting sucked off wants to make sure you understand how this underworld operates so you don’t cause any trouble to their business.

The last thing you want to do is to visit a popular tourist area like Kabukicho red-light district and get lured into an establishment by a Japanese guy that speaks some English.

It’s pretty common to get scammed or robbed, and as you can see from this video these areas are filthy…

Also, keep in mind that the red light areas in Japan are controlled by the local mafia, and in most cases, you won’t get any justice from the police if something goes wrong there.

In conclusion, if you want to visit a Japanese pink salon go with a local friend who knows where to go.

Otherwise, if you want only to get a blow job or something more, join an adult community where people go to find casual sex partners.