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Bishkek Sex Guide For Single Men


Do you want to visit Bishkek? But you don’t know where to meet girls and how to get laid. This guide can help you to have an unforgettable holiday in Bishkek.

This city is the capital of Kyrgyzstan, and it is the only destination where you have a good chance of getting laid with a Kyrgyz girl.

Although the nightlife isn’t anything to brag about, local women are receptive forward foreign men.

This Bishkek Sex Guide was last updated on 23 September 2021



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Intro to Sex Tourism in Bishkek
General information about Bishkek sex scene

Where to Find Sex in Bishkek
An overview of the best places and ways to get laid

Typical Price in Bishkek
General prices for girls in Bishkek

How To Meet Sexy Girls Online
Best site to meet girls in Bishkek

Girl Friendly Hotels in Bishkek
Best accommodation to enjoy the girls


Intro To Sex Tourism In Bishkek

Sex tourism in Bishkek is almost not resistant. It’s a pretty strange because prostitution in Kyrgyzstan is legal, and it should operate better than at present.

After they shut down the only red light district in the city (Pravda Street), there isn’t much left of organized prostitution. It is spread across the city and for the most operating underground.

About half of the prostitutes in Bishkek are locals, while the remaining are from Uzbekistan. 

There is also a small percentage of Ethnic Russian, but they usually work in strip clubs or as top-end escorts. Meaning Russians charge much more than Uzbek and Kyrgyz prostitutes.

Kyrgyzstan hooker in Bishkek

The good thing is you don’t need to pay for sex in Bishkek because there are many everyday girls excited to hook up with foreigners.

You can easily get a temporary girlfriend in Bishkek to spend time together and enjoy intimate moments while there.

Not only you save money, but you can experience the local culture with an affectionate Kyrgyzstan woman.


What About Sex & Girls In Bishkek?

The girls in Bishkek are friendly and welcoming forward foreigners. They are really sweet and look after your men’s needs very well.

There are two types of women that you’ll encounter: Kyrgyz and ethnically-Russian. Kyrgyz women practice a very liberal form of Islam, but still, they are more reserved than their Russian sisters.

Russian girl’s look is more European while Kyrgyz girl’s look is more Euro-Asian.

When it comes to getting laid in Bishkek, local women are easy to close the deal after a couple of dates… And no problem dating much younger girls. Most are very forward, social, open-minded, flirty, and always happy.

Local men mistreat women, so if you are a true gentleman, it’s easy to get them excited. With some convincing, they are down to fuck.

Talking about sex, they are really horny and love to try out new things. If you bring some sexy underwear from your home country, they are more then happy to wear it for you and pose sexy… And very grateful for the gift.

Kyrgyzstan girls expect you to lead, and they never are serious competitors in the bed. Yes, their sexual nature is submissive and feminine; you can show your masculinity.


Where To Find Sex In Bishkek

The best places to find girls in Bishkek and get laid are:

The nightlife in Bishkek split into two worlds. There are Russian-centric night clubs and Kyrgyz-centric clubs.

It all comes down to your preferences for girls and your budget. It’s more expensive to aim for Russian chicks while the ratio of men/women in these Russian clubs isn’t that great. It means it’s easier to hook up in Kyrgyz nightclubs.

The best nightclubs and bars to pick girls in Bishkek are:

Kremlin Club

It’s a low deem nightclub a bit scary at first, but after you see the hot babes, you feel more comfortable.

Promzona Club

Russian eccentric nightclub with a good atmosphere and easy-going women.

Coyote Bar

A busy bar on weekends with coyote dancers.


On weekends is packed with sexy Kyrgyz girls.

2. Saunas

Saunas are popular around Bishkek, and most offer erotic services. Yes, they are fronts of brothels selling companionship, sex, and booze.

The best part is you can rent a short time room on-premise, making the shenanigans more convenient.

The most popular adult saunas are “Cowboys Vegas” and “Royal Sauna”, both open 24/7.

3. Strip Clubs

Another nightlife entrainments are the strip clubs. They offer companionship, drinks, and partial stripteases, and by partial striptease, I mean the girls only go topless.

No sex on-premises, but you can deal directly with the girls to meet after work.

The best strip clubs in Bishkek are:


4. Escorts – Call Girls

Bishkek call girl in bedroom

You can find independent escorts in most nightclubs and bars in Bishkek. Usually, they sit all alone at the bar counter.

Before hiring an escort, make sure your hotel is guest friendly.


Typical Price For Sex in Bishkek

Girl’s prices in Bishkek aren’t fixed, the local men pay much less than foreigners for sex. It’s a sort of foreign tax.

Uzbak prostitutes rates are slightly cheaper than Kyrgyzstan ladies, but nothing significant.

The standards rates for sex in Bishkek are:

  • Adult saunas that offer girls and rooms in the house, charge 2.000 soms for entrance and 3.000 soms for the girl.
  • Independent escorts and freelancers rates range from 1.500 soms to 2.000 soms for one shot.
  • Strip club’s prices are 800 soms for the entrance and 4.000 soms for a private lapdance. If you want to have sex with a dancer, 7.000-10.000 soms is the typical rate.


Tips & Tricks

• Stay safe – Bishkek is a safe city, but when people drink too much can get messy. Don’t overstay in front of nightclubs and bars.

• Fake Cops – If you get stopped by guys without uniform, they aren’t real cops.

• Bring your passport – Police sometimes ask for your identification. No passport? Pay 2.000 soms.

• Negotiate prices – You never get the best quote from working girls, so ask for a better price.

• Girls online – There are plenty of Kyrgyzstan girls online that want to hook up with a foreign man. Why pay a prostitute to get laid?


How To Meet Sexy Girls Online

There are many girls in Bishkek eager to meet up with a foreign man.

You can find a girl to spend quality time together by experiencing the city while having intimate moments together…

Bishkek girl online drinking wine

The problem is the girls here don’t go out much and are shy when it comes to talking with strangers. So don’t expect to visit a bar and be able to hook up with a girl, unless she is a prostitute.

The best thing you can do is to meet girls online on those sites where local girls hang out to chat with foreign men. At the moment, the best site for that is Seeking Arrangement.

Most girls on Seeking Arrangement are students eager to meet mature men.

Not only you’ll find girls from Bishkek, but from all over Kyrgyzstan and other countries around the globe. Here you can find more info.

To get started, sign up for free and create a profile by writing about yourself and what you’re looking for in a girl.

Start to chat with the ladies, and when ready meet up.


Girl Friendly Hotels In Bishkek

The best area to get accommodation is around Ala-Too Square, and particularly along Orozbekov Street.

The best guest friendly hotels in Bishkek are:

  • Hyatt Regency – One of the best girl friendly hotels to stay in Bishkek.
  • Bugu Hotel – Right in the center and affordable.

If you plan to hook up with everyday girls in Bishkek, you better opt for a condo instead of a hotel room. Local girls don’t like to get back with guys to a hotel room which makes them feel like whores.

Airbnb is the best way to go, and here a 40$ off on your first booking.

Here end the Bishkek sex guide. Have fun!