Kyrgyzstan sexy girls guide

Kyrgyzstan Sex Guide For Single Men


Are you planning to visit Kyrgyzstan and would like to hook up with some local girls? This guide is your ticket to an unforgettable sex vacation.

If you want to visit a post-soviet state where it’s easy to get laid, Kyrgyzstan should be on your list. Local women are very open to the idea of meeting foreigners.

This Kyrgyzstan Sex Guide last update was 23 January 2020



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Intro to Sex Tourism in Kyrgyzstan
General information about Kyrgyzstan sex culture

Where to Find Sex in Kyrgyzstan
An overview of the best places to get laid

Typical Prices in Kyrgyzstan
General prices in Kyrgyzstan to help you budget your adventure

Best Cities in Kyrgyzstan to Hook Up
Best destinations to meet girls and get laid in Kyrgyzstan


Intro To Sex Tourism In Kyrgyzstan

Prostitution in Kyrgyzstan is legal, but solicitation and organize it isn’t.

So, you can find independent prostitutes promoting their services online, in nightclubs, bars, hotels, and the streets. There are also brothels operating on the back of saunas and massage places.

The interesting thing is only half of the total hookers in the country are Kyrgyz ladies, the other half are Uzbek women. In Kyrgyzstan, people have a more accepting attitude towards prostitutes than in Uzbekistan.

However, in recent years the police have cracked down on sexual activities, especially in Bishkek, the capital. The former Bishkek red light district – Pravda Street – is been cleared up.

In Pravda Street, you can still find sex workers that operate in the hotels while the pimps are on the street looking for customers.

If you want to pay for sex, the saunas are the safer way to go. But that would be a waste of resources because there are so many everyday girls eager to hook up with a foreigner for free.

The fact is you can easily get a girlfriend in Kyrgyzstan, and it doesn’t matter if it’s for a long term relationship or just temporary.


What About Sex & Girls In Kazakhistan?

If you like Asian looking women, you might really like Kyrgyzstan. Generally, women here are taller then most Asian countries and their physical features are top-notch…

sexy Kyrgyzstan girls

There are two types of Kyrgyzstan girls, ethnically-Russian and Kyrgyz.

Russian women are more beautiful and look a lot sexier than Kyrgyz women, but they are the minority. On top of that Kyrgyz girls are much more receptive than Russians.

The most liberal and open-minded women are in Bishkek. In other cities isn’t so easy to get laid because the religion and close community make it hard to approach local women.

Another important distinction to make is between the girls that traveled abroad and the one never left the country.

Obviously, worldly Kyrgyzstan women are more receptive, can speak English and get really excited to hook up with a foreign man. No need to say that they are your best opportunity to score.

Once you get private with a Kyrgyzstan woman, she really gets easily turned on and strives to please you. They grow up learning to put the men’s needs first, it’s a patriarchal society after all.

As a matter of fact, women in Kyrgyzstan use their sexuality to form bonds, not as a tool to tear down the masculinity of men.


Where To Find Sex In Kyrgyzstan

The best places to meet Kyrgyzstan girls and get laid are…

1. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

The nightlife in Kyrgyzstan is modest and the only worthy city for partying is Bishkek.

There are Russian-centric nightspots with a lot of tables and groups of friends. But approaching at the bar or on the dance floor is possible.

Alternatively, there are Kyrgyz-centric clubs with excellent ratios of women/men and cheaper prices.

2. Saunas

erotic massage in Kyrgyzstan

You can easily recognize the erotic saunas in Kyrgyzstan because they are open 24/7, have rooms on the premises, and there are several other brothel’s types of services like karaoke and massage rooms.

Most important saunas are operating in hotels but some are independent.

3. Strip Clubs

Strip clubs aren’t so hidden like saunas, you can find them in the nightlife areas around the country. The girls are top-notch, and most are Ethnic-Russian with a minority of Kyrgyz girls.

In Kyrgyz strip clubs they have cabaret shows, so don’t expect any sexual performance like in Prague.

The best you can hope for is the girls go topless. You can invite the ladies to your table for a drink, and arrange to meet later or the next day… Of course, for a price.

4. Escorts – Call Girls

Most escorts in Kyrgyzstan operate in nightclubs and well-known pick up bars.

Online you can find only a few foreign call girls and they are very expensive. There aren’t any escort agencies in Kyrgyzstan.


Typical Prices In Kyrgyzstan

Girl’s prices in Kyrgyzstan aren’t set by the businesses where they operate, you have to deal directly with the girls.

Cities located on the border of Uzbekistan have cheaper prostitutes than inland cities simply because Uzbek girls cross the border to provide sexual services.

Here a ran down of standard rates for sex across Kyrgyzstan:

  • Strip clubs’ entry is about 800 soms while a private lapdance is 4.000 soms. You can deal directly with the girls to have sex after the club close.
  • Saunas that offer erotic massages, the prices are 2.000 soms for entrance and 3.000 soms to the girl for full service.
  • Escorts’ and freelancers want 1.500-2.000 soms for one shot.
  • Girls on dating sites are the cheapest option to get laid in Kyrgyzstan. Plenty of girls craving to hook up with a foreign man.


Tips & Tricks

• Negotiate prices – As a foreigner, you get quoted higher prices than locals.

• Carry your original passport – Random police inspections are common at night. If you don’t have the passport with you, 2.000 soms is the typical bribe.

• Stay safe – Most troubles happen in front nightclubs, especially late at night when everyone is drunk.

• Fake Cops – There are people pretending to be cops without uniforms but with a fake police ID. Just walk away.

• Girls online – There are plenty of Kyrgyzstan girls online that want to hook up with a foreign man. Why pay a prostitute to get laid?


Best Cities In Kyrgyzstan To Hook Up

Bishkek – the capital is where you can find open-minded Kyrgyz women.

The nightlife is pretty decent, a lot of opportunities to hook up and enough sexual entrainments to keep you busy for a few days.

Osh – A border city with a massive influx of Uzbek prostitute.

Karakol – If you like mountains and ski, this is your destination. Of course, girls Karakol are more than happy to have fun with you.


Best Kyrgyz Cities to Meet Girls

The end of this sex guide to Kyrgyzstan. Enjoy the country and the Kyrgyz women!