sex guide in ipoh

Ipoh Sex Guide For Single Men

If you want to visit Ipoh and hook up with local girls, this guide is all about travel, girls and fun.

Ipoh is famous for being the oldest city in Malaysia, but also to have the most beautiful Malaysian girls. They have white and soft skin with gentle face lines.

Prostitution is present but not so well organized. However, there are many girls in Ipoh eager to meet foreigners. If you visit any popular dating site in Malaysia, you can get an idea of what I’m talking about.

The first part of this guide focuses on everyday girls for casual relationships, while the second part is about P4P (Pay for Play) scene.


This Ipoh Sex Guide was last updated on 20 April 2023

Intro To Sex Tourism In Ipoh

Ipoh doesn’t have many venues for prostitution. Most of the sex services are found in health centers or Spas in hotels.

There are girls from Malaysia mostly coming from Sabah, Chinese ladies and Vietnamese. The most known brothel is Ritz Garden Hotel. Walk on the second floor to find a wide selection of girls.

ipoh red light district

There are also street hookers at night sold by local pimps. In all regards, nothing so exciting as most girls are from China and low quality.

Down the alleys around Ipoh Boutique Hotel after 10 pm get busy with street girls.

If you are into dark-skinned women, you are in luck. There is an Indian red light district in Ipoh near Pizza Hut. Watch out for pickpocketing criminals in the area.

All in all, the Ipoh sex scene is nothing to brag about it. There are a few brothels and street hookers, but it isn’t a feast.


What About Sex And Girls In Ipoh

Ipoh girls are regarded as the most beautiful women in Malaysia for their white and soft skin. Most of the prettiest girls are of Chinese ethnicity, but the curviest ones are Malay.

If you want to go for a sure laid, you better stick to the Chinese Malaysian because they are open-minded forward sex. Malays are Muslim, and for religious reasons, they are conservative.

However, there are a few liberated Muslims that crave to meet foreigners.

Expect Malay girls to be hornier and more eager to please than Chinese girls. The reason is when a girl is constrained from sexual activities, her erotic imagination, and appetite for sex increase.

Don’t get surprised to find girls in Ipoh hard to approach. Things here move slowly, but once she loses up, it is a wild ride. Fortunately, you can easily approach Chinese girls on vacation like the one in this video…

Foreign men are well-reputed in Ipoh, making the dating scene a lot easier. If you don’t get laid on the first date, be assured she is going to give it up the second time around.


Where To Find Sex In Ipoh

It is possible to get laid in Ipoh with beautiful girls if you know where to look for it. The best places are…


1. Escorts

Most of Ipoh’s escorts work for an escort agency. Independent escorts are very rare. The reason is the girls are imported from other Malaysian regions as well as abroad.


2. Brothels

Ipoh brothels work under the radar mixing in with hotels and spas to offer sexual services.

A well-known establishment is Ritz Garden Hotel. On the second floor, you can find several girls for a quicky.


3. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

Nightlife in Ipoh is busy on weekends when students and workers go out to socialize. Don’t expect to see too many foreigners. It’s mostly locals.

It’s hard to approach girls because they are well-guarded in the group. If you want to be successful, buy a bottle for everybody on the table, and become a friend. It’s the only way to talk to the girls.

The best nightclubs and pick up bars in Ipoh are:

  • Ohm Dance Club
  • Vibes Club


Typical Prices For Girls In Ipoh

The girls don’t cost that much, but have to say that the experience isn’t anything to brag about it.

A shot in a brothel starts at 80 Ringgit up to 150 Ringgit for massage and sex. If you opt for a freelancer in the street, expect to pay 120 Ringgit for all night.


How To Meet Ipoh Ladies Interested in Foreign Men

There are the usual social settings like nightclubs and bars, but you have to deal with the local men. You can bet they aren’t going to give up their female friends so easily.

If you know a few locals, then things are much more relaxed. Hang out with them, get introduced to their friends and hookup. In this case, your local friends are an asset because they can voice for you.

But the easiest way to meet girls eager to meet foreign men is to go online. There are sites and apps geared to help foreign men to meet Malaysian girls.

The end of the Ipoh sex guide. Have a great time over there.