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Manila Hookers: Types, Places & Prices

Manila is one of the best places to visit in South East Asia, especially if you’re single and want to meet sexy girls on your trip.

We all know how beautiful Philippine girls are, and there’s no better place to hook up than in Manila because it’s a busy city that attracts the hottest Filipina in the country.

But like any other “big apple” in the world, you need to know where to get action and avoid scams. That is particularly true if you are planning to hire hookers in Manila.

There are safe ways to get a hooker like the girlie bars and other venues more intimidating like the streets.

The thing is… If you go for the safe way, you are going to pay a lot more for the same type of girls that you perceive as less reliable.

What moves something perceived less safe into the safe zone is knowledge, and that is exactly what I’m offering today.

I’m going to give an overall in-depth overview of the type of hookers in Manila, the best places where to pick them up and of course, their standard rates so you can bargain a fair value while don’t get ripped off.


Types Of Hookers in Manila

manila hooker wearing lingerie

In Manila, there are many types of hookers, but the most common are:

  • street hookers
  • bar girls
  • “happy ending” massage girls
  • hookers online
  • daytime freelancers
  • night time freelancers
  • and escorts.

Yes, there are so many different types of hookers in Manila to choose from that can be hard for the first time traveler indulging in this buffet of lust.

Hopefully, this Manila hooker guide is going to make the decision a lot easier.

Let’s dig into each type starting with…


Street Hookers

The most common form of prostitutes in Manila are street hookers.

If you walk the red light districts areas after sunset, there are girls and ladyboys all over the place offering sex services.

It’s hard don’t notice them because they are in your face, sometimes they are even aggressive with their offers.

One of the main streets where you can easily find hookers is along P Burgos Street, the business district of Manila.

During the day there are many business people around, nothing much goes on. But at night the situation changes drastically.

You can’t walk a few meters without being offered sex.

Also, you have the option of checking Malate and Ermita for street hookers, but definitely Burgos is the safer and best part of Manila at night.

About safety, picking up street hookers in Manila isn’t that safe. Not only you might get robbed while asleep but you might get some STD.

Most girls don’t force you to use condoms and the same applies to the other hundreds of men they have slept with.

So, if you are looking for a free gift, bareback a street hooker to get lucky.

Street Hooker Prices

The price for street hookers depends on the type of girl you meet, your approach and the time.

It can vary a lot based on those three factors, but to give you indicative prices for street hookers range 1.500 – 3.000 pesos.


Bikini Bar Girls

Bikini bars are one of the may type of brothels in Manila where girls dance on a stage wearing a bikini.

You can order a drink while checking out the girls, pick one and bar fine her for 2 hours sex.

Bikini bars are safe, the girls go for periodical STD check-up and the price is standard, meaning non-negotiable.

Bikini Bar Girl Prices

Prices are between 4.000 to 8.000 pesos all-inclusive.


Karaoke Hostess

Those bars have private rooms where you can sing, drink and have the company of girls.

They are popular among Asian men, but everyone is welcome.

Prices are steep, from the drinks to the actual sex with the girls.

Check out my review of the best KTV in Manila to get a better idea about prices.


Sport Bars

A kind of pub with pool tables, sport events on TV, drinks and girls.

The ambiance is relaxed and easy-going where you can speak to the girls freely without feeling pressure to buy lady drinks.

You can’t buy the girls directly in the bar because they are waitresses, not hostesses, but you can negotiate to meet them after working hours.

Sport Bar Girl Prices

Their price is between 1.500 to 2.000 pesos for all night.


Happy Ending Massage Girls

You can get erotic massages in Manila at the SPAs but also directly to your room.

These parlors operate underground so don’t expect to find massage girls outside the shop trying to get you in for a happy ending.

You better ask in advance if they offer extras if you are planning to visit the small shops.

In the big SPAs, you can find the girls on display and they offer specifically happy endings Don’t expect the massage to be good.

Massage Girls Prices

The standard prices in the small shops are 500 pesos for an HJ, 800 pesos for a BJ and 1.200 pesos for sex.

In the big SPAs, the price starts at 3.500 pesos up to 7.000 pesos.


Hookers Online

Most dating apps in the Philippines where you can hook up with regular girls are also a place to find hookers.

You can easily figure out who is who from their profile’s pictures – Hookers dress and act way sluttier than regular girls.

Hookers Online Prices

The average prices are 1.000 – 1.500 pesos plus taxi money. If you book them for a few days you can get a better deal.


Daytime Freelancers

I call them “mall hookers” because you can find them in the big shopping malls around the city.

In not many cities in this world will you meet hookers who typically operate in malls. But Manila isn’t your average city now, is it?

In most malls in Manila, chances are you’ll meet hookers there, especially if you go at around 4 pm or later.

Just be sure who you’re approaching or else you might look like an idiot.

Also note that the normal girls are a little bit shy, so that makes it easy to differentiate when you approach a girl.

Greenbelt mall is a popular mall with hookers walking around the third floor. Another place is outside Robinson mall at La Café, a popular freelancer joint.

Daytime Freelancer Prices

Same prices as the hookers online: 1.000 – 1.500 pesos.


Night time Freelancers

At night you can pick up freelancers in clubs and bars. Probably they are the most common type of hookers in Manila.

The spectrum of these hookers is pretty wide, from the pro to the regular girl with a daily job that needs extra money to make ends meet.

You can easily spot them because they make high contact or approach you. The everyday Manila girls are too shy to do that.

So, if a girl approaches you in a club or bar, she is most probably a hooker freelancing.

Night time Freelancer Prices

Again, the price for a freelancer at night is highly variable from the 1.500 pesos average looking to the 2.500 pesos hot spinner.

Expect to pay for all her drinks which add up quickly to the bill.



Probably the most expensive type of hookers in Manila but also the easiest to deal with, you call or text and after a few hours, she pops up to your doorsteps.

You can find escort girls in Manila offering any type of services, but the most exciting part is the availability of foreign women.

Yes, if you don’t want a Filipina but fancy a European girl, there are escort agencies in Manila that can provide for you.

Call girls are professional in their job with good experience in their field, don’t expect young babes but mature women with deep training in pleasuring men.

Escort Prices

Here comes the bad news, they are expensive. Starting at 5.000 pesos per 2 hours of company, they are definitely not a bargain.

If you want the girl all evening, expect to pay at least 10.000 pesos.


How To Deal With Manila Hookers

When dealing with hookers in Manila, you need to follow a few important rules if you don’t want to waste money and time dealing with angry girls.

Happen often that the girls don’t behave appropriately by not doing something expected as part of the deal or trying to skip their duties.

You need to understand that you are dealing with the lowest working class in the Philippines. They have little education and are lazy.

I don’t mean painting the hookers all in white or black. There is a good number out there who do their job professionally and others who love it. But don’t expect the “good apples” to come to you without screening.

Yes, you need to use a sort of checklist to ensure to pick up only the most beautiful hookers out there.

My rules of thumb when dealing with hookers are:

  • Always negotiate the agreed price first.
  • When negotiating the price, start very low and meet halfway or just a bit more.
  • Always speak to the women about what they are willing to do first as some may not like to do certain things. Repeat it one more time just to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Do not pay anything until they are going out your door or after you had a good time.

If you don’t agree to a price first, you are letting her ask you for her highest rate. Why pay more if you can pay less.

Only this tip is going to save you 30%.

You start a negotiation very low because you want her to know that she is just another hooker of the day.

Don’t give the impression she is worth something. Otherwise, she is going to demand a crazy price.

Like any woman in the world also hookers in Manila do different things sexually. Don’t expect anything besides vaginal intercourse when dealing with a Filipino hooker.

Yes, you might pay her for sex and she might think in her own words that sex is just opening her legs, nothing else.

In this case, you aren’t going to get a blow job or anything else for that matter, you are screwed.

And last, don’t pay her until the job is completed. If you compensate her first, she has little incentive to perform well.

it’s typical human nature after all.


Alternatives To Hookers In Manila

At the end of the day, a hooker is a hooker. She needs money because they fucked up their lives in some way.

They might have children without a father back home or abuse drugs or any other shit for that matter.

I recommend to stay at large from hookers because you don’t want to get their problems become your problems.

It’s so easy to hook up with girls on dating sites that doesn’t make any sense to go with a hooker.

And you can also find a holiday girlfriend in the Philippines who is happy to spend quality time with you, have a conversation and enjoy intimate moments together.