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erotic massage in manila

Best Erotic Massages in Manila

As a single man in Manila looking for a massage place, most probably you’re probably looking for a parlor that offers erotic massages.

There is nothing better than a massage to loosen up the tension, especially when done on the prostate.

Over the last couple of years, erotic massages in Manila have been widely hyped up. It is quite impossible to be in Manila and not try an erotic massage.

The only downside is most of these places end up getting closed after a few years. But the best parlors keep operating for years.

Before getting into the best erotic massage parlors in Manila, let’s understand what an erotic massage is.

Simply, after a traditional massage, you get offered a happy ending. It might be a handjob or blow jobs or full sex.

And like I said, not all parlours offer happy ending massages, but only a few and usually they are in the red light districts of Manila.

So, let’s now have a look at some of the best parlours in Manila that offer those services… And at the end of this article, you’ll find a cheaper and better alternative to get an erotic massage directly to your room.


Flight 168 In Manila

erotic massage in Flight 168

Flight 168 is probably the oldest erotic massage parlors in Manila today with over ten years’ experience in the business.

Most of these erotic massage parlors get closed after a few years, but flight 168 has maintained.

It is found in the basement of Air Force One KTV just near Manila international airport. Once you walk into Air Force One, look for the sign 168, and you know you’re in the right place.

You can find the room charges as soon as you walk into the lobby. Two type of rooms are available: business class and first class.


The room prices are between 1.500 pesos to 3.000 pesos. It cost you around 2.500 pesos or more in tips for the girls to give you “extras”.


Kimono Spa

spa in malate with extra service

If you are looking for a Nuru massage in Manila, Kimono SPA is your place.

Okay, so what’s in a Nuru massage?

A special oil from Japan gets massage to your body. The interesting part is the naked masseur massaging your body.

She strips off and rubs her body (up and down) to yours, which make you feel good instantly. It’s more of a body to body kind of special massage.

Kimono SPA has got three locations in Manila:

  1. Quezon City
  2. Pasig
  3. Malate

The Malate SPA is the busiest because has the widest and best selection of girls.

Price for the erotic massage is 2.000 pesos plus an extra 1.000-2.000 pesos for the girl. It will take you around one and a half hours for the full service here.


Kremlin Spa

erotic massage in Kremlin-Spa in Manila

Another famous massage parlor in Manila today is Kremlin in Quezon Avenue. Kremin shares the building with Classmate KTV, a popular karaoke with hot girls.

So, here you can visit and have a few drinks in the karaoke, then go for an erotic massage.

You have three floors with different massage parlors. That’s insane! Each floor has different quality of girls and of course – prices.

In the elevator, there aren’t any floor numbers but only the names of the parlors: Bolshevik Class, Gulag Class and Politburo Class. Bolshevik Class has the youngest and hottest girls. A sure bet to find a girl that you like…

kremlin spa girl

For the massage is 1.600 pesos before 7 pm and 2.200 pesos after that. The girls expect a tip between 1.300 pesos to 2.000 depending on the type of service.


Sylvanus Spa


Sylvanus is another legendary massage parlor in Manila and is located in Pegasus gentleman’s club. Pegasus is one of the best KTV in Manila found on Quezon Avenue.

The girls in Sylvanus are sexy and come only second to Flight 168 girls.

The rooms are divided into deluxe and deluxe presidential rooms. For the deluxe rooms, you part with around 950 pesos and for the deluxe presidential the price is 1.500 pesos.

That’s around 550 pesos difference between the two rooms but the cheaper rooms don’t have a private bathroom.

Expect to tips the girls between 1.300 pesos to 2.000 pesos depending on the services and their attractiveness.


A Cheaper Alternative To Manila Erotic Massage Parlors

A real turn off is that in most places, you need to pay upfront even before seeing the girls available. Considering the quality of girls and the prices in the massage parlors, you have better opportunities looking elsewhere.

You can meet plenty of Manila girls online that are into “pay for play” activities. Yes, they can massage you as well as giving you all the extras.

When I was in Manila, I made a deal with a girl met on Filipino Cupid.

manila massage girls in hotel room

The deal consisted of having her visit me every second day for a massage with happy ending. I would give 1.000 pesos each visit.

I can say that she was an enthusiastic girl willing to learn and please. At first, she was a bit shy to rub me fully naked, but each time she got more comfortable. Probably too much comfortable because I can still remember her watering mouth.

The best part of this experience is when she offered to bring along her friend for a 4 hands massage. That was an offer I couldn’t refuse…

erotic massage girls in manila

In conclusion, you can get a happy ending massage either to the parlor or in the privacy of your hotel room. The girls in the parlors aren’t so attractive to justify the stiff prices. 

If you want to get an erotic massage in Manila, you better recruit a girl online at a fraction of the cost. Not only is cheaper, but there are some real cutes out there.

I hope this Manila erotic massage guide has helped you in some way… I wish you a “happy” stay in Manila.


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