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3 Types of Freelancing Prostitutes in Manila & Prices

Manila has four main red light districts with sex venues, prostitutes and it’s easy to get laid if you have deep pockets. But the red light areas are expensive and mercenary.

Instead, you can easily get laid in Manila at a fraction of the cost and avoid the expensive hookers working in the red light districts.

The thing is most first-time travelers don’t know where to hook up with girls in Manila, so they head to the red-light districts. Unaware they get charged extras for everything.

There are three types of freelancer prostitutes in Manila that works outside the red light districts: street prostitutes, nightclub freelancers and easy girls online.

In this article, you’ll learn about standard rates, locations and what to watch out…


Street Prostitutes

Street prostitutes in Manila are mostly in and nearby the red light districts but they can be found in most parts of the city.

Most men think that street prostitutes work in a ghetto or certain streets but that isn’t the case in Manila.

You can walk to a mall like Greenbelt and find prostitutes freelancing on the third floor in the late afternoon… Or having a coffee in La Café to meet girls for sex.

Those are just a few of the many pickup joints around Manila.

If we talk about the best area to hook up with freelancer prostitutes, Makati is the place to go.

Being a business area with a lively nightlife, you can be assured to meet sexy girls ready to spend the night with you for some cash.

Hang outside Chaos nightclub and you are going to be spoiled with choices.

Don’t be worried to approach girls or be approached by them, they want some cash to support their family and it’s how things work in the Philippines.

The only thing to keep in mind when dealing with street prostitutes is to check their age. You don’t want anything to do with any minors.

The common prices for sex are between 1.500 to 2.500 pesos depending on the quality of the girls and the time of the day or night.

It’s all negotiable, so don’t accept the first price but bargain hard.


Night Club Freelancers

makati prostitutes in Manila nightclub

If you are looking for young spinners, the nightclubs and pick up bars in Manila are the best places to visit.

Most young and hot girls can’t bother to work in the girlie bars in Manila. But they prefer to hang out in nightclubs with friends and have fun.

The only downside is that you need to be comfortable approaching girls while competing with the other young guys in the clubs.

Not only that, but you need to spend money on drinks while spending a few hours in the club with her before going home.

Yes, it’s a lot of work and only worth it if you genuinely love clubbing.

The cost can be pretty high as you need to buy booze for you and the girls while in the morning you have to pay her at least 1.000 pesos.

If you prefer a cheaper and more direct way to get laid with a hot girl in Manila, your next option is…


Online Hookers

Internet and the accessible prices of smartphones have opened the door to new ways for hookers to get in contact with customers.

Popular apps like WeChat have a “people nearby option” that let you see nearby users. In a crowded city like Manila, no matter where you’re, you’ll always find a few working girls nearby.

So, just download WeChat and use the people nearby option to find some girl for an hour or two.


There Are Only Whores In Manila?

Of course not!

They are actually the minority and the easiest way to get an STDs.

In a big city like Manila is easy to find everyday girls interested to hook up with a foreign man. Some of the girls just want to have fun while others are looking for a relationship.

There are several sites to contact Filipina online which makes it is very easy even if you don’t live there.

Make sure to choose a site that matches your needs and be honest with the girls about what you’re looking for.

It saves everyone time while avoiding disappointments.