singapore red light district

Singapore Red Light District Guide

Singapore has only one official red light district that offers safe sex – Geylang. It’s legally regulated under Singapore law.

But it isn’t the only spot to meet girls for sex in Singapore.

There are other unofficial red light areas where you can find hookers and freelancers like Orchard Towers “Four Floors of Whores” and Brix Bar inside the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

However, keep in mind that hooking up with regular girls in Singapore isn’t that hard if you know the right places and how to approach the matter.

There are many girls coming here to study, for work, and to travel that are adventurous and need a good fuck.

So it doesn’t make much sense to visit a red light district when you have plenty of horny girls happy to sleep with you just for fun.

Having said that, this article is an overview of the main red light areas in Singapore where I explain what they offer, prices and most importantly how don’t get ripped off.

Let’s start with…


Geylang Red District – Lorong

Geylang brothels in singapore selling sex

Located east of Singapore’s central business district and only a few kilometers from the airport, it’s a residential area and perfectly safe to walk at night.

The red light district is a small portion and the activities are confined to the “Lorongs” or small roads.

Not the whole area sells prostitution like in the Bangkok red light districts, mainly even numbers from Geylang Lorong 4 up to Geylang Lorong 24 with some spillover to the odd-numbered lanes.

Most brothels are concentrated in Lorong 24, 26, 28, 30. So, you better stick to these Lorong if you want to get the heart of the action.

There are also numerous eateries along Geylang Road which are open until late in the morning. They are hot spots to meet with horny Singapore women returning from the nightclubs.

Recently, many of the girls have moved from Geylang to Heartland (HDB) because of police raids, competition, proximity to clients, and to cut costs.

That said, there are still lots of girls working in the brothels in most of its many small streets.

Lorongs have a concentration of girls from different races and not just local girls. You’ll find streets packed with Filipinos while other roads with Chinese and Indonesians.

Most of these girls are 18-30 years old and from neighboring visa-free countries to freelance for a short time. So, there are always new girls waiting for you.

If that isn’t enough for you, many freelancers ply their trade on Talma Road.

On average, girl prices start at 40 US$ for 30 minutes up to 80 US$ for an hour. If the girl is very sexy you might pay over 100 US$ for a shot with her.

In Galang, there are low-budget and girl-friendly hotels that also accept short-time. A good one is Hotel 81 Orchid.


Orchard Towers

This multi-story mall is one of the most popular spots to meet freelancers and hookers in Singapore.

During the day, it may seem just like your normal Asian mall with restaurants, stalls and shops.

Everything changes once the clock hits 8 pm and the first customers are walking into the bars and nightclubs to enjoy “happy hour”.

Later in the night, they all get packed with working girls and sometimes normal fun-seeking locals on weekends.

Apparently, the fun and quality of girls in the “Four Floors of Whores” gets better with each floor you ascend to.

Most of the clubs are packed with sexy girls no matter the day of the week. Each offers a different flavor of girls, from Filipino to Thai to other nationalities.

Some have even European girls mostly from Russia, Uzbekistan, and Turkey.

If you like ladyboys, there are a couple of bars with only transvestite working there.

The majority of night venues are hostess bars with girls waiting to please you for a lady drink or two.

Don’t expect to find local Singaporean girls selling their services here as the rates are too low for them. They prefer to sell sex from their condo for at least 120 US$ per hour.

Instead, girls freelancing in Orchard Towers offer all-night sex only for 50-80 US$.

That said, here are the best nightclubs to pick up hookers in Orchard Towers:

  • Ipanema
  • Queens
  • Naughty Girls

However, Orchard Tower isn’t all about prostitutes, you can also hook up with girls that aren’t looking for any benefits besides having a good time and getting laid.


Brix Bar

prostitutes in Singapore red light area

Brix bar is just a place, neither a “whore tower” full of freelancer prostitutes or a red light street.

So, why did I add it to this Singapore red light district guide?

Because inside there are so many sexy hookers making it a red light area on its own regardless. This famous bar is located inside the Grand Hyatt Hotel, (one of the best sex hotel in Singapore) only 10 minutes walk from Orchard Tower.

The bar has a nice party vibe with a foreign live band playing Top 40 songs. Of course, that’s not the main attraction. Rather it’s the girls.

Not only is a large number of hot girls are the main attraction, but also the diversification of cultures among the girls.

Besides Asian women, you can find girls from Africa, Russia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Colombia and many more that can’t all be listed.

The entrance fee is S$30 which includes one free drink.

This doesn’t mean you won’t spend more on drinks as the girls expect you to pick up the bill.

The price for prostitutes in this place starts at 100 US$ up to 300 US$ for the hottest girls. For this reason, the clientele here includes mostly wealthy Singaporeans, expats or businessmen.

Not all girls inside are prostitutes, you can still hook up with a hot foreign woman who just wants to get laid.


Desker Road & Rowell Road

This seedy part of Singapore is known for housing transgender prostitutes as you can see in this video:

The area is run down and not appealing but it’s safe. Here you can find ladyboys and transgenders asking for 30 to 60 US$ per hour.

Most transgenders are from Thailand the Philippines.


Red Light Area Prices

Hookers in different brothel areas charge varying rates, which typically range from 40 to 500 US$.

Attractive and younger prostitutes generally command higher fees simply because they are in demand. Older sex workers are willing to get their rate bargain down.

For those seeking a more affordable option, red light districts like Petain Road, Desker, and Roswell Road offer rates in the 30 to 50 US$ range. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more upscale experience, Brix Bar in the Hyatt Hotel is known for rates over 100 US$.

To provide a quick overview, here’s a summary of the price ranges by district:

  • Geylang: $40 to $80
  • Orchard Towers: $50 to $90
  • Brix Bar: over $100
  • Petain Road: $30 to $50
  • Desker and Roswell Road: $30 to $50


Singapore Red Light Districts Map

As seen above, these red light areas are totally different regarding prices and types of prostitutes.

Only Geylang is close to an official red light district and is dwindling due to the government crackdown on the area.

In Orchard Towers and Brix Bar, the scene is confined to a building and the restricted atmosphere in the city becomes unrestricted.

Nevertheless, you can still find lots of girls hot for action outside the red light areas, many girls opt for the online scene these days instead of bars and clubs.


Videos Of Singapore Red Light Streets

These videos explore the red light districts in Singapore so you can get a better idea of what to expect when going around these areas.


Video Of Orchard Tower – Unofficial Red Light Area

Orchard Tower is a commercial building with regular shops. After 6 pm, the scene in Orchard Tower transforms completely into a massive prostitution building.

In the first 5 minutes of the video, you can see the hookers standing in front of their shop waiting for customers. At 5.34 minutes of the video, you can see freelancers in the street outside the building.


Video Of Geylang – The Official Red Light Area

At the beginning of this video, you can see that Geylang is just a normal area with food shops. At 3.20 minutes in the video, you can see the brothels and the girls waiting for customers…

What Are The Prices In The Red Light Area In Singapore?

The price starts at 40 US$ for 30 minutes up to 80 US$ for an hour. The hottest girls charge over 100 US$ for a shot just because they are in high demand.

Where Are the brothels located in Singapore?

They are located in Geylang and Orchard Tower. If you need more information check out my Singapore brothel guide.

Legal Brothels Offer Girls on Calls?

They don’t offer this service so you’ll have to visit the legal brothels personally. There are other ways to contact call girls in Singapore.

There are Any Escorts in Geylang?

If you mean girls offering sex the answer is yes. But if you’re looking for Singaporean escorts that offer companionship and intimacy for an evening or a few days, not really.