Whorehouse in Singapore

Singapore Brothel Guide

Since prostitution is legal in Singapore, there are areas with brothels where people can go to blow off some steam.

You can find girls from China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia there. Don’t expect to find Singaporeans or European women in these brothels because they prefer to offer their services independently.

Since hooking up in Singapore isn’t that hard when you know how to go about it, I recommend avoiding visiting a legal brothel (more information will be disclosed below).

Even though they are legal, it seems there is sex trafficking and the mafia involved.

Having said that, let’s see where the legal brothels are located in Singapore and the standard rates. I also offer some tips to avoid getting scammed.


Where Are The Brothels Located in Singapore?

There are two major areas in Singapore for brothel hooping. One is Geylang and then you have the “whore tower” on Orchard Road.



legal brothels in Geylang

Geylang is a part of the legal red-light district area which is located in Singapore’s Central Area at the easternmost fringe.

It’s a safe area even though isn’t the most attractive. You can take a stroll at 2 A.M and no one will bother you.

The brothels are grouped between Lorong 4 and 24. You’ll notice that each whorehouse is based on the ethnicity of the girls.

A bordello like Cygon is a popular place for those seeking Vietnamese girls while Sawadee is a popular haven for Thai sex workers.

Keep in mind that most sex workers use their temporary visas to make a little money while in Singapore. This means that the turnover of girls is high.

Outside the whorehouse areas in the adjacent Lorongs you’ll come across freelancers on the street. These girls are not part of the Geylang brothel area but are independent escorts.

Be careful around freelancers because they are known for their crafty natures.


Orchard Tower

Orchard Towers is an 18-story office building beside Claymore Road and Orchard Road.

During the day, the building looks like an ordinary place with convenience stores and malls. After 8 pm the building becomes a brothel complex.

You have a well-known nightclub called Ba.li.ba full of Filipino freelancers. Then you have Crazy Horse with Ladyboys if that is your thing.

For an all-you-can-eat buffet visit Ipanema nightclub on the second floor of the building. You’ll find Vietnamese, Filipina, Thai, and Indonesian freelancers there.

It’s more fun to visit Orchard Tower on weekends. Make sure to go anytime after 11 pm, and be ready to buy drinks for the women.

Take a look at what to expect to find in Orchard Tower…


How Much Cost To Visit a Brothel In Singapore

Depending on the type of service, you can get a girl from the brothel for $50/30 mins, $80/45 mins, and $150/60 mins. However, these prices are subject to change depending on the type of service and nationality of the girl.

Girls from China are considered premium, so they usually cost more than other girls. You will get a Chinese girl for about $150. Whereas girls from Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia tend to be about $50-$80.

You might also come across European girls, but their prices are usually very high.

Streetwalker freelancers cost about $100 for a shot. But you can negotiate for a lesser price because they are usually desperate to get off the street before the police raid.

On the other hand, you can visit the happy massage parlor in Geyland and get a blowjob and massage for $80, or full sex for $150.

Girls here are mostly Chinese and are quite bad at speaking English.

If you’re not a local, these pimps may try to overcharge you so it’s always best to negotiate and agree upon a price before you start.


Better Alternatives to Singapore Brothels

Getting a girl from a brothel is actually more unpleasant than you think. These girls tend to focus on just having sex with you, and nothing more.

They are less concerned about what you want or your desires.

Aside from that, you might wake up the next morning and discover that your valuables have been stolen. This happens quite frequently.

And let’s not forget the risk of contracting a sexually-transmitted disease. Sometimes, rubber doesn’t protect you that well.

If you would like to have quality sexual experiences, consider:

  • to use an adult dating site like Asian Match Mate
  • pick up girls in bars located in Marina Bay and Clarke Quay
  • Nightclubs are also great places to hook up with attractive local girls.

Hooking up with girls here is quite simple. These girls are open-minded and are usually looking for someone to have fun with.

Through these methods, you will have the best girlfriend relationship but without any commitment or drama.

If you want to know how to woo these types of girls the right way, check out my article on how to hook up in Singapore and get laid.


FAQs About Whorehouses in Singapore


  • How much is a brothel in Singapore?

Girls working in Singapore brothels cost about $50-$150, depending on the nationality of the girl and the type of service.


  • Where are the legal brothels in Singapore?

Geylang is the only legal brothel area in Singapore. It is located in the Central Area.


  • Are legal brothels open now?

Yes, the Singaporian legal brothels have reopened after Covid.


  • Is there a red light area in Singapore?

Geylang is popularly known as Singapore’s only legal red district area.